mikedeadman_scuriiWhat which i would like feel is your closeness. I begin to whisper your name. In someway, i know you hear me. I see you look at up to the sky. You hear my ‘I wanna be with you’. Something link us. My mind move away from my body to reach to you, and in an istant, i’m close to you. Something inside of me says me, our connection is begining. I’m toward to you and that rope it unites us, it gets bigger, and everything arounds us, dissappears. And our minds, slowly connect one of another. Altough i feel you still far from me. I miss you, when this does happens. But i know that aint possible that eachday it can happens. You’re on other side of the planet and i’m here in my bedroom.  Neither, i dont know where are you exactly in this moment.
I wanted lost my self in your eyes. I try to don’t think about my leg that hurts me. I wanted to dream about us, in our parallel world, whlle we dance into ours lights, while we touch us sweetly…while we make our love, made of little kisses, whispers and glances.
I’ll wait for the next time. I know it will be soon. In meanwhile i whisper you  something, only your heart can hear.


If you

lmcm02e_forteCome to me looking at me in this way, i just can only blush. But you dont say nothing. You only look at me, and begin to touch me sweetly, i only can do is leaving you what you want to do, looking at your eyes. You put my hands on your chest. I can feel the softness of your t-shirt. Your eyes always on me. In them i see our parallel world explodes around us. And your lips approaching to me. You dont kiss me yet, but our lips touching sweetly. And only a phrase is flying in the air ‘Stay with me’.  I need to close my eyes and take a deep breath to dont remain breathless. But you succedded. You continuing to touch on my face. I blush a while, but i slide my hands in your shirt and for magic, it falls down on the floor, and i begin to caress to your bare chest till reach to your hips. But what i want to do is only looking at your eyes. And touching on your neo on the skin, then to reach to your lips and caress them kindly. And then make dive my soul in your in a kiss sweet, and to see our lights turns around us, making us take the flight, in a twirl of emotions.


And yes

owen_forteIt’s strange how i begin to feel you so close to me in this moment. I’m toward to you and altought you’re there, on the other side of the planet, what i feel is ours heat ours souls calls us eachother. And i think about what you said yesterday. My soul is full of a feeling it goes on beyond love. Looking at your eyes i cant hold back little tears from my face. I know it could seems so stupid, but in your eyes i see something magic and the love i feel for you isnt enough to describe what i’m feel right now. It’s a twirl of emotions that makes me feel something new eachtime i feel you. And now i know for sure that is your sensibility binds to us And in ours parellel world, is ours sensibility is ampliflied. And now i know  better why we no need to talk us eachother, when we meet us eachother in ours world. The words are unnecessary. In ours world, it needs just of ours looks, of ours touches, ours hands on us eachother. Maybe just few whispers to say what we feel for us. But ours parellel world is made by all that.
What can i add that you dont know already? Maybe i can whisper, looking at your eyes, taking your hand, touch on your skin, your skin mole… just ‘I miss you strongly and i thinking of you’. And you?


The sky


Look up at the sky. Look around you. Look for me. I will be next to you everytime you call me. I will take your hand eveytime you need to feel someone special by your side. Look at me and you get in my eyes which you really need as i do. In me you will find that person everytime you will need to talk with. You will have to call my name and i’ll be close to you. I’m here for you. You just will have to talk about eveything you want and i’m will listen to you. Looking at your eyes, taking your hands. Maybe mentioning a shy smile. But always listening to you. Maybe giving you some advice. Diving myself in your eyes, in your soul, i will see which you really need in this period. Maybe which you looking for is the same i’m lookin for. And our look into eachother would help us to understand it. Maybe we would need of this. Our eyes into ourselves. And everything would be more clear for you about which you feeling in this moment. You just must call my name. I will run to you.
Just look up at the sky. I’m hearing you. I’m run to you. Take me your hand. I’m here. Just for you.


How i feel you

Longjohnsilver_chiaro-1Feel close to me. Like a bomb exploded in me. While i was working on this pic, i start to feel you as you standing by my side. My heart beglins to beats so fast as i imagine yours. Looking at your eyes i feel what’s your feelings for me. And our dancing butterflies begin to dance their own dance. And souls start to melting eachother. Someone can call me crazy, but when i start to feel this sensations in me my thoughts are toward to you, and im sure, in someway, you feel the same wherever you are right now. Our parellel world is so close to us, despite ours distance. I never felt something like this before, just with you. And i’m sure you enter in this dimension as i do. At the same time. Ours souls get connect eachother in this way. And i’m sure this open diary it’s the right way to reaches to your heart. And someway, someday you will read everyting i wrote for you. And for us it will reachs the time for the kiss we have wait for long time. Ours eyes into ourselves and we can whisper ours feeling for eachother. A big look into ours eyes and a whisper ‘how much we have missed’… Fortunately we have built this world, where we get in ourselves. Just us, with ours feelings, ours sensations and our emotions. But above all our love.




you told me last night, with me it will be a secret. Dont worry. Everything you tell me it will die with me, in my heart. Finding you in my countryhouse it’s been a wonderful thing to me. As a dream comes true. Talk to you as old friend, is what i would do with you. You that talk to me, with no shame, and i listen to you, just close to you. Just looking at your eyes. Eager to take your hand, while you said me which you told me, it was  so hard to dont make it. But i did it. I just look at you, while you talked to me.
Your voice. Your whispers. your eyes into mine. And what i heard from you with no problems, it seemed unavoidable for you.
I wanted to hug you so much, but i didnt.  I asked myself ‘Why?’. I thought it was better in this way. I was in front of you. I’ve touched your knees, while you talked to me.
You seemed happy thou. Are you happy now? Maybe  you got rid of a burden. I really ever dont know.
Everytime you want share a secret. You can tell me everyting you want.
I’m here for you.