tramontodettaglioForteiTo see a sunset like this one day with you. Just hold us eachother so tight, in silence and listen to just ours little whipers and we remain speechless about the colors. And slowly we are aware that we get in ours parellel world. Unaware you take my hand and whisper me ‘Stay with me for ever.’ I look at you, smile at you and ‘I’ve find you finally, i will never leave you’. We look at us eachother, and ours hearts beats so faster than ever. In that look there is a lot of love. We remain breathless. I see you cant hold back some tears. I touch on your face to dry them. ‘My love…’ i whisper you. We embrace us eachother so strong and we continue to see this sunset with no say any words.


I just hope

You will dont take me for a crazy, but what i feel now, in this istant revolutioning myself. My dancing butterflies drives crazy from yesteday. And i can admit you consuming me to the marrow. I feel  you so close to me, by  my side. From i woke myself i feel you inside me. And how is it possible i feel you in this way, despite ours distance, yet it is so. You consume my heart, my soul. I close my eyes and here you’re, next to me with your beatiful smile. I’m sure from yesterday you have in your mind what you’ve read on here, in my open diary. And maybe you’ve discussed about that Anybody leave me the certain of that. I feel so close to me. Do you feel the same? Im sure you do. And also im sure we reaching eachother and this is the path. Ours Parellel World get connect ourselves in a strong way.
I feel your lips on my mouth kiss it so softly. And your whisper in my ear. Speechless and breathless it’s how you make me feel from yesterday. And im sure you feel the same. Ours inexplicable love calls eachother.


Just few

Northern lights showwords…. also with few, look what you make do. And what i feel right now. A world of full greatest emotions.  Ours parellel world. I would leave from here to run to you and give a warm hug and to whiper just ‘i really need you’. Just this.
I really would like to look at your eyes and to say everything i feel in this moment
Just this. And you know what i feel for you. Feelings that goes beyond love.


I dont know


About you, but when i think about you, here i feel so strange. You know what are my feelings for you. Which emotions you gives me everytime my thoughts are about you. My heart begins to beat so faster than ever. And immediately i get in our parellel world and i hear you feel the same. Our connection is very strange. Maybe is just mine with you. But i would love imagine you feel the same over there, wherever you are in this moment.
And with this thought im just writing to you, i want to say… ‘May you pass the best new year of last years with all people who take care of you, and the new year may give you everything you desire’
‘And what is your desire’… you whisper… Mine? (blushing…) ‘it’s just only one’. Just look at you into your eyes, and maybe to be kissed by you… but i know it’s just a dream.
I feel you behind me. You whisper in my ear. I close my eyes. ‘Maybe it could be comes true’.


In this way…


When i having some problems with instagram, you appear… in this way… and i dont want say anything just you make me smile. You make feel happy. Just a whisper i can say you ‘I need you badly’ . And you know it much better than anyone else in this moment how much i need you.
I let to want to listen to the music im listening to. And this take me to you. Now i look at you and which  i would like to do i just embrace you so tight
Just think about our parellel world. Just closer than we could imagine. You so far from me but in someway you so close to me. I just cant believe it that all that has happening among us. It’s so magic.


Your sensibility


I rembembered that movie. I’ve seen just one time, but i dont rembembered how much passion you’ve put on your acting.
Few scenes and i got your sensibility. And for real if we meet eachtoher you’ll have any problems* with me on the contrary, you would be the most sweet guy that i would meet.
You would my best friend for sure or something more. We woud share everything as i wrote in this open diary.
I loved to see once again this movie… I seen it in 2009/10 and i never figured that in someway you would be entered in my life in a such way, morever changing it in such great way.
How strange the destiny is in someway. I knew you but i wasnt still aware about your importance in my life til few years ago.
In someway that thin rope that we unites us strongly it was born years earlier.
But however i’m so happy that in someway we met trough this incredible world called ‘internet’. And i’m happy i’ve met your soul, your eyes and you’ve taught me many things.
And still surprises myself about how much is magic your smile is and it got the sun inside.



*I…Me and myself





Navigate in the same ocean, without ever meeting us. But yet we know a lot of eachother.
We met eachtoher many times in our dreams. We felt eachother. We clashed many times. We touched on. But we never stop to know who was. But something inside of us said always ‘You know who you’re’. That voice cames from our souls.  And that voice still saying ‘your hearts calling eachother’.
Something strange happens to me everytime your souls is towards to me. I hear your.
And that’s we get connect eachother
That’s it we get in our parellel world.
That’s true we didnt ever met, but it’s like it was
Everytime i look at you i hear something like a whirl. It’s not like when you fall in love with someone
It’s like something more than that beautiful feeling
Which happening among us is something i still cant explain to myself.
I’m sure if one day we meet eachother it will happen something great.
As old friends who didnt meet eachother from long time
And our hearts will explodes like a bomb of emotions.
Just a  look of us to get which we are made for eachother.



You are wonderfully


Handsome.With this simple look you gave me a such emotion that i wasnt able to hold back some tears. They fallen down from my face. Tears of my sincere love for you. And now im thinking about you more than ever. I would like convince myself that we are connected. Im feel you close to me in these hours. Our souls dancing together higher in the sky. And we feel eachother. In some way.

…then that shirt… it seems you want to provocate me. I love this game you play with me. My  desires are many, and i know you know it. In this moment i would live to feel something more about love. And i know, as you do, you could give me a such great emotion i really need. Also with a little smile, a whisper. I need your voice talks just to me.

It’s wonderful always more close to eachoter…  Thank you so much once again for everything you still giving to me every day, every single moment of the day and of the night.

Sincerely Daria

Some feelings

you make them try only you, and i cant help it to feel how i much i miss you in these hours of the day. I woud like to be just with you in our parellel world in the silence of the night, just you and me and just our feelings. Which we feel for eachother. Just hear to our hears beats so fast and our connection. Just watch you today it was a such emotions for me. Rembember that few days ago you’re read my comment on your blog and you put your like on it, make me feel like excited. That eyes on my few words. And now i look into your eyes. Your sparkle light. How much i missed to see you light for real. I’m happy to see you’re good and your happiness arounds me.  I really hope one of these day you could read these few lines i’m writing to you everyday.

Sincerely Daria

Always you…

rainbowlukemake me feel in this way…. i need you as the night needs of the light. You’re my sun. I miss you and i need you so badly. I need of your strenght as when you  gave me when i really needed of it. You was and you are the only person i really would like to have close to me in this period. Also for few hours but in these hours i could say you everything. I could express my feeling for you with no shame. Just a look into your eyes and for me would be the most beautiful thing. Eyes into eyes My soul into your. Maybe a soft kiss from you a touch on my face. Now the most important thing to me is, maybe, that you link my name to me. And now you’re aware about our bond… our parellel world is the only world you and me wants to lives in. Also we’re so far from eachother.  In our bottom we need eachother more than ever. I want to  whisper you ‘How much i really love you, i need you’.