Like a bomb


this morning you came to wake me up with the sensation in my stomach, and i was sure you was thinking about me. It was like you was there, close to me. And it was a wonderful sensation. In half sleep to think about you, together in our parellel world. What such feeling you got me. You make me feel in love with you as the very first time.
Which i feel when i hear you when you call just spiritually is the most beautiful emotion i felt in my life from long time.
I just know it’s a weird thing, but it’s which i feel when our souls get connect eachother and slowly we let in our parellel world, saying anything, just embrace eachother.
Like a pirate, as you was, you stolen my heart, and now it’s all your. And here i tell our ‘story’. A story about feelings, connections, memories and hopes.
I really hope everything one day will comes true.  And our eyes could meet eacother.



As me

zbooee1you look at the sky, looking for my light as me looking for your. As me i need you, i feel you need to whisper something to me. I’m here im listening to you. But you dont talk. I just hear to your soul. Looking at your wonderful eyes  i feel our connection. Our parellel world get connected  us. My feelings are so stronger than ever. Do you feel  them? I’m sure you do, as i feel you close to me, also you’re so far from me. Everytime i think about you i feel your soul. How much i need to look at you eyes. Listen to your voice. How much i need to touch on your skin. How much i need to say how you’re important to me. Also in a whisper, also just looking at your eyes. I really would to meet you someday. Maybe meet eachother in our parellel world and to know that it was did real existed  since we met the first time. I really would to know that.


I look at you

luke_4with the same eyes but also with the new ones. Our parellel world is so close than i could imagine. My dream could comes true one day if we just wanted it for real. I took your hand and in a whisper i told you everything i really wanted. Just a metion smile from you. And just this for me it has been so important. Just to say that few words and you’ve read them it means so much to me. Maybe just you did rembember about me. And just this little thing it’s such a big thing to me. Maybe one day our eyes meets eachother and the only thing we could do is to smile and say anything, Maybe hug eachother. The only hug we really need.  And everything i wrote til now in this ‘open diary’ to you comes true for real. Maybe we will have to talk so much about our own sensations we felt eachother everytime we got connected eachother. Everytime i felt my dancing butterflies and you was there. And everytime i wrote how much i needed you it was for real. And now i know for sure you rembember about me. That girl you helped in a such way she never forget, and she thank you everyday for everyhing you gave her. That girl that’s me.


I cant explain…

What i felt when i see this one on my notification alarm. I didnt know if to laugh, to smile or to cry for happiness. I just choose to make to smile my soul. And it’s still  doing. I want to believe. I want to hope you thought about which i wrote. I really want to meet eachother one day. You make me feel ALIVE. And which i wrote in my comment it’s real. I love your toughts, how it does works your imagination. I just know we have a lot in common, as writers too. I hope you read my other comment i left. And you can also just metion a smile and think about my words.

Always with all my love i have for you.


I’m sure…

62360_707542912610905_497666653_n1If we meet eachother, you recognize me immediatly. You would come to me and you would ask me ‘Is that you Daria?’. Because i believe in your life you will have known few girls with my name. Daria is a uncommon name. And i believe that you  have seen my name and my twitter account everytime you have done the search of your name as hashtag. And i’m sure on 27 August when you have put your like on my comment on instagram, you have will rembembered me. I’m sure you have will checked my profile and you have will rembember that time you left me ‘that aknowledgement and that greeting for the new year’. I’m sure about all that. And i’m sure that everything it began in those days. You rembembered me. I was on your like’s twitter page for long time. My uncommon name. Your message for me. You like on my instagram comment… Our parellel world began with few things, but now it’s become something bigger And i’m sure that behind my ‘uknown_user’ it hides you. Everytime asked myself ‘who have will hides his indentity if no someone important?’ (on twitter i have just 27 followers)…

If one day we meet eachother we could reveals our real feeling we have for eachother.

I wait for this day…do you?