books_chiari4Your glance and tell me what you feel, because what i feeling right now, is like a  punch in my stomach and my head is exploding in million of pieces and what i’ve seen it says me that our parallel is get connecting us in a strong way that ive never felt before. I just can only smile and to think to you. Look at me and whisper me what do you want to tell me from long time, but i know already.
It has been like a punch in my stomach, for real, and what i’ve seen it’s been the certainty that in some way, we are link, one to another. Isnt possible that what i’ve felt, then it was materialized in what i’ve see, few minutes after. I still smile, and i think you smile too, because you know how it does works.
Raise your eyes, look at me…. Come closer, let you touch from me, let you make slide my hand in this white shirt. Let me touch your bare chest. Let make falls down your shirt over your arms, and let me look at you, without say nothing. Let me enter in our parallel world with these sensantions of real connection.



2014forte02.iTonight, you’re here next to me. This look thoughtful. What do you think? Take my hand. Look at me. Tell me what do you think. Maybe without any explication, i know about your glance. We feeling us eachother. You would like to stay with me, next to me, by my side. You would like to touch my hands. You would like touch on my skin You would like my glance into yours. Whisper me so sweet words you didnt say anybody else. And that’s the reason ours minds, ours souls, ours hearts are get connected themselves and we enter in ours parallel world, where finally we can embraces us eachother so strong. As you told me ‘We must wait for the right moment for ours real meeting’. I look at your glance so deep, and i whisper you ‘How long we must wait?’ Ours souls eachother calls us so ardentely. Eachtime we feel us, ours souls wants to melting eachother, and that’s what we want too. We want meet us for real, this time. That’s we both really need. We really need to meet us. For real look at us eachother. We stay in silence together. Touch us, also so slowly. We want realize everything we feel it was real.


You know

montecarlo_sommaywhat i think? If ever one day we will meet eachother, what would happens? At the first moment a little  of embarrassment, but then ours smiles melt themselves in ours looks and there we would realize about ourselves, about ours feelings, and then we would look at us eachother, ours eyes into themselve, then a whispering  us, almost from ours souls: ‘you…’ Then a smile, followed by a warm hug, would crown this moment we still waiting for.
And then, i do believe, eyes into eyes, we take ours hands and we would go in a peaceful place for talk. And for magic, with no ours awarness, we us in ours parellel world, has changed it in our real world. You always look at me, my heart would beats as a crazy one. As now slowly. You take my face in your hands. You look at me for a while. Me, as hypnotized by yours moves, i remain speechless, but i begin to touch your skin. You mention a shy smile and take my hands. You kneel in front of me and say me ‘Tell me everything you want to, i will do the same’. Told that, your lips touches on mine.



*I begin to smile and you’re coming to me. Ive checked ad you was there few minutes ago. I begin to believe for real there is something magic among us and ours minds hear themselves in their own way. And it’s fantastic the way you make feel. Im here in my bedroom, listen to this music that get eachother in ours parellel world. And i love when you look at me in this way, ready to whisper what are your desires leaving me breathless. I can confess you, since it has began this magic connection with you, i dont think anymore to anybody else. Just you. You fill my thoughts, with your feelings you make feel everyday. My heart beat so faster than ever. Sometimes i think it could be explodes for real. And when i feel you so close to me, getting together in ours world, one day when i will open my eyes i will see you next to me for real and you will take my face in your hands and with a whisper you will say ‘Finally, here we are’ looking at me’ And in front of eachother we look at ourselves and slowly really softly we kiss eachother


Wanna guess

hydepark_schermo-1what i’m feel right now? You. I feel you inside of me. My usual feeling when i hear your closeness to me. My soul flying into our lights and which  it does feels it’s your heart that beats so faster as mine. It’s true also we didnt ever met eachother, but we met many time in ours parellel world and there we look at eachother, and saying any words we say everything we feel for ourselves. My heart explodes right now. I feel you closer than ever and i feel your look at me, also we’re so far from eachother. Ours souls get connecting eachother so stonger than before. I ask myself if for real you feel the same wherever you’re right now, but i’m sure you do. My heart is velvet mantled. Mantled by your sweetness, and i hear your eyes on me. Maybe mentioning a shy smile. Smiling for me. Looking my happiness. You make happy just with few. I need of these moments. You make me beat my heart stronger than before. I can whisper you just words you know already. I say them in that whisper.


Here you


Are, next to me, i feel you inside of me. My dancing butterflies scrambling my stomach and i know, in someway we get connecting eachother. Do you feel me as i feel you close to me?
Someone once said ‘There are people connect eachother, also if they are so far’, so i ask myself our parellel does  exists for real! Ask myself if your for real do you feel the same feeling i having in this moment. Feel you so close to me, if i close my eyes i feel you by my side, and i feel you take my hand to your heart. You look at me with your wonderful eyes. A whisper by you. Your hand on me. You in front of me. Closer to me. Forehead to forehead, you caress my face with your fingers.
I would like to stay in this way forever. Any words spoken, just our look into ourselves, just ours breath, our hands, just ours smells, just our touches. Just ours souls melting eachother. Just ourselves, like in this way. Surprised by ours love.




here, i begin to feel your soul close to me. Still dont know how it does works our connection, but i love think that it’s the same for you. I start to write in this open diary and ours path opens itself to our parellel world. My heart begins to beat a little faster than usually til explodes itself. And im sure, i feel it’s the same over there, wherever you are and whatever you doing. And it begins ours connection. We just close ours eyes for a while. Take a long breath. And when we open ours eyes we are in front of eachother, also we are so far from ourselves. We are in front of new dimension of our parellel world. You turn me on dressed like that. I just need to touch on you and i take flight. My deepest emotions comes out. You standing look at me, mention a smile. Slowly you take my hand to your chest. Saying any words you look at me. Your fingers touch on my face. Just a whisper from you ‘How much i love you. You have no idea’. My heart is like a bomb in me.
Gently i touch your face, and slowly i undress you. You let me do it. Your eyes are into mine. Breathless. Around us so slowly the white color becoming a little rainbow. But it’s still white. Your shirt falls down on the our white path. We need just look at eachother to know how bigger is our love. We need just of this to know how we love eachother. Ours look into ourselves tell us how we much we need and love eachother. Just this and anything else.


I need

Of this look, this moment. Of your look into mine. To know that you looking for that same im looking for. I need to know you need feel my feeling as i do of your. Our new parellel world is so empty with you. I start to calling you, with my soul, and my heart.
Just which i need is to breath the new air just closing my eyes and feel you’re coming in our parellel world. And to feel your touch on my hand, and to open my eyes and you’re close to me looking at me with your wonderful eyes. Just in this way, i can just remain breathless. The only thing i can do is to touch on your skin so softly, and you get my hand on your face, then you kiss it so gently. So we look at ourselves. Any words in the air, just our breath. Your hand on my face, as to caress it. I let you do it, mentioning a smile. Suddendly we get in a atmosphere we didnt ever seen of our parellel world. New sounds, new vibes, new kind of color of white arounds us. We look at ourselves. We feel our souls get connect eachother more than ever. We feel eachother into ourselves as a new feelings. The new feeling is still white. And it is powerful.
While i writing these words for you i feeling you get come closer than ever to me.
My soul, my heart, my mind still doesnt understand what has happening, but it does knows it’s a wonderful thing. Our parellel world.



In this way you look at  me.
I ask you ‘What are thinking about?’. In silence you take my hand and you kiss it so slowly. Your eyes into mine. A minute in suspence. Then you take my hand to your chest and in a whisper you tell me the most beautiful phrase that i can heard from you.
‘How I could live so far without you’. Breathless i look at you. I take your hand. Our look into eachother. Remain still speechless. That’s i thought since i met you the first time. Our souls get connect eachother slowly.
‘I really dont know my love, as you need me, i need you strongly’. You give me such strenght that anybody else isn’t able to give me. Just you. I just to look at you and i’m feel alive as never been before. I need you as the darkness need the lightness.
And you need me as the chaos needs the calm. I’m here for you. And you are here for me.
We complete eachother.
We need just to take another step. And we know which is.







Up at me… I need you t dive myself into your eyes. I take your face in my hand. I need our forehead to forehead. Listen to our music in our souls. Feel our hearts beats so fast in unison. Need to hear you breath. Need your hands on me . I need your whispers. I need to feel you close to me. I need to be embraced by you. Need to feel your arms arounds my body. Need to smell your skin. Need to drive crazy for your mole. Need to touch on it. Need to unlace that shirt. Need to touch your chest, without say any words. Just listen to which our bodies tell us eachother. Need to look my eyes into your and melt eachother. Need to take flight to our parellel world and see how much is big our connection. Our bond. Need to know you need all that also, as i do in this moment. Need to know you feel that connection. Need to know you smell my skin. Need to know how bigger is our desire of eachother. Let me touch you trought your shirt. Let me look at in your eyes. No say anything. Let our souls speak for us. I need of all that. Let me say how bigger is my need of you. So big.

Let me a sign of you. I really need of you.