Tell me

bwc5_forteYou feel the same i feel. You woke me up and i felt you whispered my name. I began to feel my dancing butterflies and i open my eyes and in the darkness of my room i feel you close to me. I felt you embraced me. I felt your white shirt on my skin and your bare chest against my back and you holded me so tight. You left me breathless, speechless. You kissed me so sweet on my neck. You know it drives me crazy.
And from that moment you was always next to me, by my side. I feel your feelings. Closing ours eyes we let us transport in ours parellel world. And there we can look at us  so deeply. You take my face in your hands. We are eyes in eyes, Breath in breath, sensantions, feelings take flight and around us in a new way we dont know. We must stop us for a while. Everything it leave us breathless. We must look at us eachother to take again new oxygen and we look at ours glances. Just an your whisper ‘We stay in this way, i really need of this…of you’


You by

jacketmicheal_fortelMy side, and it’s incredible today how i feel you so close to me. I must to start to write what i felt if not i became crazy… it was like a blow in my stomach. I know it’s a strange feeling but i know that’s ours feeling. Ours minds, but above all are ours souls getting connect eachother and like crazy we enter in ours parellel world. If i didnt began to write here i did believe to become crazy. How i feel you so close to me. I close my eyes and i feel your soul, your heart beats likes mine. So faster and i can feel you so close me at point to to feel your breath on my skin. Oh my. I close my eyes and i see you next to me. Your hand on my leg and i take it with mine. Your soft skin. ‘Your skin’ i whisper you. Your glance is so languid and it says just one thing:’I need your lips, kiss me’. For a while my glance is into yours, but right after you come closer to me and  begin to taste so slowly my lips, and i melt myself. Your kiss is one of the most sexiest and sweetest kiss you gave me till now. You kissing me yet. Breathless, my heart explodes inside. My feelings drives me crazy. You drive me crazy. Still kissing me, i touch your face so slowly and i understand, ours souls melting eachother in the sweetest way, becoming one soul. What feeling i feel in this moment. One of the strongest i felt till now. From ours connection has began, i’m sure you feel the same, whatever you doing. I’m sure you stopped yourself to think to me. You looked at up the sky and you whispered my name, and i felt you.

That’s how’it works ours connection.