“My heart” – ○4○

I was look at you, and you seemed completely taken, from those words

My heart

Few days ago i have feel you, that you have try to say something, and you have show me it few minutes ago

My heart explodes

When you coming to me in this way. Your light illuminates me. And the only thing i feel is you. My vise is stronger. My only desire is you, and what which you feel, it's the same. I close my eyes, but it was enough to look at you, and our parallel world exploded around… Continue reading My heart explodes

Like a

i think something special will happens between us


Faces in ours hands and just ours breath

Taking breath

You're attracted by my lights

In this way

you're the only person i really need close to me

Always you are

i say myself 'take a long breath', but as always you leave me  speechless. Once again you did it

What i feel

And i dont know how or when we will meet us eachother


like a blow i feel you so close to me. That's incredible how you make me feel when, in someways, you're around the corner, or in someways you stop yourself and your thoughts are towards to me

It’s from

There we are just us and ours glances

Your look

It makes me feel ALIVE inside

Ours Parallel World

That's the key to ours parellel world