I just need


Of this look to know how much i love you and above all how much i need you in this istant. Maybe you have no idea, how much i need to look at your eyes and how i much need to smell your skin. Just to touch on you, to know how close you’re, despite you’re so far from me. How close our minds are, above all. How close our parellel world is more our real world. Our feelings are the real feeling we feel for eachother.
We need just to look at eachother and our emotions explodes. We dont need to talk. We just to know which we feel for eachother. And we need to look eachother and we get in our parellel world.
Just we need is our look. It does trasforms itself in our real love.





Up at me… I need you t dive myself into your eyes. I take your face in my hand. I need our forehead to forehead. Listen to our music in our souls. Feel our hearts beats so fast in unison. Need to hear you breath. Need your hands on me . I need your whispers. I need to feel you close to me. I need to be embraced by you. Need to feel your arms arounds my body. Need to smell your skin. Need to drive crazy for your mole. Need to touch on it. Need to unlace that shirt. Need to touch your chest, without say any words. Just listen to which our bodies tell us eachother. Need to look my eyes into your and melt eachother. Need to take flight to our parellel world and see how much is big our connection. Our bond. Need to know you need all that also, as i do in this moment. Need to know you feel that connection. Need to know you smell my skin. Need to know how bigger is our desire of eachother. Let me touch you trought your shirt. Let me look at in your eyes. No say anything. Let our souls speak for us. I need of all that. Let me say how bigger is my need of you. So big.

Let me a sign of you. I really need of you.





Your eyes says me a lot. They say me how much they need me, as mine need them. I could stay for hour to look at them to say anything and my feelings could talks for me. They could say how much i desire you close to me. How much i really need you, my desire to touch on your skin. How much i would love to kiss softly your lips. To hear you whispering me sweet words. while you touch on my neck and kiss it driving me crazy. Your hands on mine, our fingers that intertwines eachother. And our look into eachother. Any words spoken. Breathless. Forehead to forehead and our hands on our faces. Just a little breath. ‘Remain in this way’ someone of us says. Silence. Our mouths come closer than ever our lips touch on eachother. You. Me. Together. Forever in this way. As we desire.



Are we really



linked? I feel you right now, in my soul. My heart beats so fast. To no go crazy i’ve checked one thing…. and your was there.  Oh my god. Just two times in a day have i had the same feeling and you was there.  Are we really soul linked?  Im drive crazy for this. I feel you. Do you feel the same sensastion?  Please tell me also you do. My soul, my heart and now my mind goes crazy for this real thing. I thought it was just a desire of my soul to be close to you, but two same sensastions when you was online. The same sensastion you know perfectly, isnt could be a coincidence.  My stomach scrambled by our dancing butterflies and that feeling we having when we are so close on our parellel world. My mind let be free by everything and we  get  connected eachother. Tell me you have same sensation i having right now. Driving crazy for that.  I feel so close to me despite you’re so far from me. Tell you feel the same. Please let me you know it. I really need it.

I’m still feeling you….



Right now



I just need of you. To dive myself into wonderful eyes and to mute everything around me. And slowly get together in our parellel world. Just to look into your eyes and find myself in your smile you have for me. These dancing lights take us in our world but everytime it’s a different place, but just our hearts knows it’s our parellel world. I just need  of your look into mine. Take my hand and we start to fly among our lights. This music opens our minds and your in mine and mine in your. We just know what we wants from eachother. Saying any words that embrace encloses everything we need right now. I smell your skin. It’s like silk and every mole you have drives me crazy. I caress your skin. You mention me a smile. Without say anything you take my face and forehead to foreahed, eyes into eyes we share our souls. You kiss me softly. Then i touch on your mole and i see your sweet wonderful soul. Your kindness towards me it’s the most beautiful thing that a man can gave me. Breathless, i look at your eyes and a tear falls down. You dry it from my face with your finger and you whisper ‘Dont cry, you deserve all my love’. Once again breathless, i touch on you face. Smile at me. Smile at you. And in whisper we say together ‘I Love You’. A long embrace. We want remain in this way, in the sound of our souls.



Taking off


… and looking at me in this way you make me feel breathless. You take off your shirt. My heart starts to beats so fast as your. I see you light get into mine and i drive crazy fo every your move. That shirt falls on my hands. You come closer to me. Blush myself. Take my face in your hands and whisper ‘Dont blush. I need of you, as you need of me’. We does know eachother. I smell your skin profume on your shirt. It drives me crazy. You know. Let me look at you a while. Let our souls speaks eachother. My hands on your chest. Yours on my face. Look up into your eyes. A smile of eachother. Our souls get connect eachother. Our parellel world. Us. Our moods.  I let you in me. Breathless. Me in you. And just our passion. Just our own love. I whisper ‘I miss you’. ‘I love you’ your soul says me. We love us eachother.



That’s incredible….


how i felt my stomach scrambled in this moment and i thought suddendly about you and i’m sure you do the same. I just need to write here to connected myself with you. I’m sure you know how i’m miss you in these days.And i know you feel the same. That feel i have in my heart is my only desire of you. My desire to look at you in your wonderful eyes. And to know that your feel is the same i feel for you. I want dive myself in your look and to find our parellel world in your smile. And you know that drives me crazy. Your eyes are my world as mine is your. I just want to whisper ‘I love you’ and let you know how i miss you.



Our music…



tells me everything you feel in these istants as me. Mine feeling are conflicting. I want to dream about you. I want to be sure really you was last night. But i dont want to bulid a sand castle. I want certainty of you. I really want to think about you. I really did cry when i seen that visualization from Australia. I really need other sign from you… Now i look for you in everywhere. I need you, of our parellel world so much. Lost myself without you. I have the certainty you’ve seen my homepage of this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicated to you. I’m sure you did rembember about me. When you left me your message. Now what do you thinking about? Say it to me. I need to know it. I really need of you. Really missing you. Im really thinking about you.



I dreamt about you


tonight and then you posted this one. I think our parellel world is more closer than ever. I was think about you tonight. I dreamt we make love. The most sweetest love we made. You kissed me in our way. I was drive crazy for your lips on my breasts. Breathless. I think  we dont realize how close our parellel world is. Our souls, our hearts. These dancing lights. My stomach is scrambled from woke myself. I thinking about you. I need to know you do the same.  I need to know you’ve read my words. Give me this certainty. Give me the certainty you know me. What i feel for you. I need this little certainty. I know for sure we are connect eachother. These feeling are just when someone is really connected. My stomach is full of dancing butterflies. Your? I have the certainty about that. I smell your skin. I feel your touch. Your eyes. Your look into mine speaks openly. What you would like to do. I let you to do. I love your way. Your touch on me. Your hands explores me. Breathless. These lights. Your lips, your mouth. Your look into mine drives me crazy for you literally. Whisper your name in your ear. Your lips on my neck.

These hours i thinking about you, my dude… Do you know how much i miss you? How much i love you? Do you?