luke-urora4I’m a little crazy, maybe not. I feeling something, as a new thin rope can unites us more stronger. But i dont want say anything.
Do you believe in me, isn’t?
My soul smiles and blushing myself , while you look at me with this look so deep. My imagination goes beyond. And it imagine wonderful things
While our souls, our hearts beats in unison and we get connect in our parellel world, that in someway, each everyday becomes always more our real world.
Our parellel world has becoming like a trasparent veil. But its music is always present. We are always as hypnotized while we are listening to it. We let us go trough its sound, its vibe that penetrate us, and our souls dancing together like in an emotion whirl.
In this istant, also we are so far, we feel eachtother. I’m calling you and you are listening to my catchword. I know, my dancing butterflies dances their own dance. And which i feel is just you toward to me. With your mind, your soul, with your heart, you’re next to me. You know it as i do.
Despite our distance, we are so closer than ever. And i love it.


That eyes


Are so magic that can to heals everything with just a look. They heals me from my solitude. And when i need someone i think about you and everything goes away.
I need of you to feel myself happy, but above all beloved by someone.
I need of it, and the only person can do, is you. Just look into your eyes, i just feel the biggest emotion i can feel.
Look at you i can lost and found myself at the same time. It’s the beautiful emotion i can feel just to be close to you. Touch on your hand. To smell  your skin, and gently touch on.
I hear our music. Our minds slowly get connect eachother. Just look up at the sky and we see our lights dancing together. A look of eachother and evertyhing around us has become how we desire.
Everything dissapears. Just few sounds around us.
A sound of a fallen drop. A sound of a continuous and deep singing catches our heart and souls. We just look at eachother, without saying anything, we start to hear to our heart beats so fast. And we are led by a flute sound. You take my hand. And you whisper me sweet words. I mention a smile. I’m feel secure with you. Close to you. You look at me.
Together goes on accompanied by this music. We reach to the top of the hill, of our parellel world.
There, it waits for us, the most beautiful and colorful rainbow we ever seen in our lives.
Breathless, we look at eachother for long, saying anything. Then your mouth kisses mine.
And from that instant we become one soul, one heart, one mind. We become our love.




I remain really breathless. Yes, im a sensitive person since i was born. But that nearness i’m having with you makes feel breathless. Also late night, while i was watching tv i felt my dancing butterflies in the stomach. I was thinking  about you immediately. But i was stunned by the sleep. In front of tv i often rest myself sleeping. When i felt you. I was happy. Everytime i feeling you in me, im very happy. You make me feel happy everytime we get eachother. I heard you call me. …

And when i came in my bedroom with my music we could listen to just us. You surprised me once again. You was on twitter and you’ve posted that picture on your instagram just in the exact time i heard you in me.

How is it possibile?? For real. How is it possible all that? And i still hearing you.

Maybe you’ve seen my jpg i’ve sent you trought twitter or you’ve seen it on instagram and maybe you mentioned a smile thinking about me.

And i thinking about which you wrote to describe the picture you’ve sent.  ….’Amigos’… now i metion a smile and i think when i got that pic i’ve sent to your friend first then to you this night…

If was they just concidences?? They are not concidences. I still hearing you because you’re online!!! 

May i sincere? This thing scare me a little. But i have a simple question: are you a sensitive person?  Do you feel i hearing you?  Do you see our parellel world as i do??




You & Me

431836-oriWe are so far from eachother. But we just know our need to stay close eachother. I look into your eyes. And your light talks to me about your need to whisper sweet words. In your eyes i see our parellel world and in your heart i listen to our music that takes us away from this world where we dont belong to. Just in our own world we belong to eachother. In your eyes i see my own light and from your eyes i cant leave my look. Which strenght you gave me cames from there. From your soul i see trought your eyes, your look.  Your look could to consume myself, but i’m able to reborn just with another look of you. I need of you so much. My heart starts to beat so fast. I feel you. And you could hear me. We start to get connect eachother. I’m calling you from here, from my bedroom. With  this music i’m listening to, i know you connection is more easier than ever.  Our souls slowly melts eachother. And i know you hearing me. Look up at the sky. Our lights dancing together.


Right now



I just need of you. To dive myself into wonderful eyes and to mute everything around me. And slowly get together in our parellel world. Just to look into your eyes and find myself in your smile you have for me. These dancing lights take us in our world but everytime it’s a different place, but just our hearts knows it’s our parellel world. I just need  of your look into mine. Take my hand and we start to fly among our lights. This music opens our minds and your in mine and mine in your. We just know what we wants from eachother. Saying any words that embrace encloses everything we need right now. I smell your skin. It’s like silk and every mole you have drives me crazy. I caress your skin. You mention me a smile. Without say anything you take my face and forehead to foreahed, eyes into eyes we share our souls. You kiss me softly. Then i touch on your mole and i see your sweet wonderful soul. Your kindness towards me it’s the most beautiful thing that a man can gave me. Breathless, i look at your eyes and a tear falls down. You dry it from my face with your finger and you whisper ‘Dont cry, you deserve all my love’. Once again breathless, i touch on you face. Smile at me. Smile at you. And in whisper we say together ‘I Love You’. A long embrace. We want remain in this way, in the sound of our souls.



how i’ve waited for this


moment tonight. How i missed your look. Your smell. Your eyes. Your hands and above all your warm hug. I’ve heard you called me. May i be sincere with you? I’m feel myself just with you. With you i can open my own heart without no to be afraid about your thoughts, because we are think the same way,  Just because i love stay in our parellel world. We feel the same feeling at the same way at the same time. When we get connected eachother it’s magic. This ritual. Our souls. These dancing lights above us, they helps us to elevate us and we get connect eachother. Your smell get in me. I lost myself in your eyes, and your mole is the gate to get into your soul. Tonight i’ve missed to be alone with you. Without any words we could have hugged. Kissed ourselves. I could have look at you and without say anything i could have unlace your shirt and to admire your chest then kiss it. I could have get my eyes int your and whisper you ‘How much i love you’ and you could have take my face with your hands and you could have to kiss my lips in the most sweetest way you know. I really missed you tonight.

Now the place i really would like to live in is our parellel world. It’s the perfect world. Just you and me and anybody else. Just our souls, our hearts, our perfect love. You…. Me. This music. Our lights. Just our kisses, hugs, your caresses, your hands, your arms, but above all your whispers, your voice it says me ‘I really want you. I really need you. Please dont leave me.’  A whisper ‘I love you’.



Our music…



tells me everything you feel in these istants as me. Mine feeling are conflicting. I want to dream about you. I want to be sure really you was last night. But i dont want to bulid a sand castle. I want certainty of you. I really want to think about you. I really did cry when i seen that visualization from Australia. I really need other sign from you… Now i look for you in everywhere. I need you, of our parellel world so much. Lost myself without you. I have the certainty you’ve seen my homepage of this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicated to you. I’m sure you did rembember about me. When you left me your message. Now what do you thinking about? Say it to me. I need to know it. I really need of you. Really missing you. Im really thinking about you.