You really

PanicPluniformeddont know what i felt this morning when i was sleeping. Ours connection making it bigger and bigger to wake myself and check your usual social media and i was so shocked you was there and you have had leave a post and i to left  you a comment. Then i have reloaded the page and you have had posted another story…. and always i left you a comment. Next to you i whisper to you ‘I’m with you if you want…taking your hand’. Always i remain speechless. Breathless. I was going back to sleep, but in the darkness my dancing butterflies scrambled my stomach and im sure you have feel something inside of you.  We get connected us eachother, as we doing right here, right now. Yes i’m feeling you so stronger by my side. Is it possible all that? You’re so far from me but we are so close. I never felt something stronger like this, in this moment. I really dont what i to think about it.
I just know about your sensibility is more stronger than i was think it  was. And i’m sure ours sensibility is ours link to ours parellel world. We feel us eachother so close also we are on other side of planet.
Im thinking of you. Do you thinking of me? I’m sure you do.