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owenmppluniformeGird my hips while our glances met.
In your eyes i have could see  what which you had face up to while you have left your girlfriend. I have felt all your insecurity. But that embrace was that you have needed at this moment.
‘What we had passed in these hours it has been, like a cyclone that has revolutioned our lives. What the stones said us, what we have felt it has been incredible’ you have said me looking at me, while i was in silence. I didnt want interrupt you. I could feel that you was opening yourself one more time. And i didnt want say you what which i was seeing beyond your shoulder. I just whispered ‘it’s just magic’.
Another time we had felt that sensantion inside of both of us, and our hearts seemed explode at the same time.
We looked at eachother and we kissed eachother, while little pink dust arounded us and it bonded us always more.”


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