longjohnforteyours Long John Silver, i feel like today. My leg does hurts me so me and i just cant believe, from  this morning i feel your closeness to me. I just want to whisper you ‘How much i need you in these hours’. I closing my eyes and i can see you there. You stretching yours arms to take me. I feel your skin. I feel you inside of me. It seems strange, but it’s that it. In this dress that i’m dressin i feel something of yours. Yes, im a little crazy, but i  love think it’s like this. In someways, when my leg does hurts me in this way, i love to think to yours Long John, my pirate, my soulmate who encourages me to goes on, like he did. This is the strenght you gave me, playing your Long John. It seeem a stupid thing, but isnt. And maybe you know it, how much strenght you gave me and it was from long time i didnt whispered you this little thank you. To me it’s very important to let you know it. You gave me a lot of strenght to goes on, to have face to my lastest leg operation. And i’m sure you know it how i feel.
Maybe ours connection is made also of this.  And now i feel you so close to me. For real if i close my eyes and i take a deep breath here we are in our parellel world. There embracing us tight.


This time


I say you ‘How much i love you’. And for real, if one of these days we would meet us, i would be not suprised about a lot of things we have in common, especially our own way to think about such things. Here is hard to explain, but we think at the same way. And i’m shaking my head about we are on the same wave line. I could explain my thoughts also here, but it’s useless. If we would meet for real we can smiling eachother, and say anything. Just look at eachother and we would take our hands, hold them strongly and whisper eachother ‘Why we took so long to meet eachother?.
Shaking my head to find an valid anwser. But i would say you ‘I really dont know, but we are lucky we met eachother.’ Also in this strange way. but we did.
Maybe our destiny has draw our life in this way.

As you know i had some problems in my life, and to be watched as ‘the different one’ it hasnt ever been easy for me. Slowly, very slowly i’ve learnt to goes on and to look above those looks.
One of the lastest lesson i got it’s from you. I never stop to thank you.
You taught me a lot just acting. And i believe you got a lot too.
We never forget which we got. Me from you and you from Long John Silver.
Just to believe in our own force. And to transform your apparent weakness, in your real strenght.


I…Me and myself


I woud like to write something different about my feeling, but it’s so hard to me if you look at me in this way. I try.

Talk about myself?   Maybe really you dont know about me. Maybe you know about me just as the girl who fallen in love with you and you know about me as the girl who everyday thank you for everything you gave me. And that’s real.

However here i’m.

I consider myself a daydreamer and i think that if you believe in something with all your strenght to the end, you get it. And it was which happened among us. I’ve seen ‘something special’ in you, and it was real special.

Since i was born i had physical problems, especially with legs. Maybe you get my closiness to your Long John. Since i was born i had legs operations. So many to be a child of just a few months of life. I have many scars, to be a woman. Maybe that’s why i locked myself up in my bedroom and i dream about you.  Loving eachother with no shame.

Yes i had a story, but it finished 3 years ago. They were been 13 long years, but the lastest two years it was like we didnt love eachother anymore. So.

Thou I had my own experiences, but when you look foward and your target is so big. What do you do?  You must to think about other thing that you ‘could do’ with any problems. And i have a lot of problems. But surely i didnt ever give up myself. And which i wanted i got it even with  a lot of slowness. But what i got from you it’s that to the end you will reach to get what you want. And always with  slowness i think i’m reaching to you, And i feel you have something more than other people. I feel it inside of me.  And i’m sure you got something among us. Morever i’m sure you’re a sensitive person like me. What feel i hear everytime when you’re ‘close to me’ (online or tweeting), it’s very  strong. Maybe you think i’m a foolish girl, maybe not. Who knows.

With what i had in my life, my only way to express myself it was and it is, write. I love to write since i was a child. I express much better my feelings trought a pencil or a keyboard as im doing right now than with my voice. I have also problems with my voice since i was born. What girl! Yes too many problems… such problems!

My love to write is intuitive.

As you know, i also wrote a vampire novel. I did love write it. I spent nights and nights to write it on notebook. It’s a handwriting novel. Three big notebooks. My only regret it’s still ‘there‘, in my desktop drawer. Never thought to send it to a publisher. Maybe one day, or maybe it will remain there close in forever.

But the most important thing for me, right now is i’ve found you. You give me that ‘right’  push to improve myself everyday. Which i learnt from you it’s very important to me.

And for this and for other things i whisper you just that ‘thank’ i say, i think everyday, everynight when we are so close eachother, when we get connected in our parellel world.



Your  Daria

You don’t know

luke-orig_mainMaybe you’re not aware about your importance in my life. No you dont. Since you’ve entered in my life, i started to see the life under new light, maybe our light has started to bright from that moment. I really don’t know. But as well tonight i’ve talked about  you to my uncle and she got the very ‘importance’ of you in my life. I held back tears with difficulty. She saw me. I told her almost everything about you. She got your meaning to me when i told her about your Long John. I’ve seen her look changes. And in that moment i got she understoods which is the i feel i have for you. I told her i seen my life in your Long John. She got we have a double thin rope that unites us. And i believe she got for real your ‘importance’ of you  for me. And she will of the few pepole who get my real love for you. And i’m sure she looks at you with a new look and she will doesn’t consider you just an actor, but the person who helped her nephew to goes on.

Luke, i never stop to thank you for everything you give me everyday. 



Luke Arnold – Actor. Writer. Director