Your glance

boogaloo_forte0041It’s so. But if you knew what you have make me feel in these hours, i believe, it would be different. Maybe it would be more intense of this one,  that i’ve choose, to describe what i’m feeling, since i’ve seen you’ve tweeted. In some ways i should be used be to. But each time it happens, i remain breathless and today it has been the same. Since when i woke up my thoughts were towards to you. It was like if you was close to me, whispering me that something it would be happens. And it’s happened. And now i cant only think it was a coincidence. Too many coincidences has happened among us. And i want dont think it was only a destiny game. You look at me in this way, into my eyes. You saying me more. I feel it. My emotions, makes me thrills, like a leaf. And i can write what im feeling in this way. And you saying me, in your own way what i know already, and i which i  wanted another certainty, i got it. In an absurd way, we are connect I dont know how neither for which reason. But our parallel world, doesnt exists only in our minds, but it arounds us and it embrace us tight.


If i look

mikemc03forteiAt you, in your eyes, my emotions explodes, that i cant hold back some tears. What i see in your eyes is our parallel world that call us. And you stretch your hand to take me to enter in together. It’s incredible. despite im back in Rome, the feeling i’m feel when you’re close to me, it’s the same. You’re by my side and i need take a deep breath,  and i close my eyes to feel you here more close to me. Differents places, same feelings. I want to believe you also are feeling the same. Same vise in stomach, same flow, same energy, and same lightness when we look at our eyes, because im sure, in some ways, you are taking a look on what im doing. Maybe im a little crazy, but hardly i dont wrong about what im feels. And what i’m feeling in these moment is strong. And what i’m feel is your closeness, despite your distance. Our connect is stronger, and what im feeling inside of me, i know you feeling it too. I feel your glance on me and my heart going crazy, and im going crazy too. What i feeling, i write it here. And you’re the only one, i which i confess all that. If you could feel the same… our souls could be only one.  And our parallel world could transforms really in our real world. It enough to want it. Ours feelings are so close one to another. We feeling us one to another. It’s enough to follow our emotions. And what we feeling is great.


I take

books_forte4A deep breath and in the air i can feel the same freshness i have feel the other day. And you have this white shirt on. And i feel you embrace me from behind. The freshness of the air, in someways, drives me crazy. You know it. And slowly, you turn me in front of you. We look at us in our eyes, entering in our parallel world. You bring my hand to your chest, and slowly you slide my hand into your shirt. I touch softly your bare chest and i feel your heart beats like a crazy. All around us it transforms. Our lights floating among us. You mentioning me a shy smile, while you kindly touch my face and you whisper me ‘Do it’, as if you was breathless. I remain speechless, fixing my hands that sliding slowly in your shirt. Without add further things, your shirt falls downs over your arms to stay there, while you hold me tight. This combination, drives me crazy. And you know it good. These rustles, your glances, our floating lights, my emotions, this air we can feel around us, leaves me breath and make me beats my heart fast. Slowly, you approach me. You whisper me ‘We stay in this way, for all time we wish’. I look at you in your eyes, saying nothing, while i touch your shirt on your arms. We look at us one in another, listening to our breath gets faster. Our feeling going drives crazy. And the only thing you can do is kiss me. In this exact moment what we feeling for one of another, disappear with us, in our world.


It’s useless


Turn around it. You make me drive crazy. What i’m feel for you, it’s something goes beyond love. Yes, it’s true, our connection to the end, is  something more bigger than we feel in these moments. I feel you so close to me, you’re by my side. Sometimes i need to take a break from what which i feel, but isnt possible, when i feel these emotions around me, like a twirl. If i close my eyes, but if also i dont close them, i feel your closeness. When i take breath, i feel your smell in the air, and this it drives me crazy.  It’s from yesterday, i feel you here, by my side.  My heart beats like a crazy. I feel our connect get bigger everytime my thoughts are towards to you. And each thing i do, it’s always interrupt by this feel i’m feel. Only in this way, writing in this open diary, i can calm down my thoughts, my emotions, my feeling. It’s strange, how i feel you close to me. I feel you inside of me. Next to my heart. By now, i know we are connect, strangely, but we are connect. Our parallel world it say us, stronger than ever, that what we feeling, link us, despite our distance. Maybe we will dont never meet, but we will have this strong connect, that nobody cant will remove, or maybe, one day we will meet, and finally we will can look at us, eyes in eyes, without say us nothing.



Like a

glance_moltiplica5Caress, you was here, next to me, when i was on the couch. And you was here by my side and you’ve caress me. I felt you. And now you’re here. Looking at me with this your glance, almost lost. Lost in your thoughts. Lost, but so close to me. What do you think? Do you feel the same emotions i’m feelings right now. If i close my eyes i feel your breath make it slowly fast, and i can hear your whisper in my ear. You are behind me. I feel your hands hold my hips. I breathless, i smell you skin. Slowly i turn and i see your eyes. You metioning me a shy smile. ‘What do you feel?’ i whispering you. You looking at me in silence. You taking my hand on your chest. ‘The same you feeling’. Our glances sparkling and we enter in our parallel world.

What i feel when i feel connect with you is an inexplicable feeling. I feel our thin rope gets shorter always more, and eachtime i feel this sensantions, i think something special will happens between us. That thin rope, as i called it, maybe is our parallel world. And my emotions makes bigger and bigger eachtime i feel you so close to me. I never felt something like this till now. Then now that you let me know ‘you like what i wrote’ this feeling has grow up more. Yes i know, it’s a stupid thing, but what i feeling it’s true. What i began to feel last december and what has happened, aint just coincidence. What i feeling, you feel it the same, maybe in other way.
I still wondering myself about what i feeling when i feel you so close to me. I miss breath, and for real i must take a long a deep breath to dont remain breathless or speechless, when, in some way, you’re next to me. Like now. But in other way, i miss you.  I know, this  open diary, i opening my heart, my feelings, my emotions, to you, but, maybe it will reach one day, it will be not more enough. What i will do, that day. I really dont know. Maybe it will never reach. We will would meet us already, who know.
Tll that day, i will continue to write to you in this open diary.


In this way

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 90You drive me crazy, i tell you. When i woke myself this evening i didnt feel you. I told my self  ‘It’s normal. i cant feel you every hours of the day’. But now from an hour if i close my eyes i see you here next to me. You stretch your hand towards me. And i take it. Your skin is very soft. And i whisper you ‘I love your skin, so soflt’. Your glance for me. I blush for a while A little smile for me and your hand on my face. My emotions making bigger and how i feel you close to me in this istant is very impressive. My heart beats so faster, but it seem motionless. I take a long breath  and i close my eyes. Just in this way goes on. You’re so far away from me, but you’re the only person i really need close to me. Also if we are in silence just lookin ours glances. We really need of few things to feel us close eachother. Ours glances, ours parellel world, ours feelings.