“We had go

Through the window, we had felt, as if the life was reborn and all it started again to move. We looked at us eachother and each of us knew what the other was thinking, but as a force inside of us, pushed us to say just one word, and in a whisper we have say, at the same time ‘Raido’.
blindfortee02We were looked us with wide eye open, almost incredulous.
But it was what Raido told us, the first night. We should have done a journey, and we have done it. But surely, we have didnt think a kind of journey like this. But, on balance, we had to imagine it, after what has happended us in less of few hours. The magic atmosphere and what we were feeling, it was making part of our lives.
We were settled on sofa, staring at us, one in another. We werent saying nothing,  but were comunicating trough our minds.
Just now, we have realized that we had accomplished all the will of the stones.
We were united us, under Gebo, making love. Done that wonderful journey, under Raido.
And Algiz had protected us.
Now, it was hard to return to the normal life as we have had conceived it till now.
What we had need now, was to be wrapped in our embrace and let go all of our feelings and let us go to all that it could happen.


⇐“As, wake up

“As, wake up

From a dream, we were looked at around us, but we realized that we were yet in that wonderful place but what we’ve seen in front of us, in the meadow was the path that, we had go through previously, but was it indicating us the way of the return.
Still confuse, but full of a new awareness, 
we were about leaving  this place.
We were exceeding another state of our  interconnection.
All this was still so weird, but what which we were feeling, was  everything we had wished, till we didnt met us eachother.
clonerwar_forte_ayWhat it was important, was that we were together, and what which we had feel, it set us free from all our past. And in this place were were only us. And what we had felt, making love, it was as if we become part of this place, we were a intregrant part of it.
We were realized of that, when we were leaving it to return to the real life.
While we returning to home, trought the ray of light, we holded our hands, and we were felt our reciprocal emotions just trought the touch of our hands.
As, we left, when we are arrived, we had go through the red bricks of the wall and the big window.
The time, was like stopped itself in your home. All was static. The thin dust in the air has stopped, as if the whole world stopped. While we were go trough the big window, all, it has started to move itself, again.”


⇐“In that place

“We had go ⇒

“As hypnotized

By this ray that illuminated a straight way, we went trought it and we had go trought even the red brick wall and the big window and without realizing we walked in the air always on this ray of light, to reach a undefinied place, but in our deep, we knew,  was important for us.
divano11scuriWe were feeling  a deep melody was wrapping us, in our walk, while our feelings, emotions and above all our connection, it was dilating inside of us.
We weren’t scared, on the contrary, we knew,  that at the end of this walk, we would  been arrived in a place that we would have recognized, without ever have been there.
We have walked long time, but we werent tired.
You didnt ever asked me if i wanted rest, because what which you felt, was the same for me. A great sense of lightness in and outside and a big sense of peace around that this sound was able to creating.
More we were walking , more the ambient that arounded us has becoming from pastel color to complete white. But in all that white, we were perceive something. At naked eye, there was nothing, just white, but we were see the most beautiful place. Trees, waterfalls, rainbows, flowers, we were feel scents and always this sound that it made us feel as in the limbo of our feelings.”


⇐“That glance

“In that place ⇒

“That glance

It made me dived still again, in your soul.
You have left me for a second there, while i was thinking between of thoughts and sensations that wrapped me, without stops themselves.
You were went to take the empty tray in bedroom. Without realizing  me, you was, already next to me. caressing my back.
Your eyes were so deep on me, that i’ve belived they w
ould could pierce me.
michealrYou was cleaning all that stuff, while i was observing you.
I was about to ask you, if you wanted some help, while you came in front of the table where i was, caressing my face, you have said me ‘No, my little princess, to me is enough that you are close to me’  and saying this, you have kissed my hand, just as a knight does with his princess.
My heart is exploded. I never seen all that gentilness mixed up with sweetness in a man, as i’ve seen it in you.
When you’ve finished, you have take my hand and we went in your little favorite place and we were about settle on the sofa, one close to another, but maybe, for the first time, after all what happened, after our connection, after our new seansations
and feeling, we’ve seen a sun ray enter in that place as a new path go trought in front of us.
Our hands tighted themselves hard.”




“As hypnotized ⇒



That kiss, you wrapped me in your arms and slowly we both were asleep.
We were awake up eachother still in arms of the other. And it was just the third day we have had pass together, but it seemed, it was passed more time.
This new condition we were living, it was like as if  the time was dilated, and what which we were feeling, it slow down each thing.
We smiled us eachother. We had felt still this new interconnection between us, even we didnt talk to eachother, and by now, all what happened have had a real sense in our lives.
We were stand up and slowly we went in the kitchen for breakfast. As always you have bring me in your arms and we went down. While we were go down, we didnt take our eyes off, and we smiled eachother, and we were as wrapped in this sense of suspension around us.
We had breakfast in the kitchen. The most grey and dark  place of your open space.
I was about to ask you why it was so different, but as if you knew my question, you have replied me before i opened the mouth.
‘When i’ve moved myself here, it was the only thing that it was working, and for me it was okay’. I have looked at you tenderly, and touching your face, i’ve repeat in a whisper what i’ve said you in the bed.
Slowly you have embraced me, looking at me in the eyes.
Our hearts beated hard.”


⇐“We didnt

“That glance ⇒

“We didnt

bed04scuriRealize that we had finished all the sandwiches, that you had prepared.
Since when it was began everything we had eat more or less just the breakfast, or even no.
You have placed the tray on the floor, then you was settled next to me and you have started to look at me.
Your eyes were stared at me, while your hands touching me softly the legs, the hands, the belly. And i have left you do it, while i looked at you in silence,  i’ve dived myself in my thoughts, that were a millions, but just in few words, i could explain them.
Your voice, broke this moment with a question ‘What are you thinking?’
I’ve awake up from my thoughts sweetly. I have touched your face and i have said you ‘It could be stupid, but what i see in your eyes is the most beautiful place in i want to stay’, and while i was saying this i’ve sweetly touched your little neo under the left eye, without realizing of that. You remained without words. Then, after a little bit, you have said me ‘Never a woman, neither my ex, has spoken to me so’. You was approaching slowly. You have take my hand, and you have kissed it softly.
You were about to kiss me, but you stopped yourself a moment. We were looked at us, one in another, in that fragment, we have collect all what we were feeling.
In that exact moment, we were in our world, made of sensations and feelings.
We were kissed us, and it was as if we fly.”


⇐“All what i was

“After ⇒

“All what i was

Feeling inside of me, was a reborn of my emotions and i knew, that it was the same for you.
I have felt you in the kitchen that you was preparing something, and occasionally, you saying me ‘I’m coming… i’m coming!’ I was smile biting my lips, hearing you from down. Nobody’else had care of me as you was doing in these hours.
For a second i have closed my eyes, while i have collected all the little things were been happened.
micheal01sommaI’ve heard you while you were going up the stairs.
You were stop yourself at threshold of the door with the tray in hands and you have looked at me, sighing. You  approached to me, and another thought has escape from your mind ‘I could look at you endlessly’.
I was blushed, while you placed yourself on the bed, making attetion to dont pour the tray.
What which we have felt in those moment, it has been a thing that has grow up inside of us simultaneously.
We have shared us a rapid glance, as if it was  everything normal.
You have shyly smiled me and i smiled you too.
We both looked at the tray on the red bed sheets. And clearing your voice, as if you wanted to put away this big feeling we were feeling, but you wasnt able to, you have illustrated me what you have prepared. Little sandwiches.
We had pass the rest of the evening between those red bed sheets, telling us something about one another, eating the sandwiches between glances, smiles, embarassement, laughs and moments of real intimacy.”


  ⇐“You was

“We didnt ⇒

“We were wake

build25dscoloraUp still embraced one in another. It seemed that in that embrace, it was all our desire to remain embraced eternally.
We looked at us deeply and the only thing we thought was natural, was, to kiss us. And so we made. It was one the passionate kiss. It seemed no end. And in that kiss our little eletric shock among our minds were multiplied themselves and what we have felt in that moment has clarified, for a little bit, what it was happened in all this little period. It were just pass by, more or less 72 hours and it was happened of everything.
You looked at me, sitting down yourself on the sofa. Your hand holded mine.
Our glances didnt wanted break away.  We were, as hypnotized, one to another.
We were still as in a bubble of new emotions that we couldnt to manage and we looked for in the other, something it could exceed that stastic moment, that stastic, wasnt. at all.
Inside of us there was an emotions’ storm  was about revolutioning us, while we looked at us around, as if we were born in that moment all around us seemed new, above all what we were feeling.”


⇐“We didnt wanted

“We were still ⇒

“We didnt wanted

Believe that it happening again.
What it did still wanted say us? In that moment, maybe we we were a little mentally confused, we had forget the meaning of that stone?
We were looked at us fleetingly and you have took the bag i’ve prepared and we were gone away.
glowe02037scuriTo our eyes, all this was inexplicable, but in our deep, we knew that was possible.
Our heart beated at unison and now we could listen to all our thoughts.
We were fighting a battle we couldnt win. Entered in your car, we have take a deep breath and slowly our hearts got calms themselves.
Algiz said us, that we had protection, all our desires could become true and all our pains were completly disappeared. And we could feel it. Above all yours pain was gone. I could feel your soul free. That burden was gone away and while you was sighed, you have looked at me, taking my hand holding it tight.
Along the road from the bar to your home, a lot of emotions we have shared without talking. Those little thorns in our head were, by now, persistent. They were like many little electric shocks that our minds shared. And now, we were, really connect one to another.
We could listen to beat our heart, simply, so.
It seemed to us, we were has been transported in another world, and in, someways, we was.
We have start to felt everything in different way. But above all what have wondered us, it has been, how we could feel our emotions. More deeply and more intensively.
When we were arrived to your home, you have leaned my bag close to the stairs and you have wanted to lie down yourself to the sofa with me. Now what we had need it was, just, to think and reflect on what was happening to us and around us.
Slowly, we asleep, embraced, one in another.”



“We were wake ⇒


glowen0038scuriYou was looking at me, as if you understand better those feeling you had when you was comeback at your home. That irrepressible need to write and that feeling you had felt when you have give me your hand when i was falled in the bar. You was  looking at me still surprise by what which i have said you few minutes earlier, but you was realizing of all that. And what i could feel was all your wonder and my heart couldnt stops its run. And now you could felt it too.
We were looked at us still wondered for what which it was happened, but now, we were in something bigger and now each feeling, sensation, emotion of the other, we could perceive it.
As if we were woke up from a dream, we looked at us and shyly we smiled eachother.
I looked at the little window.
By now the day had made place to the night.
We didnt wanted break us away, one from another. But we had to.
We coated and slowly i have picked the last things in a bag.
You was sit down on the bed without take me off your eyes from me and everytime i passed you by, you took my hand or touched my hips.  Sweetly, you have whispered me ‘Take your stones’. They were in a little leather bag on a little furniture close the window, far from the bed.  It was always well tied up, but now the little bag was open and one stones was out. It was on the floor. I collected it and i have you showed it.
It was Algiz.”


⇐“We were embraced us

“We didnt wanted ⇒