As yesterday

I have felt you far, today your closeness is here, as a warm hug and our thoughts are meeting in the air. Me with my headphones and you with yours, we are listening the same melody that slowly, it makes meet us in our parallel world. Where  we in front, one to another, we asking… Continue reading As yesterday


that's our parallel world, that it says us, it miss so little to touch us one to another

Each time

eachtime i feel you so close me, in some ways, you make me know it

….In love

our senses makes us feel so in love, one for another

How much

where you are now, my name has jumped out. I know it and you know it too

It’s from

all of our parallel world, become our most intimate part

When i arrive

Here for write to you, all around me disappears as magic, and only exist us. All that exists are our feelings and what we have created. Our parallel world. Our emotions, our feelings. A world full of unique sensations. Unique sensantions, when we are in front, one of another, as now. I close my eyes,… Continue reading When i arrive

My heart

Few days ago i have feel you, that you have try to say something, and you have show me it few minutes ago