Maybe (second open letter to Luke)

jakenowakoski0019_pluniformeThe only who can understand what i can feel when i think to you and i feel you close to me, that’s you and nobody else. Also today, someone asked me ‘what do you find in him?’
What do i find in you… everything and much else. If i explain them what i feel when i feel you close to me, they would take me for crazy, but i dont care. Sincerely they can take me for crazy, but what i feel when i feel you close to me, as right now, it’s one, if not the most beautiful sensation i have ever felt in my life. The connection i feel, we have, still stuns me everytime. I will be also a little witch, but when i feel close to you, comes directly from stomach and my head contemporanely. And it all coming from this strange connection that i’ve called our parallel world. I still, cant explain it to myself, but it does exists. And when i feel your closeness, i feel myself the most alive person of this world. Silencely, you’ve became part of my life. You have teach me a lot of things, and you was close to me when i had face up my last hard test. You have give me such strenght, and i never stop  to say you, thank you. I’ve told you, my love for you, it’s something it goes beyond love, it’s beyond.
All this it’s born, maybe, for a case, but im sure, isnt a case. It’s something that link our personal empathy, our sensibility. In some ways our parallel collect all this, and when i feel you close to me, you feel something like similar. Im sure of this.


At this

botta2Time your closeness it’s too much also for me, and i must to stop to write what are my feelings. My heart begins to beat fast and our minds get connect, also i know now you’re sleeping, maybe in this moment is more stronger our connection. You are maybe you’re dreaming about our parallel world and that’s why i feel you so close to me, despite our distance, maybe it’s how it does works our world.
I was think to many things, but one in particular, that made me smile and in some ways blush myself, and in some ways it link us. When in twitter someone has get notificated us in the same reply, i always asked myself what did you thought? It has happened often. Maybe i’ll ever dont know, but you have thought something.  But now i dont want stop myself on this. I want to tell you, how turn around my head, and my thoughts are toward to you. Also today, while i was do my hour of cyclette i have feel you by my side. You was behind me and you have embrace my hips. It was exciting thing. I have feel your scent around. I have had close my eyes, but you didnt leave me. You was here, and your hands embraced me. And i feel you still now. When i feel you in this way, i woud like only come to you and stay  with you in silence. And be caressed by you and to feeling your heart that beats like mine. I would like do only this. Stay with you.


By now



Im sure of this. We have a strange bond between us. I believed it was my lack of sleep, that vise, but also while i was sleep i’ve felt it And it was gets bigger and bigger. Then i have checked and you was there. I still shaking my head to all this that has been created around us. Me in this bedroom with my feelings and our minds connect one of another, and you on the other side of the planet. And the most beautiful and weird thing is that we dont know us eachother. But i feel you here, as if you was here close. I have choose this pic, because, it’s like you saying me ‘Do you still suprise yourself?’ Yes my Luke, i still surprise myself on what is happening among us. And i believe, eachtime is happens,  you feel something too. As if our parallel world wants make us feel, comprehend, that has clicked something in us, that link us, despite we are so far one fom another. Maybe, since when i’ve dream you, and you have told me what we know, it is began all that, or is it has began a little earlier. We dont know that. But im sure of one thing. When i feel our flow get connect one of another, i feel you closer than ever, and i’ll love that feel that has been created, till  does exists


Your glance

0054forte-1Is the only thing i need and i feel you here close to me. My vise in my stomach gets big, and what which i only feel is your closeness around me. I need to stay with you in our parallel world, also without saying nothing, also just look at us one of another. But what i want to say you is ‘I really need you’. I would like to stay with you, maybe just to talk  a little about us, what we really feeling, what are your emotions, when we are connect. I must to take a deep breathe to do not drive crazy. Sometimes i hold back my tears with some difficulties when i look at your eyes. You give me some emotions i had no ever feel in my life. I would like to let you know all that. Maybe, one day you will read all this i’m writing in this open diary, until then, i will look at your eyes, where i feel our parallel world lives in  and i feel you so close to me in incredible way. And to be sincere with you, I will dont surprise myself if you feel something, when we are connect.


Few istants

mcdonaldforteOf you, and i feeling so far but close to you. I dont know what’s happening, but what i’m feeling, it’s something bigger than i’ve could imagine. I see you here, and suddendly, i reminds, what you’ve told me that night of december, in that dream.  And i just cant believe it.  I bite my lips, almost blushing myself. I smile inside. I feel you so far from me, but in someways, you’re by my side. Now that im writing in this open diary, i know something is reaching to you. Maybe our connection, Maybe is our parallel world. Maybe, you also feel the same right now. I whispering your name, and that’s how our connection begins. I feel our energy flow runs as a crazy one. My soul is like is leaving out from my body. My mind is like is taking a flight to comes to you, and i feel it, you feel something in your heart, it make it beat faster. We must to close our eyes and take a deep breathe to understand that what which we feel is our connection. In these days you told me many little things, and i felt them even before that you have showed me them. If this one isnt a connection, you tell me what is it.
My heart beats like a crazy one. Million of thoughts about you, crowd my mind.


You came

bluebill_forteTo me, by my side and gently you woke me up. I dreamt about you also in those few istants on the couch. You did like something i did. But it was a big suprise that i forget what was it. Maybe ours lives reaches themselve, more faster than i could imagine. Or is it another sign, that you take a look on me, whatever i do, and the connection i feel is more real than ever, and it’s really you’re close to me, despite i dont know where are you. And when i feel inside of me that warm feeling, it’s the certain of your being next to me. That ours minds are really connected eachother, and what i feel are ours souls melting eachother and we enter in ours parallel world. That world unites us in someways, we still dont completly, understand. But we uderstand it when we close ours eyes and we feel we take ours hands and in the exact moment we touch us, we open them and we are there. You and me in front. Your glance in mine. Your colorful eyes hypnotize me. I remain imobilìzed, breathless speechless Your eyes are my world. I could to look at you without bore myself ever. If i close my eyes right now i can feel your soul, your heart your warm light into mine, and my heart for a while, it stop. I can feel you. I feel your glance on me. Arounds me and your hands touch on me gently. Ours minds get connecting eachother. I feel you and you feel me.
This energy is called Ours Parallel World.

Which i

feel in these hours it’s inexplicable also for me. I never felt your closeness to me like this way, and yes i got what do you felt when you’ve put your like to that tweet. You know i read everything on twitter and what does it means for you in this moment. Maybe i’ll be crazy, but i think to be the only person who get which you feel. Yes i know, we never met eachother, but which i feeling is ours connection stronger than before. That twirl of emotions, sensations i feeling in these hours is stronger than ever. I need to look at your eyes to get which  you feel whatever you doing. I’d like to be by your side, take your hand, maybe caress your skin, your face and whisper ‘everything will be fine’. You have met your girl already. We have met ourselves in our parellel world. Now we should close ours eyes to get in ours real world. And just we are in it open ours own eyes and whisper ourselves which we feel for eachother looking at ours eyes. Just a whisper. A caress. Metioning a shy smile.


I dont know


About you, but when i think about you, here i feel so strange. You know what are my feelings for you. Which emotions you gives me everytime my thoughts are about you. My heart begins to beat so faster than ever. And immediately i get in our parellel world and i hear you feel the same. Our connection is very strange. Maybe is just mine with you. But i would love imagine you feel the same over there, wherever you are in this moment.
And with this thought im just writing to you, i want to say… ‘May you pass the best new year of last years with all people who take care of you, and the new year may give you everything you desire’
‘And what is your desire’… you whisper… Mine? (blushing…) ‘it’s just only one’. Just look at you into your eyes, and maybe to be kissed by you… but i know it’s just a dream.
I feel you behind me. You whisper in my ear. I close my eyes. ‘Maybe it could be comes true’.


In someway

The world want us unites. I will dont prevent it. Do you? I’m here, i waiting for you. Closing my eyes and i just look at you. I take a breath and i smell your skin. I drive crazy for everything from our parellel world gives us. That new white path is still there. And we are so far, but we feel eachother closer than ever. Our hearts begins to beats so fast. I just look at you and now i feel you eyes on me, into my soul. I know, i’m sure, you read which i wrote yesterday on twitter. If you knew what you made me feel with that words. I could you tell all my life.
Maybe another time, another occasion, but i really would like to look into your eyes and to whisper you alot of thing, but one in particular, but i know you know it already.
In someways, we are linked already. When we get together in our parellel world. And im sure in someway, you’re reaching me. I feel it inside of my soul. Too many emotions lives in my heart, when i feel you close to me. I have my hand towards to you. You just have to take it and we can stay together as you want, as i want. As we want. Just together