You know

our greatest emotions floating around us

“By now

there was an atmosphere, that we also believed was unreal

As yesterday

I have felt you far, today your closeness is here, as a warm hug and our thoughts are meeting in the air. Me with my headphones and you with yours, we are listening the same melody that slowly, it makes meet us in our parallel world. Where  we in front, one to another, we asking… Continue reading As yesterday

Most likely

By now my vise in stomach and my head are fighting a fight that they cant win


This your little game, makes me feel the most beloved girl in the world, despite my physical problems


Isnt possible that what i've felt, then it was materialized in what i've see, few minutes after

From behind

Our flows gets bigger and bigger eachday. And eachday it's something a like  new sensation for me. I never felt similar feeling before than these, with you