Open letter


It’s time to write you this ‘open letter’.  For me it’s very important. In this open diary i wrote you what i felt eachtime i heard you was close to me. I just hope you felt the same feelings.
I dont want fall in rhetoric. But since i began to feel this ours bond, my life has a little changed in a better way. I dont know how i can explain it. Yes, sometimes, you’re able to consume myself from inside (as from yesterday to today) i feel you strongly.
I know you from several years, but this ‘conection’, as i wrote, has began from few months ago. I really thought it was passing thing, instead, now it’s  present almost everyday.  I found to explain it to my parents, but i do believe they didnt get everything what i said them. I just also try to find some explications in the web about what i feel when i feel you so close to me. Some were been claryfing others didnt.
Yes i wasnt able to say anything with this. I know. But i will find in other way to say you everything about what i feel

What is important, i can say  ‘how much you’re so important in my life, and you’ve changed it in better way’.


Tell me

A story where we are the principal actors. Tell me how’s been our first meeting, how ours hearts tell themselves that ours souls were been created just to connect eachother. Look at me and whisper you waited for this time for all your, life as i did.  Take my hand. Let me touch on your skin. Ours heart beats so faster. I close my eyes and you’re close to me, i smell your skin, and i hear rustle of your shirt behind me, you hold me tight. Me in your arms. Breathless. You behind me, whisper me so gently your desire. You lips on my neck. So slowly you turn me. In front of you, dive myself in your eyes, where i see my soul reflect itself. I whisper ‘Is there, our parellel world?’. Say anything you come closer to me, and take my hand to your chest. Trough the shirt voluptuously untied, i feel your heart. For a while i look at you. ‘That’s ours parellel world’ you say me in a whisper. Then you look at me, mentioning a shy smile. ‘Hold me tight’ i say you.



The sky


Look up at the sky. Look around you. Look for me. I will be next to you everytime you call me. I will take your hand eveytime you need to feel someone special by your side. Look at me and you get in my eyes which you really need as i do. In me you will find that person everytime you will need to talk with. You will have to call my name and i’ll be close to you. I’m here for you. You just will have to talk about eveything you want and i’m will listen to you. Looking at your eyes, taking your hands. Maybe mentioning a shy smile. But always listening to you. Maybe giving you some advice. Diving myself in your eyes, in your soul, i will see which you really need in this period. Maybe which you looking for is the same i’m lookin for. And our look into eachother would help us to understand it. Maybe we would need of this. Our eyes into ourselves. And everything would be more clear for you about which you feeling in this moment. You just must call my name. I will run to you.
Just look up at the sky. I’m hearing you. I’m run to you. Take me your hand. I’m here. Just for you.


You arrives


Like this, and as a ray of sun you make feel happy like a child.
As i told you many times, you’re the only person in this period of my life i really would have  close to me. You make me feel so happy also just with a smile like this one. And our feelings are so close eachother, also we living so far.
I still suprise myself how i can ‘hear’ your closiness to me just toward myself to you.
And suprise myself, when i writing in this open diary,  our minds, but above all our souls get connecting eachother.
Like this aftenoon, while i was sleeping i heard you inside of me, just we can feel eachother. In our own way.
With this smile you can open my soul and you can see which is inside. If we would meet us, you can see with no shame all i get in. And all which you would see is all emotions i have for you. But above all Love, respect and grateful.

Just which i really i would like to do with you is to stay in silence, embraced to you, to listen to our souls melting eachother and to get that we are made to stay together.


That eyes


Are so magic that can to heals everything with just a look. They heals me from my solitude. And when i need someone i think about you and everything goes away.
I need of you to feel myself happy, but above all beloved by someone.
I need of it, and the only person can do, is you. Just look into your eyes, i just feel the biggest emotion i can feel.
Look at you i can lost and found myself at the same time. It’s the beautiful emotion i can feel just to be close to you. Touch on your hand. To smell  your skin, and gently touch on.
I hear our music. Our minds slowly get connect eachother. Just look up at the sky and we see our lights dancing together. A look of eachother and evertyhing around us has become how we desire.
Everything dissapears. Just few sounds around us.
A sound of a fallen drop. A sound of a continuous and deep singing catches our heart and souls. We just look at eachother, without saying anything, we start to hear to our heart beats so fast. And we are led by a flute sound. You take my hand. And you whisper me sweet words. I mention a smile. I’m feel secure with you. Close to you. You look at me.
Together goes on accompanied by this music. We reach to the top of the hill, of our parellel world.
There, it waits for us, the most beautiful and colorful rainbow we ever seen in our lives.
Breathless, we look at eachother for long, saying anything. Then your mouth kisses mine.
And from that instant we become one soul, one heart, one mind. We become our love.


Looking at you

And i surprised myself how much i see of your soul just trought your eyes. It’s wonderful how just two eyes as your tells everything about you. How much joy i find in them also you dont say anything. Just looking at your eyes i see your soul sparkling in everywhere around us. This is one of reason i would  like to meet you one day and i’m sure we dont need say any words. Our souls will speaks for us eachother. I dont know what you will say to me, but i’m sure what my soul says to your. A little whisper that just our hearts could listen to. Our connections… in our parellel world. I woud like to touch on your heart as you did with mine time ago. Maybe i just did, but i really dont know. I’m still dreaming about that. And i’m still hope about a little my touch on into your soul.


I still cant believe


it happened two times today. The first it was when i was sleeping and the second one, few minutes ago. I felt  you. My dancing butterflies in my stomach Do you feel the same emotion, as i do? How it could be possible that eveytime you use twitter or instagram i hear you inside me, here so far from you. Since i rembember, my dad called me ‘little witch’, cause i felt of things that then happened. Since i’ve met you and since we have that ‘kind’ of bond that i still cant explain to myself, i feel you. It does starts that sensation inside of me that leaving me breathless. My heart starts to beats so fast and i cant help it. Then i check your favorite social and you was there few minutes earlier. How it could be possible that i feel you in this way?? I remain always breathless. Maybe it’s real we have own parellel world, where we feel eachother if also we are so far. Maybe we communicate in this way. I feel you. ‘Do you feel me?’ ask myself.