That moment of full madness, we have looked at eachother, one in another, without speaking, at least for two minutes. We have, only, looked at us, one in another, but your hand, still sweetly was touching my face. And your face approached mine till to touch it. Face to face we smiled us, one to another, and your lips have touched one more my lips. In that moment, we have sighed simultaneuosly.
My heart exploded, and i have had fear that you could hear to it.
We still didnt have spoken, till you have clearing your deep voice, to break that moment of silence that it was lasting too much. ‘Oh, what a mess! Your poems, your diary, i collect it immediately.’ I was looking at you, while you was kneeling on the floor. But i have stopped you. ‘Leave it as well as, dont worry about it, it’s ok where it is now.’
You have had stand up and you have sit again close to me, looking at me sweetly. ‘Leave this atmosphere, dont change it’ i have continued. By now, your eyes were stared on me, and i’ve counted the seconds, to have you close to me, on that sofa.
‘I dont know what’s got into me.’ You was still founding an excuse. ‘The guy of your poems, if he only knows….’ . While you was saying this, my heart has stopped itself. I did believe to die. «That’s you…» It was what i wished say you, but i didnt. What i did, instead was only to look at you in all of your sweetness, while i was holding your hands.
What i really wanted, was that this moment doesnt have ever end. Your sweetness was the most tender thing, i ever have seen in a man.  And that’s made me falled in love still more with you.
You, that still didnt know that you was the guy of my poems.”


⇐“That moment



redcarpert_blue043forteIs a normal day when i feel your closeness, despite our distance. I can close my eyes and you’re here, by my side. that you embrace me and smiling me. When i see you, all my thoughts go to die in your eyes, and your hands collect them, touching me. All this drives me crazy. If i have also a little certainty that what i feeling in this moment is the same you feel, i could turn myself and i could find you in front of me and our parallel world is a real thing. I can feel your arms around me, while you turn me so gently. I can feel your hand, and your eyes dont take off from me. In front, one of another, my heart is exploding. You bring my hand to your chest, you looking at me deeply. My heart seems stops itself. Our eyes, one in another, seems push out millions of words not spoken. Without realizing, slowly i stretch my hand to your face. You let me do it. In that moment, something expand itself, and inside of us, born our bewarness of how we are  close, despite we are so far. In our heart that node, that we feel everytime, it tightens always more. And that’s our parallel world, that it says us, it miss so little to touch us one to another. I feel it and you feel it too. We both feel it.


Once again

jakenowakoski0019_forteYou leave me without the breath. To the end i’ve found this pic, and while i saved it, i’ve felt you around me, as now. What i feel when you’re around me, it’s the most big emotion i feel in these moments of my life. I feel you, as if you was next to me and as if you look at me despite you are on other side of the planet. In you eyes, what which i see is our  parallel world. Also in your facial expression, i can see the most beautiful place where i would love to be. There, in our parallel world, where our sensantions can express themselves in each forms they wants. When i see you in your glance, as this one, i can dive myself and tell you with no shame what you makes me feel. I smiling, while my heart explodes and i feel you dont take me off your eyes. You make me blush. I bite my lips, while you approach and touch my face. Face to face, slowly i begin to caress your face, while you smiling to me. Your shy smile, and you know i drive crazy for it.  Gently you take my face with your hand. Eyes in eyes, you whisper me ‘I’ve always needed of a woman  like you, and now you’re in front of me’. I look at you with wide eye open, and the only thing i can is,  to look at down for a second, and right after i take once again a deep breath, i look at up to you and i whisper ‘And i’ve always needed a man like you’. Without realizing, slowly, we hold us our hand, one in another.


That’s how


I would like pass the very first moments with you. Eyes in eyes and we begining to talk about everything we want. Your glance into mine, and the words comes out freely. You close to me, you taking my hand sweetly, and i dont realizing it. While in the air, ours lights melting one in another, our parallel world, begins to be our reality. You look at me, while we talk. While you ask me some questions about me, i see your hand on mine, and some tears falls down from my face. For the first time i realizing that’s happening for real. You looking at me, you take my hand, and our world it’s like always we  imagined it. Our mind were always been connected, since last december, And what which we felt it was real. My emotions overwhelm me. You didn’t taking off eye on me. Your eyes says me everything i want to know. You hold me tight my hand. Our fingers cross. For a while we look at our hands and right after we look at us one in another. ‘I’ve waited for long time, this moment’ you say me, taking my face and you  approaching to me, your skin touch mine. It’s so soft. A moment suspended. Our glances says us what which we feel, then so slowly, you begin touch on my lips and sweetly that touch it transforms in a kiss. And slowly we dissappear in our lights.