I imagine

22-07forte0046-2You wait for these moments, as i do. In these moments our connection is strong and our minds get connect eachother as a click in our head and what which we feel, is our parallel world, slowly makes us enter and it close the gates behind us. And what we feel, one for another it does transforms in our floating lights. And what we feel overwhelm us, everytime.¬†We in front one of another. Silencely we approach us. I feel you by my side, i feel your glance on me. My head and stomach are scrambled by what i feel. That’s you. I must to close my eyes for a little bit. I feel you turn behind me. I feel your hands around me. Your chest close to my back and your hands hold me tight ‘I wish you was here, with me’. I open my eyes. You have left me breathless saying me this. Slowly i turn myself, while you still embrace me. Our glance meets. Face to face, your hand caress my face. In that moment all around us changed. An istant, that it seemed no end. Me with eye wide open, i was look at you, while you shy smiled me. Without realizing, i placed my hand on your chest, still overwhelm. Slowly you have slide my hand in your shirt, while around us, have changed once again. Moltitude of floating colors. Our scents mix up themselves. Our glances didnt ever take off one from another. Our emotions makes us drives crazy. While we are far one from another. And that’s what we wait for eachday. Only to enter in our parallel world, for whisper us, one to another, this.