owen005_pluniformeLooking at me, in this way. With your eyes, your glance on me, and a whisper fly in the air ‘Tell me how is began all that’. I remain without words. I look at you. You are here, sat in this chair next to me. And your eyes stare at me. I close my eyes, taking a deep breathe. You are awaiting. We look at us eachother for a second. Our lights begins to floating among us, meanwhile i try to tell you how it’s began.
You asking me how it’s all began. All what can i say ‘It’s began all through your eyes. From what i have feel a night. It was a click in my mind. I really didnt know what i did i these moments, but something it said me to check your social you love more. I did it. And you was there few seconds earlier. I have said myself it was only a coincidence. I didnt realize that it was the very step to our connect.’ I close my eyes for a moment, in the air i feel the same new smell i have feel the other day. My heart begin to beats like a crazy one, my emotions running, and you are here, looking at me in this way. I hear your deep voice, it whispers ‘Continue, dont stop yourself’. Some tears falling from my face. I need to close once again my eyes. I looking at you, here by my side. The only thing that it can distract me, it’s your shirt. But you want to listen how it’s began our connect. I try to collect my memories and i try to continue to tell.
‘I have thought it was just a coincidence, but more i have go on, more the coincidences were too strange. And when i have had that dream, all it was began to be more clear.
I have do my research, and all that you have say me in that dream, it was real.’
You looking at me, without add nothing. You only look at me. You mention me to continue. ‘Continue, say me more’ you whisper me. I close my eyes and i looking at in your eyes. Once again i take a deep breathe. ‘What you want to know, you know it.  My vise in my stomach. When you try to say me something, isnt something personal, instead, but it something public, that i can feel few days earlier.
I dont know how it’s possible but it’s so.’
And now you are here, and you want to hear ‘how all that it’s began’.
That’s incredible. How can i describe you, something inexplicable also to me. But it is so. I have try, but with simple words, isnt possible to explain what our parallel world wants to say us. I only know what i only i need to know. We are connect.