Maybe (little open letter to Luke -12th)


What i begin to write, i really dont want make it finish.
I dived myself with you, in our perfect parallel world. Now what i feeling when we get connect us eachother is more strong.
I dont want leave that large room.
There, in someways, we had felt most of the biggest sensations we ever felt in our lives. Your gentilness has succeeded each limits.
I feeling you feel something like similar.
Should i close it o should leave an open door.
You are looking at me, i feel you.
I feel your whisper me ‘Let your feelings talk to you’.
Our parallel world doesnt must have borderline.
What i started to write, with you next to me, it will ever has no end, till our connection is so strong.
What i started to write here, it will continues. Maybe i will should collect, some thoughts, but im full of feelings for you and i will thank you, always.


Tonight (11th open letter to Luke)

mikemc02t_sommaNo even, a fantasy tale could explain what i’m feeling right now.  My heart is exploding, but if doesnt explode, i feel i could implode and all that it would disappears. So then, it explode. It’s a fight of sensations.
When i feel you close to me, in this way i can remain only breathless.
Some people can take me  like a crazy, but i’m sure you would not.
Also if, we dont know eachother, you would believe me.
We have the same empathy, the same sensibility and in someway, we know eachother.
You are entered in my life, for the first time, for a case. Then, you have helped me a lot of times.
You have impersonificated my doubts, my thoughts, my fears, but slowly you have tought me that from those weakness, i could be more strong, and it’s been so. I lost the count of how many times i have said you thank you, and it still lasting.
Maybe we ever will not meet us, but with this open diary, i leave a door open, and who ever know, if a day you will knock it.
Other times you have knocked at my little windows…


As soon (little open letter to Luke)

marlowemoltplica043-1I saw you in this picture, my emotions are exploded, and my tears went falling. I dont know what is happening. I have felt our connection has begins suddenly, and i wasnt able to hold back what was arounded me. I have know, it was like if you have whispered my name, as if you scream it, or in some ways you have talked about me. In some ways, i have felt you like a tornado of emotions that i’ve been not able to contain. And still now, i feel this sensation inside of me. As if you, despite what are you doing now, you want let make me know that you will be always with me in our parallel world. I have felt your closeness so suddenly and this made me drive crazy so much, that i’ve been not able hold back the tears. I stare at you,  and i know, in some ways, you feel it. You know what i feel. It’s what you have wanted that i have feel.  Is our parallel world  so strong? Apparently it is. Now i feel you close to me, as if you are embracing me, and if i take a deep breath while i open my eyes, we are in front and you whisper me ‘Dont worry, we will be always together, till will does exist our parallel world’. And you smile me, drying me a tear that fall from my face. Slowly i take your hand and i place it on my heart, approaching me to you. You embrace me sweetly, while i hide my face in your chest.