Here you are

london56_contrario_forteAgain. Behind me, you embracing me, trying to recreate the magic atmosphere of that morning. But you have no need to recreate it. Everytime we get connect, it’s a magic feeling, and despite we are distant, in this bedroom, it’all amplified. Here, where our connection is began, it seems more magic than ever. Almost i’ve no need to close my eyes to see you in front of me. As you know, what which i need is to take a long and deep breath with you, and we connect, to take flight to our parallel world, where it’s enough to look at us, to see what which are ours real feeling for one of another. Our glances. Ours dancing lights around us, like in a twirl of emotions, and we round among them. You in front of me, you embrace me. I touch your bare chest. And while we flying, we make our sweetest love, without take off ours eyes one of another. Our hands touching on our skin.
Ours feelings speaking.