books_chiari4Your glance and tell me what you feel, because what i feeling right now, is like a  punch in my stomach and my head is exploding in million of pieces and what i’ve seen it says me that our parallel is get connecting us in a strong way that ive never felt before. I just can only smile and to think to you. Look at me and whisper me what do you want to tell me from long time, but i know already.
It has been like a punch in my stomach, for real, and what i’ve seen it’s been the certainty that in some way, we are link, one to another. Isnt possible that what i’ve felt, then it was materialized in what i’ve see, few minutes after. I still smile, and i think you smile too, because you know how it does works.
Raise your eyes, look at me…. Come closer, let you touch from me, let you make slide my hand in this white shirt. Let me touch your bare chest. Let make falls down your shirt over your arms, and let me look at you, without say nothing. Let me enter in our parallel world with these sensantions of real connection.