Here you

augustman_forteLooking at me in this way and i still surprising myself how a glance like yours makes me feel breathless and how i can feel you so close to me, despite our distance. I feel your glance on me, you’re here, if i close my eyes i can feel your smell, i feel your touch on me. Yours hands embracing me from behind and you whisper me sweet words, that make me feel beloved. You woo me. I can hear just your deep voice. You whisper me ‘Close your eyes, and let me to guide you’. I feel you take my hands. I bite my lips, i blush myself. Your hand caress my face. You’re in front of me, now. You put my hands on your chest. I feel your heart beating trought your shirt. A little of that rustle. Me always with eyes close. You make slide my hand into your shirt. What i imagine make me feel breathless, and my breath making fast. You whisper me open my eyes At the same time i opening the eyes you take me my hand and together we entering in ours parallel world. What i have in front is you, looking into my eyes, and what i’ve imagined it was realized. Your beautiful eyes into mine and that shirt, there… over your arms. You standing in front of me, metioning me a shy smile and your hand takes my face. Slowly also the other one on my face. Your fingers caressing my skin. Your glance always on me. My eyes cant stop to looking at you. Our Parallel World lives in there. Ours looks are intense. We no need to say anything, because what we feel it by now is around us and we can almost touch it.