“You seemed

5714_pluniforme0011Enchanted by what i’ve told you moment earlier, and as enchanted, you’ve started to tell, something that it was seemed your story. So, i was looking at you, in your eyes. Me too enchanted by what you was to tell me.
‘We were beloved us so much. We have spent marvellous moments, together. I loved her so much, she loved me too.’
From you have began, i’ve understand, you was telling me one of the most important part of your life. I was looking at you, waiting for you take courage to goes on.
Slowly i have approach my hand next to yours, but i didnt take it. But how much i would wanted have to.
You was looking at me, but in a sense, you wasnt looking at me, but you was looking at the past. For a while you have didnt say nothing. I did respect this moment, without asking you to goes on with the story.
Suddenly, you have reprised to tell what was happened, while you seemed awaken yourself, taking sweetly my hands in your. But we were not looked at us. You have continued to tell the story.
‘We were been together few years. But the most intese years of my life. Of our lives.
I’ve also bought her a ring, with the intentions to ask her to marry me… but i never did!’
At the end of what you have said me, i sighed, holding back, with difficulty, the tears.
You was stand yourself up from the sofa and you went to take a little box, on other table, that it would could been, your desk. You was come back and you gave me me it. It was the ring’ box.
You was sitting again, close to me. Me with this box in hands, i really didnt know what to do. There was been a rapid look between us and me and the little box. Without say nothing, you have permitted me to open it.
Looking at the ring, i sighed more. It was simply, an opal. The most beautiful i’ve ever seen. We both looked at it. Me with with my thoughts, and you with your own memories.
‘We were left us, with this regret. Me, with my no courage to face up to this step, and she with this demand that it didnt never arrived. She has found other one.’
At the end of your story,  finally, we were looked at us, one in another’ eyes, and slowly i was approached to you. I have caressed the face, and you have kissed my hand, holded it in your. I have closed my eyes. “


⇐ “We were

“After this ⇒

Eyes in eyes

bluejacket_moltiplica0019And our parallel world explodes. As if we are in front, really. And our lights begins to floats arounds us. I know, you have somehing more to say me, maybe in a whisper. I look at you, and i cant hold my emotions, what im feeling is bigger than me and this flow that come and go from you, is so big that my heart cant contains it all. Also, this night, i was alone at home, and my thoughts were toward to you, i have feel your closeness, while i have had close my eyes. As if you was by my side and you embraced me, i was sorrounded by you, like in this moment, that i’m writing what i feel. Maybe i repeat myself, but im sure there is something among us, that link us one of another. And maybe we will never know what it is. More i look at you, in your eyes, i feel, that your eyes wants tell me something else. I see your shy smile and i give it back to you with the same shyness. And it wll seems strange to you, but each thing around me recall me to you. Maybe our parallel world wants say us something else more big, that we dont still understand completly. Each thing around me say me something about you, and i want to believe that the day we will meet will arrives as soon. In meanwhile i give you back my shy smile, diving myself in your glance.


If i look

mikemc03forteiAt you, in your eyes, my emotions explodes, that i cant hold back some tears. What i see in your eyes is our parallel world that call us. And you stretch your hand to take me to enter in together. It’s incredible. despite im back in Rome, the feeling i’m feel when you’re close to me, it’s the same. You’re by my side and i need take a deep breath,  and i close my eyes to feel you here more close to me. Differents places, same feelings. I want to believe you also are feeling the same. Same vise in stomach, same flow, same energy, and same lightness when we look at our eyes, because im sure, in some ways, you are taking a look on what im doing. Maybe im a little crazy, but hardly i dont wrong about what im feels. And what i’m feeling in these moment is strong. And what i’m feel is your closeness, despite your distance. Our connect is stronger, and what im feeling inside of me, i know you feeling it too. I feel your glance on me and my heart going crazy, and im going crazy too. What i feeling, i write it here. And you’re the only one, i which i confess all that. If you could feel the same… our souls could be only one.  And our parallel world could transforms really in our real world. It enough to want it. Ours feelings are so close one to another. We feeling us one to another. It’s enough to follow our emotions. And what we feeling is great.



glance_sommaYou begin to whisper my name and i begin to feel you, inside of me. Your smell arounds me and i must just to close my eyes to feel you and you take my hands. I look at your glance and i lost myself in it. In your eyes there is ours parellel world, and i must to look at them, we take flight in. And this music we are listening to  are ours souls melting eachother. I remain speechless eachtime i look at your eyes. They speaks alot about your feelings. What you would like to do. My heart begin to beats like a crazy one. You take my face in your hands and my hand touch on your chest, going up till your face. My finger touch on softly your lips.Kindly and breathless you open slowly your mouth, but my finger goes futher, caress your skin, up to your skin mole. and there caressing it, i close my eyes, whispèring ‘How much i love you’. Then you take my hand to your chest. Your eyes in mine. You take a deep breath closing your eyes,  you always hold my hand. Then you open them and with taking a long breath, you whisper me ‘You’re the only woman i really loved’ then you lips touches mine in the longest kiss you gave me. You dont want leave me. I hold you tight.


Here they

bs023_forteagain back. My feelings, my white feelings for you, and you’re back to make me beats my heart with all lightness you make me feel. The lightness of ours love, made by your look in my eyes, your touch. Your eyes talks to me. And everything it’s go allright, as it would. And i dive myself in your eyes and together, hand in hand, we, slowly, enter in ours parellel world. And there ours sensantions makes bigger and stronger. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance. I take your hand to my stomach. ‘Do you feel them?’. You mention a shy smile and you whisper me ‘I’ll not leave you anymore’. Eyes in eyes, you continue ‘I promise’. I see your heart in them. And it’s a big heart and what i feel in this moment is the most beautiful feel i felt.
In silence embraced us so tight. And i can hear your breath. It leaves me breathless. You look at me, i about to talk, but you touch on my lips with your finger and you come closer to give me one of the most passionate kiss you gave me til now. Then ours look meet eachother and we remain in this way. And i dive myself  into your bare chest and you hold me tight. You and me together. Right here now and forever.