Here they

bs023_forteagain back. My feelings, my white feelings for you, and you’re back to make me beats my heart with all lightness you make me feel. The lightness of ours love, made by your look in my eyes, your touch. Your eyes talks to me. And everything it’s go allright, as it would. And i dive myself in your eyes and together, hand in hand, we, slowly, enter in ours parellel world. And there ours sensantions makes bigger and stronger. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance. I take your hand to my stomach. ‘Do you feel them?’. You mention a shy smile and you whisper me ‘I’ll not leave you anymore’. Eyes in eyes, you continue ‘I promise’. I see your heart in them. And it’s a big heart and what i feel in this moment is the most beautiful feel i felt.
In silence embraced us so tight. And i can hear your breath. It leaves me breathless. You look at me, i about to talk, but you touch on my lips with your finger and you come closer to give me one of the most passionate kiss you gave me til now. Then ours look meet eachother and we remain in this way. And i dive myself  into your bare chest and you hold me tight. You and me together. Right here now and forever.



jail_HdeI am. I dont will try to explain what i feel when i feel you in a reasonable way.  I wouldnt able. Why try to do it?
It would so stupid to ask to an inexplicable thing to be explicable one.
You’re distant to me now. But i can feel you when ours mind get connect eachother at anytime. In that time i will know your thoughts flying to me, and my dancing butterflies will dances their own dance and for a moment, if also we are so far from eachother ours eyes will be closed. And in a moment we will feel ourselves take ours hands to fly in ours parellel world. And in that flying we will open ours own eyes just look at eachother ad let free all ours emotions, sensations. In that fly i can see ours souls melting eachother and our hands touch on us. You that embrace me and that white shirts flies away like a silky veil behind us.


If for real


One day you look at me in this way, with this smile, i could see  our lights  arounds me and i could feel your warm soul let in me. I could see the light of your own sun trough your eyes. And i could taste your sweetest lips with any problems, cause you would allow it with all your kindness. You would take my hand to your chest, where your heart would  beats so fast, and in a whisper you would say ‘How much i love you. You dont know how much i do’
I would look at your eyes with say any words, but our look into eachother tell us everything we feel for eachother. And very slowly, face to face we feel our breath becoming faster. Your eyes into mine, you touch on my lips once again. This time with your finger. I would touch on your skin very gently. And very gently we would kiss eachother. In this kiss we would see our parallel world becomes our real world.
And your ‘How much i love you’ would becomes my reason of life.