Maybe (second open letter to Luke)

You have teach me a lot of things, and you was close to me when i had face up my last hard test

At this

i always asked myself what did you thought?

By now

Yes my Luke, i still surprise myself on what is happening among us

Your glance

I need to stay with you in our parallel world, also without saying nothing, also just look at us one of another

Few istants

Million of thoughts about you, crowd my mind

You came

Ours Parellel World

Which i

and yes i got what do you felt when you've put your like to that tweet

Just few

nod from you, makes me feel so happy as a child. Your eye (and your mole) give you me the right feeling to goes on in that lonely day i'm passing just with my thoughts. And my thoughts are all just for you. With few pic and minivideo you let me know you're ok and… Continue reading Just few