How is it possible?

instadscuriAll that… My vise in my stomach and your was there. I do believe in magic, yes, but in this way, it didnt ever happened to me. Ours connection is always ready to make us enter in ours parallel world, and still this time it has been this way. Now i close my eyes and i feel you close to me more than ever. Ours flows comes and goes trought us. My hearts beats slow and fast at the same time, like a crazy one. I dont know what are doing now, but in someways, i’m sure, you feeling ours souls melting together.
I know, i writing the same things, but eachtime i remain speechless, breathless. Our Parallel World aint been so close more than ever. My feelings exploding in my chest. I feeling ours flows comes and goes trought ours minds.
I was write ‘I missing you’, and suddendly you was exploded in me. I just cant believe it. Now i feel you so close to me. like you was here next to me, looking at me, smiling at me, and whispering ‘It’s all arlright’. What happening among us has of incredible. How i feel you close to me, right now. ‘You feel it?’