What im feeling

Right now it’s an amazing feeling.08-03_20190somma My dancing butterflies driving crazy and i cant stop to think about you. I know for sure you feel something like my feelings. From this night i feeling you closer than ever. And your soul embracing me. I feel it so. Its like a veil, but now this veil more warmer and i know it’s your soul and heart. I know your asking yourself some questions about me. Maybe you’ve read that post where i’ve talked about myself, maybe not. But i know what it does means what he has passing. With less suffering, i had face to many legs operations, since i was born.

My first leg operation was when i was 1 year of life. They broke my feet to straighten them. Then i have had other 8 legs operations. And consequently scars (big scars), years of physioteraphy, til then last big fall, where i broke my tibia  (multifractures) one year ago due an epileptic seizure (im suffering of it). In emergency room, the only images i had on my mind were these of your LongJohn and i’ve had lived the same scene of yours. When the doctor said me ‘It must be operated’, the only image i had on my mind it was yours and my tears felt down from my face. Another leg operation, i just cant believed it.
Isnt the same that he has passing, but i know what it does means. All the pain. All the work of rehabilitation and above all  will strenght to goes on… And you, in my case above  all for the lastest leg operation, gave me such strenght and i never stop to thank you enough for this.


Your Daria

This time


I say you ‘How much i love you’. And for real, if one of these days we would meet us, i would be not suprised about a lot of things we have in common, especially our own way to think about such things. Here is hard to explain, but we think at the same way. And i’m shaking my head about we are on the same wave line. I could explain my thoughts also here, but it’s useless. If we would meet for real we can smiling eachother, and say anything. Just look at eachother and we would take our hands, hold them strongly and whisper eachother ‘Why we took so long to meet eachother?.
Shaking my head to find an valid anwser. But i would say you ‘I really dont know, but we are lucky we met eachother.’ Also in this strange way. but we did.
Maybe our destiny has draw our life in this way.

As you know i had some problems in my life, and to be watched as ‘the different one’ it hasnt ever been easy for me. Slowly, very slowly i’ve learnt to goes on and to look above those looks.
One of the lastest lesson i got it’s from you. I never stop to thank you.
You taught me a lot just acting. And i believe you got a lot too.
We never forget which we got. Me from you and you from Long John Silver.
Just to believe in our own force. And to transform your apparent weakness, in your real strenght.




I got your notification i still dreaming about you. My soul is smiling and now i feeling you. I dont know where are you but i feeling you close to me. My dancing butterflies are inside of me, therefore you are around the corner. I bet you checkin all comments and maybe you’ve read also mine and smiled to which  i wrote you on my second comment. I love your smile. As i told, it has the sun inside and it make feel so good. Today i tought aboout you always. I was drives crazy for  that notification you left me. I hope one day you want check this ‘open diary’… i really hope you will do some day. I never stop to thank you for everything you giving me. Also if they are small gestures they means a lot to me. And they  says me to do each day my best i can. Now i just can say once again ‘Thank you’ and in a whisper ‘I love you more than ever’



I never stop…


to surprise myself when i look at your eyes, when you look at me in this way. I see our world and you look take me to in this parellel universe. And i feel your own force in me. You have this power. With just a look to take me to this wonderful place that’s our parellel world, when i i all need of it. You know it when it’s time. I must to look up my eyes into your and we get connect eachother. Just we need is to look eachother to feel when we need of eachother. When you need me, my stomach starts to have inside your dancing butterflies, and i hear your voice calls me. I just need to connect with you and we are together as we are now. I just need to look at you and i know you do the same. And our souls get connected at the same time. I feel you and you feel me. Our hearts melting eachother. That’s warm feel we hear it’s just our love. Our love that in someway destroy us. Because our distance. But our hearts are so closer than before. This warm feel we hear it’s just need of eachother. Our beware about us. Our beware of our love.

Never stop to surprise myself how much i need you and never stop whisper you ‘ i need to dive myself in your eyes, therefore in your soul. All i need of that’.