Tell me

owen25forteThat you can feel it, because i have felt it strong. Like a punch in my stomach i have felt you have whispered my name, while i was sleeping in front of the tv. and now i that i was came here, what i seen stunned me so. And now i dont understand nothing more. Tell me, you can feel our parallel world getting connect us, one to another, more intesely. What i felt earlier, it woke me up, and now you are looking at me  in this way.  My breath is goes to explode, my thoughts are running so fast, and my fingers on this keyboard, cant reach them. My head and my stomach are fighting a fight that the can win, only if all we are feeling, is the certanty of one only thing. I stare at you, looking your glance. and your eyes has inside that question, to i which i can anwser, only with few words, and it would be the answer to the only question, i have made myself in all these months. ‘Do you have felt me?’ That’s your question.  I only can whisper you ‘Yes, i have felt you’. My heart is exploding.