I love you

I would say you everything i feel with honestly, without any your prejudice

In silence

im sure, you reading again, what i wrote you in that mail that i've sent you the other day. I dont know what are you think, but in some ways, something it remained in you

In silence

in bottom of myself, i sure, you feel the same. You feel this same vise in your stomach, eachtime we connect


And that's the reason ours minds, ours souls, ours hearts are get connected themselves and we enter in ours parellel world, where finally we can embraces us eachother so strong

It’s from

I've tried to ignore it, but i cant help it. You are here close to me

I calling you

Your hand still hold mine and i want to stay in this way

In those eyes

I know it's just comes from you

Here they

it's a big heart

What i feeling

don't ever leave me