Just few

nod from you, makes me feel so happy as a child. Your eye (and your mole) give you me the right feeling to goes on in that lonely day i'm passing just with my thoughts. And my thoughts are all just for you. With few pic and minivideo you let me know you're ok and… Continue reading Just few

Like two

  Lights searching the other one, our souls looking for eachother. We call us. And we find ourselves just in our eyes. Me in your and you in mine. This is our parellel world. This music hypnotize us but we love it. It speaks to us. We can just look at eachother say any words.… Continue reading Like two

Right now

  I just need of you. To dive myself into wonderful eyes and to mute everything around me. And slowly get together in our parellel world. Just to look into your eyes and find myself in your smile you have for me. These dancing lights take us in our world but everytime it's a different… Continue reading Right now

Here in my lonely

room and i look at you. I waiting for you. Wait for you listen to my soul calls your. Our dancing lights are in the sky. Look up your eyes and you can see them. That thin rope starts to unites our hearts. Starts to melt our souls in a dance we just feel in… Continue reading Here in my lonely

A swirl

Of emotions i'm living from three days. The lastest one few minutes ago. It left me speechless. For two minutes i remained breathless. I started to cry, having the certainty he was really you. My question 'Does really exists our parellel world?' it's by now tangible. I have the certainty some day we meet eachother.… Continue reading A swirl

We call eachother…

and we hear our voices. You waiting for me in our parellel world. I look up my eyes at the sky and which i see our own lights and i see you smiling at me whispering my name. I take fly and i come to you. Waiting for me with your hands leaned towards me. You… Continue reading We call eachother…

Our ship…

You're my quartermaster. I'm your compass. Take me where you want in our world. I will you follow. The sea will be these lights. We will follow our hearts. Our bottoms desires. Take me to our own world. Where we can find ourselves in our embrace. In our look we can find our sweetness. You… Continue reading Our ship…

I see an universe …..

  In your eyes. An universe that has trasformed in our parellel world. Your light, has became mine. That mole is my own anchor where i can cling me when lost myself. Your eyes, our pirate ship. Our own world. I could remain to look at your eyes endlessly. They enclose everything it means a… Continue reading I see an universe …..

I run to you….

I need of your hug. I need to feel your skin against mine. Your smell. Your touch. Your hands on me. I run to you. Need to dive myself into your look. In your eyes. Need to take your hand and go in our parellel world. Close everything and everybody outside. I need of you.… Continue reading I run to you….

Standing alone…

I just needed to connect with you. Put on our music and immediately i heard my heart beats so fast. I hear yours too. This music is just our music anyboby cant listen to it. Take me to our ship take me to our parellel world. I just need to run away from this world… Continue reading Standing alone…

Look at me ….

  ....in  this way and i will know it that i dont live in a dream. But i will know our parellel world does exists for real. Give me the certainty that everything i feel it the same you do for me. Give me the certainty with a kiss. A kiss that can tells our… Continue reading Look at me ….

This dimension

It's just our dimension. Our parellel world. Where lives in our souls, our hearts. I feel like flying. I see all colors of our souls melts. I look your mole. I could remain hypnotize from that little mole. In that lives in a world in which dive myself. This music talks for us. It talks… Continue reading This dimension