Just few


nod from you, makes me feel so happy as a child. Your eye (and your mole) give you me the right feeling to goes on in that lonely day i’m passing just with my thoughts. And my thoughts are all just for you. With few pic and minivideo you let me know you’re ok and maybe now you are with you parents to spend the holidays with them.
I just hope you rest yourself a little, before to continue to write your novel. And maybe you can read the letter i sent you few days ago. And maybe you will have time, but above all, the desire to reply to that stupid letter.
However, you have no idea, how you made me feel happy with this few instagram story.  I thinking about you.



Just think

About you, and i know you do the same whatever you doing. Our minds are just connected in a such way that we get which we feel eachother. Just look at you, also in an old picture like this one, and we feel eachother. Our souls call us.  The sensantions are he same everytime. And we know that’s that. Simply our connection. In our  parellel world.
Our peaceful place. Where we can talk just with our hearts, because we feel eachother. We feel eachother also we are so far. We can touch on and we can feel our smell. Just closing our eyes, we can feel our hands on our skin.
I can feel your touch. Your gently touch. We can smell our skin.
While i close my eyes i can touch your skin so soft to me. I see your eyes on me. I see them. I can touch on your face, and my finger cant help to touch on your mole.
I see you metion to me a smile. Blushing myself and i get out my finger on your face. A whisper ‘Dont, let continue’. You take my hand to your face and guide me to that your little mole, you know i drive crazy for.
Forehead to forehead, you touch on my hair and you whisper me ‘I love you’.
In this world, our world we listen to our hearts beats so fast. Together look up at the sky. Our lights dancing, melting eachother. And our souls become only one. In ourselves we feel our warm hug that hold us so. Our minds are still confused. Our connection is so stronger than ever.
Which we really need right now is just to look at eachother. We really need of our look into eachother. As i really need you, you really need me.





Up at me… I need you t dive myself into your eyes. I take your face in my hand. I need our forehead to forehead. Listen to our music in our souls. Feel our hearts beats so fast in unison. Need to hear you breath. Need your hands on me . I need your whispers. I need to feel you close to me. I need to be embraced by you. Need to feel your arms arounds my body. Need to smell your skin. Need to drive crazy for your mole. Need to touch on it. Need to unlace that shirt. Need to touch your chest, without say any words. Just listen to which our bodies tell us eachother. Need to look my eyes into your and melt eachother. Need to take flight to our parellel world and see how much is big our connection. Our bond. Need to know you need all that also, as i do in this moment. Need to know you feel that connection. Need to know you smell my skin. Need to know how bigger is our desire of eachother. Let me touch you trought your shirt. Let me look at in your eyes. No say anything. Let our souls speak for us. I need of all that. Let me say how bigger is my need of you. So big.

Let me a sign of you. I really need of you.



Like two



Lights searching the other one, our souls looking for eachother. We call us. And we find ourselves just in our eyes. Me in your and you in mine. This is our parellel world. This music hypnotize us but we love it. It speaks to us. We can just look at eachother say any words. Just feel which we have for eachother. This music unites us so tight. And the only thing we can do is embrace us. Skin to skin. Your warm hug. I look at you in your eyes. I remain breathless looking at your mole and your eyes. I would touch on it, but you take my hand to your heart. It beats so fast. We remain without any words to say. Forehead to forehead you whisper me ‘I need you.’ I try to say something but you close my mouth with your finger and then with a kiss. That’s the way i would like you look at me, embrace me and then you would say me ‘Stay in this way forever’.



Right now



I just need of you. To dive myself into wonderful eyes and to mute everything around me. And slowly get together in our parellel world. Just to look into your eyes and find myself in your smile you have for me. These dancing lights take us in our world but everytime it’s a different place, but just our hearts knows it’s our parellel world. I just need  of your look into mine. Take my hand and we start to fly among our lights. This music opens our minds and your in mine and mine in your. We just know what we wants from eachother. Saying any words that embrace encloses everything we need right now. I smell your skin. It’s like silk and every mole you have drives me crazy. I caress your skin. You mention me a smile. Without say anything you take my face and forehead to foreahed, eyes into eyes we share our souls. You kiss me softly. Then i touch on your mole and i see your sweet wonderful soul. Your kindness towards me it’s the most beautiful thing that a man can gave me. Breathless, i look at your eyes and a tear falls down. You dry it from my face with your finger and you whisper ‘Dont cry, you deserve all my love’. Once again breathless, i touch on you face. Smile at me. Smile at you. And in whisper we say together ‘I Love You’. A long embrace. We want remain in this way, in the sound of our souls.



Here in my lonely

room and i look at you. I waiting for you. Wait for you listen to my soul calls your. Our dancing lights are in the sky. Look up your eyes and you can see them. That thin rope starts to unites our hearts. Starts to melt our souls in a dance we just feel in our hearts and confuses us at first. But we just to know we get in our parellel world together. I just need to look at your eyes. Touch on your mole and we just know whe are in our mysterous but wonderful world, where everything it moves itself so slowly. And our souls get in only one. Our lights, our hearts melting. And the only thing we can do i look at eachother as the very first time we met, that night.

I never forget which i felt when you get in my life, whispering me just a ‘thank you’. Never forget that. But i always knew that between us it would happened something ‘special’. Maybe you still doesnt know it. But for as i am, something it will happen. I feel it. These words im writing are the highway to reach to you. I really need to look at your eyes and whisper these words i never say to anyone, but you. I really need of it.


A swirl

Of emotions i’m living from three days. The lastest one few minutes ago. It left me speechless. For two minutes i remained breathless. I started to cry, having the certainty he was really you. My question ‘Does really exists our parellel world?’ it’s by now tangible. I have the certainty some day we meet eachother. And that day you dont have need to say anyhing because we just we know eachother. You will have the certainty that’s me just looking for my eyes. And our parellel world will materialize in our look. Say anything we will close eachother. We will smile eachother and we will touch on our skin. You will take my hand. Touch on my face with your fingers. I will touch on shyly your mole. You will soflty smile at me. You will take my hand to your heart. You will whisper me ‘Finally you are here, i look for you everywhere. I felt you. Everytime something happened in my heart. You was. I felt it’. I will look at you, in your eyes and i will answer ‘Yes i was… and i will be always’.  We will look into our eyes for an instant. An eternal istant and we will have suddendly the certainty of our greatest LOVE.



We call eachother…


and we hear our voices. You waiting for me in our parellel world. I look up my eyes at the sky and which i see our own lights and i see you smiling at me whispering my name. I take fly and i come to you. Waiting for me with your hands leaned towards me. You need to hug me as i need your arms around me. You want to see these spectaculars dancing light with me. And i want to be protected by you. This music hypnotize eachother. And which we can do is listen to it and look eachother in our own eyes and to metion a smile. A smile that says everything we want.  To melt eachother in one just soul. Our parellel soul. Smell our skin. Touch on our skin. Your eyes into mine. My smile into yours. And touch on our skin. Say any words we know what we thinknig about eachother. But… ‘I want to hear from your voice’  I say. Come closer you touch on my hair and whisper in my ear ‘I want you’. Breathless touch on your face, your skin. Look at you. Touch on your mole  then your mouth with my fingers. You open your mouth a little. I feel your wet lips. Breathless. You look at me deeply. Take my finger and slowly put it in your mouth…. We got eachother….


Our ship…


You’re my quartermaster. I’m your compass. Take me where you want in our world. I will you follow. The sea will be these lights. We will follow our hearts. Our bottoms desires. Take me to our own world. Where we can find ourselves in our embrace. In our look we can find our sweetness. You will show me how to find our treasure in our own love. You will teach me how to sail with no have to fear to err. ‘You’re my quartermaster… of my love’. I want to stay embraced in your arms forever. In your arms anything it’s wrong. Tell me your love for me. Tell me a story of which you feel. I want to see it in your eyes. In your look. Tell me where we’re going to. Give me the certainty of your love for me. Guide me into your soul. Take me your hand. Touch on my skin. Smile at me in your own way. That way i drive crazy for. Tell me your mole is my treasure. Give me it to me smiling to me. Your treasure is just to stay together, also we’re so far from eachother. We have this little corner of our souls and when we get connected eachother anything is impossible. We sail our light together on our ship and anything is wrong. Just it does exists our love. We. Our love. My quartermaster. Your compass. Our ship.



I see an universe …..



In your eyes. An universe that has trasformed in our parellel world. Your light, has became mine. That mole is my own anchor where i can cling me when lost myself. Your eyes, our pirate ship. Our own world. I could remain to look at your eyes endlessly. They enclose everything it means a lot to me. That strenght you gave me to goes on, besides all. Your love message you left me in my heart. When i see your eyes i feel your skin smell in the air, and that’s convices me you’re thinking about me as i doing in this time. Yes i miss you so much Do you? Your light illuminates my soul. My soul is warm when i see your eyes. Your eyes are as a warm hug for my lost soul. I need you, i just want whisper you how you mean to me… Since you’ve eneterd in my life i dont feel alone anymore. I’m sure you know that and this my conviction makes me smile. I’m sure you know about me more that anyone else.  You know my fears, my doubts, my desires, which i feel for you. And i’m sure you have will rembembered me if one day we meet eachtoher. And our parellel world will become a real thing. Our parellel world is your eyes. Everytime i look at you i see it. I think you do the same when you look at mine. Im waiting for you in our ship raising the blackflag.