When i

daily162_scuriFeel you close to me it’s like our souls caress eachother and i feel your hands as velvet on my heart, and as if i could listen your thoughts, despite our  distance. And it will be strange my amethyst ball change her shades and if i  look at it inside i can see our parallel world turning and i must take a deep breath and close my eyes, to feel your presence here in my bedroom, while i write. I feel you are embrace me so sweetly, and you look at my amethyst ball and you can see the same what i see. ‘It’s all there inside’, you whisper me, while you turn me. You help me to stand up. And we are in front one of another, your hand didnt leave my hips. Our eyes meet. Your other hand, caressing my hairs till to arrive to my face. We smile, as if we meet for the first time. Another great emotion overwherlm us. I must place my hands on your chest to dont fall, and you hold me tight. You have on  a untied white silky shirt, and it’s easy imagine that it falls down on your arms, and it’s so. Our lights float around us, making us fly trough in of them. We embrace. You hold me, and our bodies touch eachother sweetly, while our feelings expand, we fly trought our parallel world, looking at us one in another.