“Walking down

hyde41_lumascuriWe were realized that something was happened. It seemed everything ok, but it wasnt.
In the air, there was «that sound» that resounded like an echo in the room. We were looked at us, one to another.
You asked me ‘What happened?’. Me, like you, i was breathless, speechless. I didnt know what to say. We had walking to the little corner, where we have seen the mess.
All sheets and the magazines were on the floor.
We were taking our hands very tight, one in another. We looked at us again.
The only things on the table in an order very precise, were another three pink stones.
‘I just cant believe it’ i sighed.
While you was kneel, collecting all the sheets and the magazines on the floor, i was seat on the sofa, looking at me around, staring the stones. I have noticed that thin pink dust on the little table, where were the stones.
You was, still collecting all the stuff from the floor. Slowly i have placed my hand on your shoulder, saying you ‘Luke, look!’. I have touched the surface of the table and the thin pink dust, was remained on my finger.
‘What’s that?’  you have said me, touching my finger. At the end, you stared me, making fall down everything you have collected.
You was sat next to me. I have take a look at the stones, then slowly, you did the same.
The stones has spoken to us again. We both knew their meaning.
They were saying us, we had found our  soul mate.”


⇐“While we

“In front ⇒

I’m back

owen_pluniforme1-2and you was here to wait for me. In front of me, you take my face in your hands. Eyes in eyes and our parallel world explodes arounds us. Your lips almost open approaches to mine. You kissing me. My hands on your face, begins to caress your skin and slowly reach to your chest. Your glance in my eyes. I feel something more. Breathless i let you kiss my skin. Slowly i slide my hand in your shirt and it  falls down on the floor. Now the only thing i can see is your glance. You’re breathless. I’m speechless. What we feel are ours feelings around us. In the air a whisper ‘How much  i love you’. And our lights begins to dance between us. We look at us. We remain hypnotized by our glances. I take your face in my hands and slowly my finger reaches your mole. You slow close your eyes, i caress your skin. After a while we look at us again. And our warm makes approach us and the only thing we can do is look at our eyes and remain in this way, speechless, breathless.


Take me

books_chiari4to ours parellel world, where we can stay in this way, embraced tight and your glance drives me crazy, like your little kisses and your hands over me. Where my hands can slide in your shirt freely and i can  touch on your soft skin of your bare chest and that little rustle, it make me blushing, seeing that shirt falls down over yours shoulders til reaches to your arms and it stops there.
You just looking at me, leaving me speechless. I feel your heart beats so fast. You turn around me. You’re behind me. A whisper. I close my eyes. A touch. Your hand on my neck and suddendly your lips. A thrill. Always with eyes closed, slowly you turn me round, in front of you. Eyes in eyes, we look at us deeply. We both remain breathless. You have on still that shirt over your arms, slowly i take it, and i smell it then i make it falls down on the floor. Your smell drives me crazy. We dont say any words. What we would like to say us is on ours glances. The words are wasted breath. In ours glances we see ours lights dancing, melting and what we feeling are just ours souls melting eachother. Hands in hands, eyes in eyes, in front of us what we see is a spectacular slow game of lights. A whisper from you ‘Look, what we are’. And right after again we look at us, like it was the first time. We surprising us what we feeling.


It’s incredible

lowdown_fortethat from the other day, you whisper me what you told me, i feel you here next to me. I can feel you. You whisper my name continously and my heart beats like a crazy one. I feel you embrace me from behind and you kiss my neck. I feel that shirt on my skin. It’s so soft, as yours hands turns me. And now we are in front. You take my face in your hands. You take your forehead close mine. The only thing we can see are ours glances and slowly we open the gates of ours parellel world. I close my eyes for a while. I take a long breath and i smell your skin. Your shirt is voluptously untied and my hand slide in and i touch on your bare chest. You let me do it, with no add any words. You look at me. The shirt falls down on the floor. Both we remain speechless, breathless. We look at us with the most deepest glance. For a while we remain with no do anything, Just eyes in eyes. Few istants in this way, then a whisper from you, while i closing my eyes, ‘I need you’. Right after i open them and i take your face in my hands. Glances into glances and another whisper ‘ I love you. I’ll be always here’.