I cant (4th open letter to Luke)

bookpromoforteBreath if you stare at me in this way. I was thinking to write you something different, but it’s so difficult, if you stare at me so. My head and my stomach get in confusion, and i know, in some ways, you’re close to me. My confusion get connecting with yours and slowly our parallel world is waiting for us. If we both close our eyes at the same time, we can feel we touch, we taking our hands and slowly and together we enter in our world. Our sensations is expanding, and what we feeling is something we can only feel, when we are in this magic world. My heart starts to beat so fast and it seems it stops sometimes. I look at you and what i feel is something that i cant explain still to myself, but it’s the most beautiful emotion i ever have felt from long time. What i feel when i’m with you, alone, here in this bedroom, in front of this pc, where i can write everything openly, it’s beautiful. And i didnt still found the right words to describe it. Sometimes i stop myself. I try to collect all what i feel and i’m not able to. The only thing i can do is, to shake my head, taking the usual deep breath and to continue to stare at you, and wonder myself how much i feel your closeness, despite our real distance and the most important thing, you still dont know about me, as i wish. Sometimes i feel your closeness in a way that i must to stop, close my eyes, and i can feel your embrace. Like a punch in stomach, but a punch that makes me fly and make me think, that what we have created it’s real. From that night i have had that dream and you have said me, what we know.
That’s enough that each of us whisper our names and our connection get active itself, and what we feels is only ours. Maybe it’s only fruit of my imagination, but i dont want believe it. It’s too real. And the coincidences are became too many.


As soon (little open letter to Luke)

marlowemoltplica043-1I saw you in this picture, my emotions are exploded, and my tears went falling. I dont know what is happening. I have felt our connection has begins suddenly, and i wasnt able to hold back what was arounded me. I have know, it was like if you have whispered my name, as if you scream it, or in some ways you have talked about me. In some ways, i have felt you like a tornado of emotions that i’ve been not able to contain. And still now, i feel this sensation inside of me. As if you, despite what are you doing now, you want let make me know that you will be always with me in our parallel world. I have felt your closeness so suddenly and this made me drive crazy so much, that i’ve been not able hold back the tears. I stare at you,  and i know, in some ways, you feel it. You know what i feel. It’s what you have wanted that i have feel.  Is our parallel world  so strong? Apparently it is. Now i feel you close to me, as if you are embracing me, and if i take a deep breath while i open my eyes, we are in front and you whisper me ‘Dont worry, we will be always together, till will does exist our parallel world’. And you smile me, drying me a tear that fall from my face. Slowly i take your hand and i place it on my heart, approaching me to you. You embrace me sweetly, while i hide my face in your chest.


I’m calling you

jakenowakoski0019_forte-1And slowly you feel my recall. I close my eyes and stretch my body foward and in some ways i feel your hands take me and hold me tight. I lose myself in your eyes, while, slowly, you slide my body on your, to the floor. I dont waste time, and when my lips are in front one of another, i kiss them. That kiss, makes us fly. Our lights begins to floats around and our parallel world welcome us in of it. You didnt take off eyes from me, and i feel that sensations, despite our real distance. In some ways, i’ve had know you’ve started to study your theatrical script. I imagine you while you read it. Something says me, something take you to me.  Our bond is strong also when you’re working. In some ways, though, i feel you a little, but very little, far. My vise is always present. Despite our real distance, so far, our parallel world makes us feel close one of another, since when this strange bond has began. ‘Do you know how much i need you in this moment of my life?’ I’m sure you know it, and you let me know it trough your feeling you are able to make me feel them.


Tell me

owenbarforteIf happens also to you. When i get connect with you, i feel like as if i was fly to other planet, and my feelings inside of me exploding and the only thing i feel are our flows get connect and in my head i feel your flows that penetrates me and if i close my eyes i can feel your closeness, as i’m doing now.  Also earlier, while i was watching television and while i have close my eyes, i have feel your embrace. It’s an incredible feeling which i feel, and you’re the only person i’m tell that, trough this open diary. And when our connect is more strong i cant describe what  i feel. I feel my head exploding, and right after, all my thoughts are toward to you, and in some ways, im sure you feel this connect between us.  Our bond is growing fast, despite we are far and above all we still dont know eachother, as i wish, but im sure that the day we will meet it will arrive and all these emotions can exploded in their own way.



When it happens

broken116_forteI must to stop do what i’m doing, because our flows are so strong and my head explode, and my heart begins to beats like a crazy one. And i must to close my eye and take a deep breath to dont drive crazy, because i feeling you so close to me. And i see you are closing your eyes too, taking the same deep breath. Despite our distance we are so close, one of another. We feel us. It will be a contradiction, what i say. Our distance is our closeness, but it is so. What is happened in these hours has something of incredible. I still wonder myself. You had something to tell me, and in some ways, you did it. From one hour, i have felt you around me, in this bedroom, and i’ve had must to stop to do what i was doing to go here to write what i’ve feel, and now, in some ways, you know, what i’m doing, wherever you are and whatever you doing. In some ways, we are close one of another. We are close in our parallel world. And im telling all that only to you, yes ’cause, by now you’re the only person which i can say everything with no shame and i believe from the bottom, you feel something similar to which i feel, when we are connect. We close our eyes and despite our distance, we feel close one of another  more than ever, in these hours.


With this smile

andrewmurraysmile_forteAnd this glance, every time, you make me feel alive and, in some ways, i know your smile is the reason of all this. I see you smile and i see our parallel world opens. And when i feel your closeness, it’s because with your eyes you seeing what im writing and what im feel.
I whispering your name in this moment, and what which i feel is, that you’ve feel it. You’re look at up to the sky, and wherever you are, you are whispering my name. Our connect begins. We must to close our eyes to feel us eachother close one of another. Our parallel world has embraced us, and we must to take a deep breath to dont drive crazy for what we feeling in this istant. Me in this bedroom and you on the other side of the planet, but so close as if we was in the same place. My heart begins get beat faster. So fast that it seems stops. And i feel you here by my side, and you start to touch me softly. I whisper ‘Stop, i want to see you’. You are behind me. Slowly, you turn me, and what which i see in your eyes, is all i’ve wish in my life. A man who loves me for which as i’m, without ask nothing, but only accept all what is happening among us. Our connect, our feelings and hope that our parallel world continues for long time, despite we dont still know eachother, but that in someways we knows eachother better than anyone else.
How i feel you close to me in this moment.

If i look

mikemc03forteiAt you, in your eyes, my emotions explodes, that i cant hold back some tears. What i see in your eyes is our parallel world that call us. And you stretch your hand to take me to enter in together. It’s incredible. despite im back in Rome, the feeling i’m feel when you’re close to me, it’s the same. You’re by my side and i need take a deep breath,  and i close my eyes to feel you here more close to me. Differents places, same feelings. I want to believe you also are feeling the same. Same vise in stomach, same flow, same energy, and same lightness when we look at our eyes, because im sure, in some ways, you are taking a look on what im doing. Maybe im a little crazy, but hardly i dont wrong about what im feels. And what i’m feeling in these moment is strong. And what i’m feel is your closeness, despite your distance. Our connect is stronger, and what im feeling inside of me, i know you feeling it too. I feel your glance on me and my heart going crazy, and im going crazy too. What i feeling, i write it here. And you’re the only one, i which i confess all that. If you could feel the same… our souls could be only one.  And our parallel world could transforms really in our real world. It enough to want it. Ours feelings are so close one to another. We feeling us one to another. It’s enough to follow our emotions. And what we feeling is great.