Your glance

0054forte-1Is the only thing i need and i feel you here close to me. My vise in my stomach gets big, and what which i only feel is your closeness around me. I need to stay with you in our parallel world, also without saying nothing, also just look at us one of another. But what i want to say you is ‘I really need you’. I would like to stay with you, maybe just to talk  a little about us, what we really feeling, what are your emotions, when we are connect. I must to take a deep breathe to do not drive crazy. Sometimes i hold back my tears with some difficulties when i look at your eyes. You give me some emotions i had no ever feel in my life. I would like to let you know all that. Maybe, one day you will read all this i’m writing in this open diary, until then, i will look at your eyes, where i feel our parallel world lives in  and i feel you so close to me in incredible way. And to be sincere with you, I will dont surprise myself if you feel something, when we are connect.