I felt you close to me. By my side. My dancing butterflies started to dance in my stomach and i started to feel you here with me. I started to think about you and im sure you do the same. What wonderful feeling unites us. I just to think about you and i getting in our parellel world together with you. I feel you taking my hand. Our look into eachother. Which we feeling eachother is stronger than ever, also we are so far from eachother, our souls has a wonderful bond. Just get a little in confusion, but i love that feeling. It does means we are really linked. And i really dont know how it does works but it works. I feel you inside of me and im sure you feel the same inside of you.
Just few  words. ‘I love you more than ever’


Here we alone


Where i can look at you with no shame and all my bottom desire. I look at you in this way, as you look at me. I see your soul calls me, and i listening to it, and i make no resistence. Dive myself into your eyes and together we get in our parellel world. While i touch on your shirt. I feel your heart begins to beats so fast as mine.
Everytime i start to write here, it’s a strange feeling. Our hearts and souls begins to melt eachother. My mind get melting with your and every sense around us explodes together. A warm sensantion embraces ourselves. Also if we are so far. Our  dancing butterflies dances their own dance and we let them dances. It means we get connect eachother in our parellel world, with no shame. And we love eachother more than ever. Do you love this feeling as i do?
My heart explodes and i imagine also your, with no to know where does it comes from. But we do. It’s just our connection. And this open diary is our path with this background music. We need to take our hands and to decide how we can meet eachother once again.
This path i’ve opened just for you. Listen to your heart and let guide yourself from your feeling. Then you’ll find me.



You make

Feel this way. Your eyes, your whisper, your voice. your look. your eyes into mine. Your look sincere. I see in all that our parellel world. I feel you, despite our distance.
I feel you look up the sky and you hear me i calling you. I listen to your voice repeat this simple phrase, but it does mean so much for both of us. ‘I love you too so much’. And this you know already. We feel that same emotion. I loved you since i seen you the first time.
Im not sure when you felt it…maybe that time…when…
But for sure, you felt something, and our connection has began in that moment.
Our souls began to get connected eachother in that exact moment we felt something new inside of us. The dancing butterflies has began to dance their own dance. And our souls felt that thin rope would unites us in that ‘special way’.
Your and mine ‘I Love You’ said in the same time, in different places, has united our hearts in a indissolubly way.
That i feel right now as you do.




luke-urora4I’m a little crazy, maybe not. I feeling something, as a new thin rope can unites us more stronger. But i dont want say anything.
Do you believe in me, isn’t?
My soul smiles and blushing myself , while you look at me with this look so deep. My imagination goes beyond. And it imagine wonderful things
While our souls, our hearts beats in unison and we get connect in our parellel world, that in someway, each everyday becomes always more our real world.
Our parellel world has becoming like a trasparent veil. But its music is always present. We are always as hypnotized while we are listening to it. We let us go trough its sound, its vibe that penetrate us, and our souls dancing together like in an emotion whirl.
In this istant, also we are so far, we feel eachtother. I’m calling you and you are listening to my catchword. I know, my dancing butterflies dances their own dance. And which i feel is just you toward to me. With your mind, your soul, with your heart, you’re next to me. You know it as i do.
Despite our distance, we are so closer than ever. And i love it.




Wake up myself i hear you in me. I hearing our connection. I dont know what are you doing, but in someway i know you thinking about me. And i feeling this inside of me. That sensastion we know pervades me. And without to know, i’m sure you’re the kind of person who is like me. Our bond is so strong. And i’m feel it as you do.  I could say you ‘i miss you badly’ but in someway i know you’re close to me. Our dacing butterflies dancing together and our souls get connect eachother and we take us to our parellel world also we’re so far. I just need to know in our own world we ‘re so close to hear our own breath and just look up at the sky to see our lights melts eachother. And we could close our eyes just to touch on our skin with our hands. I hear you and i’m sure you in someway you do the same.