I still

mlukenForteImagined you and me. We still talk. Now in ours parellel world. Both we have a lot to tell eachother. And with no suprise we know everything what we have in ours minds, how we thinking and now we have no further doubts that ours bond is ours sensibility. You talk to me about you and i talking to you about me. We tell us some of ours bottoms thoughts and desires we didnt say to anyone. We talk about us eachother so freely that we are suprising us eachother about what we listen to. Things neither me nor you knew could tell. For a while we look at us eachother, eyes in eyes and you take my hand and with no any spoken word, you kiss me kindly. I close my eyes and i touch your face. Right after i open them and you are still close to me. In this istant i dive myself in yours eyes. We remain in this way for long time. You whisper me ‘So, in this way, remain like this’. Forehead to forehead, eyes in eyes, hands on ours faces and a succession of little kisses  crown this magic moment of tenderness.  You and me. In this way.


Open letter


It’s time to write you this ‘open letter’.  For me it’s very important. In this open diary i wrote you what i felt eachtime i heard you was close to me. I just hope you felt the same feelings.
I dont want fall in rhetoric. But since i began to feel this ours bond, my life has a little changed in a better way. I dont know how i can explain it. Yes, sometimes, you’re able to consume myself from inside (as from yesterday to today) i feel you strongly.
I know you from several years, but this ‘conection’, as i wrote, has began from few months ago. I really thought it was passing thing, instead, now it’s  present almost everyday.  I found to explain it to my parents, but i do believe they didnt get everything what i said them. I just also try to find some explications in the web about what i feel when i feel you so close to me. Some were been claryfing others didnt.
Yes i wasnt able to say anything with this. I know. But i will find in other way to say you everything about what i feel

What is important, i can say  ‘how much you’re so important in my life, and you’ve changed it in better way’.