How is it possible?

instadscuriAll that… My vise in my stomach and your was there. I do believe in magic, yes, but in this way, it didnt ever happened to me. Ours connection is always ready to make us enter in ours parallel world, and still this time it has been this way. Now i close my eyes and i feel you close to me more than ever. Ours flows comes and goes trought us. My hearts beats slow and fast at the same time, like a crazy one. I dont know what are doing now, but in someways, i’m sure, you feeling ours souls melting together.
I know, i writing the same things, but eachtime i remain speechless, breathless. Our Parallel World aint been so close more than ever. My feelings exploding in my chest. I feeling ours flows comes and goes trought ours minds.
I was write ‘I missing you’, and suddendly you was exploded in me. I just cant believe it. Now i feel you so close to me. like you was here next to me, looking at me, smiling at me, and whispering ‘It’s all arlright’. What happening among us has of incredible. How i feel you close to me, right now. ‘You feel it?’


As i

selfies01schiariClosing my eyes, i see you sorrounded by these magic lights and you stretch your hand towards to me and i take it. Together we enter in ours parellel world,  and we look at us eachother for a while and your whisper leave me breathless ‘I want to be alone with you’. Your glance into mine, makes me blushing hardly. I look at down my eyes, but you right after take my face and ours eyes meet eachother again. You smile at me. My heart begins to beats like a crazy one. Taking my hand to your chest, i can feel your hearts beats like mine. We remain in this way, listening to ours feeling driving crazy for what we feel for eachother without add further words. I look at your glance into mine and i dont notice your hand touch on my face, but i feel something soft like velvet on my skin. Slowly i take it and without leave my glance on you, i kiss it. I know, i left you breathless. I seen it trought your eyes. I metioning a shy smile. I continue to kiss it, till i arrive to kiss your face. With my finger i touch on your skin mole and there i look at your eyes speechless. Just little and fast breath of both of us. A long embrace, then once again, eyes in eyes and ours lips meet eachoher in the softest kiss we give us.



rainbow_forte4Ours connection still stunning me always more. How is it possible i feel you and right after you’re there next to me, by my side, telling me something, taking my hand. And your glance in mine. How is it possible ours connection takes us to ours parellel world, where ours light cant wait to melting eachother in a crazy dance. And we look at up ours eyes to see this dance. We remain speechless, but ours hands hold eachother so tight. And ours eyes look at eachother.
Together we take a deep breath, closing ours eyes and right after we are in front. A whisper from you ‘I really need of you, i need to feel your closeness’. I look at you and i touch on your face. Your soflt skin drives me crazy and you take me my hand to kiss it gently. While you doing, i dive myself into your glance and i touch on your face. My heart beats so faster than ever. Taking my hand to your chest, i can feel yours heart beats like mine. Like a crazy one. We look at us. In this way. We remain in this way for a while. How many things we would like to say us. But ours feelings are bigger  than words, and we remains motionless in front of us. Eyes in eyes. Faces in ours hands and just ours breath. A kiss.



glance_sommaYou begin to whisper my name and i begin to feel you, inside of me. Your smell arounds me and i must just to close my eyes to feel you and you take my hands. I look at your glance and i lost myself in it. In your eyes there is ours parellel world, and i must to look at them, we take flight in. And this music we are listening to  are ours souls melting eachother. I remain speechless eachtime i look at your eyes. They speaks alot about your feelings. What you would like to do. My heart begin to beats like a crazy one. You take my face in your hands and my hand touch on your chest, going up till your face. My finger touch on softly your lips.Kindly and breathless you open slowly your mouth, but my finger goes futher, caress your skin, up to your skin mole. and there caressing it, i close my eyes, whispèring ‘How much i love you’. Then you take my hand to your chest. Your eyes in mine. You take a deep breath closing your eyes,  you always hold my hand. Then you open them and with taking a long breath, you whisper me ‘You’re the only woman i really loved’ then you lips touches mine in the longest kiss you gave me. You dont want leave me. I hold you tight.


What you’re

pois_chiariasking me it’s a hard question. I felt you when you whispered me that. I just looking at you in your eyes and the only answer i can give you is ‘ I really don’t know’. When you came to say me what you told me, months ago, you seemed almost get rid yourself of burden. But now you’re returned back. I close my eyes and i see you there, in ours parellel world almost in wait for something. I take your hands and i look at your eyes. ‘Close your eyes and take a long breath’. I feeling you so close to me in this moment more than ever. I see in your mind. My mind is a little confusion. But it’s your life You must to do what you think is better for you. In these months you have had reflect. We were been so close more than ever, as in this moment. I feel you so close to me, by my side, and these words comes out from my bottom of my heart. Despite we never met us in person, it’s like we know us from long time. I feel your closeness to me so stronger than ever.
Now what i feel is just you, inside of me, yes close to me that take my hand and get your glance into my eyes. I feel your heart beat like a crazy one, as mine. And the only thing i whisper you is ‘I’ll be always next to you, by your side, and you can tell me every your secrets. And i will love you forever, and i can promise ours parellel world is and it will be just ours and nobody’s else, Just ours’ And rembember when you need me, just whisper my name and i’ll be by your side Always.


I calling you


And i begin to feel you. You look at me this way. By my side and i close my eyes and suddendly i feel your hand that takes mine. Your skin is so soft and you whisper me ‘Look, im here’. Your hand still hold mine and i want to stay in this way. Our eyes in eachother. My breath makes faster. Ours parellel world waits for us. For a while in silence, we smiles eachother. And right after we enter in ours magic world. Where a moltitude of colors around us and a warms it welcomes us. You take my hand to your chest and i touch on trought the white silky shirt you have on. Closing my eyes i hear your heart beats so fast like a crazy one. I look at you in silence. Ours glances meets eachother. Breathless i can feel your desire. It’s like mine. We want kiss us. But we still waiting for. We look at up at the sky and we see ours souls melting eachother so slowly.A moltitude of colors dancing together. And just to the end where in ours parellel world we just exist us. We look at eachother and so slowly, kindly, softly, we take us ours faces in ours hands and we approaches us eachother. A while in suspension, that it seems eternity, we look at us eachother, mentioning us eachother a smile. Then ours lips meets ours souls and together, we explodes us in ours love.


What i feeling

9f71ForteRight now has growing so fast in me. and i know you thinking about me or something like that. I ‘m sure you read the only replies you got about your lastest tweets. I think you love to read the replies we writing to you. And maybe get an idea what we think. And maybe to imagine how we are.
I told you if ever we meet us what we would do. I’m sure ours talk would so interesting. We can talk about everything, but above all about ours life experiences. I’m sure we can look at us  and you would take my hand and you begin to tell me your story. And i dive myself in your eyes,  Not saying any word i come closer to you to touch on your  face. You let me do it. You continue to tell me your story. We look at us eachother. For a while you stop yourself. You take my hand to your heart. It beats like a crazy one. Unaware, i know, you told something you never didnt say anyone. I look at you into your eyes in silence. A moment. Then your hand touch on mine and i begin to talk, but just before, suddendly, your mouth is on mine and a whisper just after. You say me ‘I looked for you for long time, and now here you’re, don’t ever leave me’.