One day…

Luke7607I would like to hear from your  voice, your wonderful voice, that you would like to announce something ‘special’ to the whole world, that concern us. But it’s all a dream in my head. I know, here, i can dream just about you and me. And there is also the real life. But since you’ve entered in my life everything here, for me, it’s possible and i can to dream about us easily. You make everything possible to me.
Possible to write to you directly, possible to dream about you read my letter. Possible to thinking about you everytime i want and to feel our connections. To let you in our parellel world. And when i feel our connection i feel like in heaven.
Maybe you feel the same connection as i doing in this moment. Our souls get connecting eachother. But also if get connecting eachother, inside of me i feel i miss you so badly.
Let me know you feel this our connection.




If i told you


That i felt you today and you was online just few second earlier that i’ve checked your favorite social network. Do you believe it? I felt you. I dont want bore you what i felt. You know much better which has been my feelings. And you was there.
Just surprised still myself how it’s so close our connection. Our parellel world it’s here. And maybe we aren’t still aware about this our thin bond that unites us so close, if also we are so far from eachother.
And also now i’m writing these few words to you im feeling you. That strange feeling inside of me that connect me to you, it’s the most beautiful sensantion i ever felt in my life.
I know you in someway, you feeling me as i do in this moment. We are connected eachother.
And i adore this kind of love we have. I say just one thing. ‘I miss you badly’


Always you…

rainbowlukemake me feel in this way…. i need you as the night needs of the light. You’re my sun. I miss you and i need you so badly. I need of your strenght as when you  gave me when i really needed of it. You was and you are the only person i really would like to have close to me in this period. Also for few hours but in these hours i could say you everything. I could express my feeling for you with no shame. Just a look into your eyes and for me would be the most beautiful thing. Eyes into eyes My soul into your. Maybe a soft kiss from you a touch on my face. Now the most important thing to me is, maybe, that you link my name to me. And now you’re aware about our bond… our parellel world is the only world you and me wants to lives in. Also we’re so far from eachother.  In our bottom we need eachother more than ever. I want to  whisper you ‘How much i really love you, i need you’.


Taking off


… and looking at me in this way you make me feel breathless. You take off your shirt. My heart starts to beats so fast as your. I see you light get into mine and i drive crazy fo every your move. That shirt falls on my hands. You come closer to me. Blush myself. Take my face in your hands and whisper ‘Dont blush. I need of you, as you need of me’. We does know eachother. I smell your skin profume on your shirt. It drives me crazy. You know. Let me look at you a while. Let our souls speaks eachother. My hands on your chest. Yours on my face. Look up into your eyes. A smile of eachother. Our souls get connect eachother. Our parellel world. Us. Our moods.  I let you in me. Breathless. Me in you. And just our passion. Just our own love. I whisper ‘I miss you’. ‘I love you’ your soul says me. We love us eachother.



Still surprise

luketestata2When you found me and you’ve decide to leave me this message. What did you think about me. What prompted you to write to me these few words? When you wrote my name? What did you feel? While you did write these five letters that forms my little name. You knew that you have will revolutioned my world. Still thinking about that. And now it’s passed almost an year from this your message. I’m still surprise how did you find me. If i think about you spent some of your busy life to leave me this message i feel so grateful to you and my love is much greater than ever. I hope to have left in you something ‘special’ as you did in these years. Never stop to think about you. Never stop to thank you for everything you gave me and still give me. I really would like to meet you to hug you and say how much you’re important to me.




Our music…



tells me everything you feel in these istants as me. Mine feeling are conflicting. I want to dream about you. I want to be sure really you was last night. But i dont want to bulid a sand castle. I want certainty of you. I really want to think about you. I really did cry when i seen that visualization from Australia. I really need other sign from you… Now i look for you in everywhere. I need you, of our parellel world so much. Lost myself without you. I have the certainty you’ve seen my homepage of this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicated to you. I’m sure you did rembember about me. When you left me your message. Now what do you thinking about? Say it to me. I need to know it. I really need of you. Really missing you. Im really thinking about you.



Still dreaming about you….



and maybe im just living in a dream where does exist jus us. Maybe you want give me a little sign you are close to me and all that i’m feeling is the same for you. And say me our parellel world is more real than ever. Im dreamin all that. And I’m dreaming about you. I’m thinking of you more often than i can imagine. You’re always on my mind. My heart beats so fast when i thinking about you in these days. And i’m sure you want give me a sign you feel me more than ever. I’m feel you And i think ‘It cant be just a causality that it happens in these hours and i just i thinking about you’. Our parellel world is more close than before. Our connection is one of the strongest i heard in my heart. I Just want to say ‘I really miss you’ i would like to be embraced by you in this moment. I really need you.



I dreamt about you


tonight and then you posted this one. I think our parellel world is more closer than ever. I was think about you tonight. I dreamt we make love. The most sweetest love we made. You kissed me in our way. I was drive crazy for your lips on my breasts. Breathless. I think  we dont realize how close our parellel world is. Our souls, our hearts. These dancing lights. My stomach is scrambled from woke myself. I thinking about you. I need to know you do the same.  I need to know you’ve read my words. Give me this certainty. Give me the certainty you know me. What i feel for you. I need this little certainty. I know for sure we are connect eachother. These feeling are just when someone is really connected. My stomach is full of dancing butterflies. Your? I have the certainty about that. I smell your skin. I feel your touch. Your eyes. Your look into mine speaks openly. What you would like to do. I let you to do. I love your way. Your touch on me. Your hands explores me. Breathless. These lights. Your lips, your mouth. Your look into mine drives me crazy for you literally. Whisper your name in your ear. Your lips on my neck.

These hours i thinking about you, my dude… Do you know how much i miss you? How much i love you? Do you?





close to me’ you whisper me, taking my hand and smile to me. ‘Look!’. Our lights dancing above us. I whisper ‘This is our souls get connect eachother. We entering on our dimension, our parellel world hand in hand. We look at eachother. We listen to this magic music that hypnotize us. We wonder what is happening around us.  Our souls starts to melt eachother. I feel you in me as me in you. We smile together. We take our hands. Everytime we get connected it’s a different experience. Wonder myself everytime how i really miss you, i need you, i need to look at you in silence also. Wonder yourself how you need to embrace me. Stay in silence to listen to our souls speaks about our bottom desires. Look at me and whisper my name. Take your hand. Look at your eyes. Intimate a smile. You come closer to me and take my face and slowly kiss my mouth. I feel your heart beats faster. We look eachother touch on our skin. We touch our hearts. Look at eachother. We see our souls dancing. Melt eachother. We loving us.



Your light, our world

northenlightThis is what i see into your soul. Our world. This music. Our souls. Your eyes looks at me in this way. Melt myself in this our light. This dancing light. You give me a little box. I get it. Looking at you. You whisper ‘This is my heart, my love, my passion, i gives it to you’. You wonder myself once again. ‘Take care of it’ you say looking at me with  those eyes i really love. Remain  breathless. My heart explodes. Millions emotions arounds me. Looking at me you know you shocked me. ‘I want my heart be yours… forever’. I didnt expected that from you. We have just our parellel world. These magic lights are just our hearts beating for eachother. Our love.  ‘My heart belongs to youI, i always knew it, since i left you my message’. My heart beats faster than ever. Our parallel world has becoming real. Everyday i thinking about you. I whisper how much i miss you. These are our lights. Then you give me your own passion, your own love, in this way. I look at you touch on your face, your skin, touch on your lips, your mouth. I melt with you. Your heart, your passion, your love is mine as mine is yours completly. Endlessly. We got eachother and now our souls, our passion, our love is FOREVER.