I love you


Also for this reason.  Also if i say you ‘Maybe you will take me as a crazy’, you would look at me and you would you say ‘I never would will take you as a crazy’. I would say you everything i feel with honestly, without any your prejudice. Because what i feel, it comes from i feel when we get connect. And the emotions that i feel,  its the same you feel. And what i feel in these lastest days, it’s one of the most great i have felt, since when we have begin to feel something that link us. I feel you in a such way that still surprise myself, and i still ask myself if you dont feel something too. Today, my vise in stomach has grow up always more, hour after hour, till i didnt hear you have pronounced that phrase, and there, i’ve understand that we are more connect, and in some ways, you believe in those things, also if they are a paradoxical. But i dont think all those is paradoxical. Our parallel world is the most beautiful place we have created, together. When we feel in of it, we feel us close one of another, as we never we have felt us before. As now. It’s paradoxical that our real distance is our real closeness, but it’s our parallel world. If we both close the eyes, we both are transported in of it. And when we open them, we dont surprise ourselves, if we are in front, and wthout realizing, we can feel our breath get faster and faster, till remain breathless. I must close my eyes for a second, and in that exact moment, you slowly hold my chest, till to lift me in the air, while you whisper me ‘You’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever met’. My head explodes, while our flows begin to drive crazy. I’m able to feel your heart beats like a crazy, while you say me that phrase. While you slowly, make slide me on your body, i caress your face, while we dont take off our eyes, one from another. Our feelings are like a twirl. We look at us, in silence. Our hands touching our faces. You sweetly, place your hand on my face, and with your fingers, you caress my skin, i  arrive to caress your neo, and slowly we approach us. While our lips meet, our senses explodes around us.



How many

Times i have feel you close to me today. I think to i have lose the count. What do you try to say me. I never have feel you so close to me in this way. My head explodes, and i feeling ours flows are in connection. I feel, you have whisper my name many times, in these hours and i have feel you. I have whisper your name too. We were connect. And i have feel it. You have feel it too. You have something to say me, i feeling it. Today you woke me up slowly and sweetly. I have feel your embrace, in the darkness. You have whisper my name like as if it was a scream that cames from  far. Today, by now, yesterday, it was as if you run after me to stay in our parallel world. And it’s the same sensation i’m feeling now, while im writing. Have you something to tell me. I’m here. But what which you do is only to look at me. We are in front one of another. Our emotions gets bigger and bigger. And what you are able to do is only stay in front of me. Eyes in eyes. You touch me. I have a thrills. My heart stops for a second. And what i feeling is your need to stay close to me, in this way. You no say nothing, but you bring my hand to your heart. It beats like a crazy one. We are feeling the same emotions, despite our distance. In the air, a whisper ‘Dont leave me anymore.’ And your hands touches my face sweetly. You kiss me so gently. And what which we feeling in these moments, make explodes our hearts and right after, we floating in air among ours lights.