“You have felt


The need to close your eyes, and to hold my hands.
I was a little disoriented, but your hand in mine were something that made me feel calm, but we both felt something was happening in that exact moment around us.
We had heard to yet, a new sound, that resounded in that large space, that it was your home.
I have whispered you ‘What happens?’ and you slowly, always with eyes closed, have replied me sighing, with another question ‘Do you feel it you too?’ .
It was a new sensations that slowly was pervading us eachother. I was looking at the room. You had still your eyes closed. You wasnt see what i was seeing.
Suddenly the sound around us, it was entered in us. And at those moment, as if a invisible hand have putted its fingers on my face, and i had to close my eyes.
Something more big than other things, it was doing its magic.
Each thing we have feel, we have felt it, trough our senses, our touches, our breath, our shaking hands. What we have felt, it was like that something was entered in both of us, and now, we were able to feel us in new way. More stronger.
We had still the eyes closed. We didnt know what it waited for us, in the moment, we had opened our eyes.”


⇐“I was looking

“We holded ⇒


LukescotlandscuroSomeone asked me ‘How are you?’. Do you know what it was my answer? Maybe you know that better than anyone else. Completely fall in love with you. As the magic was acomplished everyday. Everyday i fall in love with you as the first time. I dont get anything, just which i feel is just for you.
My heart begin to beats so fast, and my mind gets in confusion. The only one thing calms it down, it’s to think about you. And to feel our souls get connectin eachother.
You so far from me, but in someway, you can feel that connection among us.
I falling in love with  you as the first time. And in this magic atmosphere i feel there is something. And that ‘something’ you can feel it too. And it confuses ourselve a lot.
We dont know what it is, and where does it comes from. But both we feel it inside of us.
Everytime we hear it, in someway, we entering together in our parellel world. There, we can touch eachother. In our own way.  Our breath begins to become only one. I can feel your hands on me. Your eyes into mine. And your skin trough your shirt.
‘I feel you now’ as you do in this exact moment, wherever you are and whatever you doing.
Take a breath and close your eyes. I know, you can feel me closer to you than you can imagine.  You can feel it. I taking your hand. I feel  your soft skin. Close you eyes for an istant, and i can feel you touch on my hand. Our souls get connecting eachother. We get in our parellel world.
For an istant silence. We meet eachother in our world. My heart explodes as your. And our lights melts eachother.
I know, you can feel everything as i feeling it, right now.
It’s our world, it call us. We must to go there. Together. Close your eyes and take my hand and go.