“We could stay

To stare us without an end and our emotions would have create another rainbow with colors never seen before. Our Parallel World was changing always more, and it was becoming more beautiful than the very first time. We were looking around, and more it was changing, we remained stunned, and we understood that all of this were our emotions, it make eveything more beautiful.
vanguard10fondigranaYou got up and you have helped me to get up. We have noticed that the Markùts had left us.
We didnt wanted return back in our appartment. We wanted explore more.
Hand in hand we started again our walk.
We were going on in another walkway, and we entered in a little village. It seemed uninhabited, but instead there was somebody or something. The little shacks were by little twigs.
The village had few shacks. More or less three or four.
At our passage we could hear little murmurs. And they came from the inside of the shacks, and whoever was, they were watching us walking.
The sound of the murmurs were similar as the voices of our little Markùts, but we werent sure they were other Markùts.
We didnt stopped us too long there. We moved on and slowly we had left behind us the village. We didnt turned ourselves but we were sure that whoever was in the shacks, they were came out to see us. We could heard their voices. They seemed salutes us.
We had walk still a little bit….
We wanted rest ourselves a little bit.
It seemed was dusk. We had found a tree where we could rest. You’ve putted yourself on the meadow and gently you have donated your hand to better support me, and i laying myself close to you. Sweetly you’ve embraced me, and slowly we fell asleep.
For the very first time, we had slept insde Our Parallel World.”


⇐“We were in front

“You ⇒

“We were in front

One to another, staring us deeply, we were feeling something was about to growing inside of us. You wasnt take your eyes off from me.
vanguardmare.moltiplicaAround us the atmosphere was changing rapidly and around us there were a moltitude of colors that floating and melting one in another.
Usually that atmosphere changed when our desire were  grew up inside of us.
You was still kneeled in front of me, and i was sat on the little rock. You gently, took my hand and you have laying me on the meadow. I didnt have say nothing. I left myself guide by you.
Slowly and sweetly you have started to kiss me. I always loved these your kisses.
We only kissed us, but inside of us was flowing a great energy and this great energy was showing also around us.
For this one there was no need of the Markùts.
The Markùts were shyly left us.
This was our own magic, and we were creating only us.
Your arms holded me tight against your chest, and i remained breathless.
Our lips were playing one with another. Sometime, we given ourselves little bites, other they touching themselves, and other time we given ourselves kisses so sweet that we could believed to take flight.
Just this touch of lips, made us feel as drunk, but drunk of our love  that we had one for another.
At the end of  this sweet moment, you have took my face in your hands and you have looked at me without say noything.  Our hearts were beating at unison.
Slowly the atmosphere that were been created, was about to disappear around us, but it was dissolved itself in Our Parallel World. We had felt it.
This sensation ran in our veins. We were looking around, then we stared eachother.
Those bad moment was literally disappeared.”


⇐“After that

“We could stay ⇒

“After that

Kiss, we looked at us one another, and everything seemed be gone away in a second.
You got up, and gently you have took my hand and we had start to walk without a destination.
We had crossed the lake, where it was imprinted our first meeting, and we had passed it.
Our Parallel World was a great landscape. In background we could listen a magical music, that it changing, each time we felt new sensantions. It was a beautiful music. It accompanied us go across our walk. Perfumes were inebriating us.
orbit11forteYou stopped yourself to collect a flower for me. I was about to say ‘dont do it’, but you had just done it. The flower you have collected for me was becoming more beautiful and we were realizing the was growing a new flower, from where you’ve collected the flower you had donated me.
The Markùts were accompanying us in our walk. In their own way, they were talking to us. We have understood what they said us. Our Parallel World needed of our energy to be more poweful and more strenght. Your spontaneous gesture it was good for Our Parallel World. Without realizing, you gave more power to it.
We were understanding something more about our world, and we were been grateful to the Markùts that now were playful.
I sat on a little rock, while you have started play with them. I was looking at you, i laughed. The little Markùts wanted that were be chased. You was been at their game, and you have started to run.
Occasionally, you have launch a glimpse toward me, and we have shared a tender glance.
At the end of this playful run, you ran toward me and you dived on the meadow close to me with wide open arms. You were out of breathe, but you didnt care. You was happy that you were able to make me smile, making me forget that bad moment.
Our glances were one in another. That moment seemed had no end.
Millions of emotions ran in our bodies and our minds.
You kneeled yourself in front of me, and you took my face in your hands, and always more you were approaching you to me. And when our faces touched, the only thing we could did were stare our eyes and you said ‘I love you more than anything else. You’re my princess, i will dont repeat the mistake i’ve done. You’re my princess’. I was looking at you with my heart was about to explode. ‘I love you too, you dont know how much’ i whispered looking at your wonderful eyes and touching gently your neo.”


⇐“The Markùts

“We were in front ⇒


“The Markùts

vanguard_catturaforteWelcomed us in Our Parallel World. They were worried for me. They ran towards us, but above all around me. We sat down on the meadow, under the same tree of the other time. I  wanted to delete that bad moment. You was looking at me, without say nothing. But i could heard the phrase you was repeating, inside of you, it was like a broken disk. ‘I had to be more careful, i had t be more careful, i had to be more careful….. ‘ and more you was repeating that phrase, more the love i was feeling for you was growing always more fast. And this emotions  was creating around us an atmosphere with colors never seen before.
Your eyes were set on mine… i could feel, slowly, your beat of the heart was calming itself, and your glance was returning as the glance i loved it. Sweet and charged of love.
‘I thought to loose you in those istants.’ You have said it, while you wrapping me in your arms, and i leaning me on your chest. I was hearing your heart and your breathe.
For a moment, i’ve closed my eyes. In your arms everything disappeared.
Almost unconciously, you was telling me your emotions of when you were returned in your appartment, right after we have shared our first glance at the bar. Maybe you was telling this, most of all, for yourself, for hide what you felt earlier.  Our lives were about divide themselves once again.
When this thought appeared, in your mind yet, i’ve lifted my face toward your and we were looked at us one another. You sighed. Me i dived in your eyes, and in few seconds we given ourselves a long, delicate, sweet and passionate kiss. And everything returned as earlier. No fear, no sense of abandonment, no empty. Everything was disappeared
Everything around us, was calm and beautiful such as Our Parallel World and their guardians. The Markùts.
Everything we could feeling, was our heart were filling still one more time, just of a great feeling. The love we were feeling for one for another. “


⇐“… for a while

“After that ⇒

“… for a while

last010008forteWe looked at eachother, and we took our hands. We said us ‘Let’s dont stop ourselves’, and finally we had crossed that black line. Those steps we were doing, seemed had no end. Our hearts were beating hard and at the same time. Seemed, they were fighting a battle against the entire universe. The entrance in Our Parallel World was so close. Just another few steps and the Nothing was  behind us.
At the last step on the nothing, we were about to enter in the bubble, but we were got relax too soon.
While, i was about to lift my foot for enter in the bubble, i felt something, such as a force that wanted me hold back. You had still my hands in your, but suddenly,  you have felt i stopped. I was petrified, and i wasnt able to say nothing.
The Nothing was sucking me inside of it. It had took my foot and i was about falling in of it.
In those seconds, everything it was passing in front of me.  I had the fear, inside of me.
You was trying get me up, while we were looking at us, one another.
‘I dont leave you, i dont leave you… i dont leave you’, you was continuing say me.
We kept staring at eachother, until our shimmer in both of our eyes has destroyed the catch of  nothing, and you have lifted me up.
We entered in the bubble then in our Parallel World.
For a moment we stayed without moving. We had to just stare at us one another. Taking again breathe, and then we had go across the pathway. We did it with much calm.
I knew what were your thoughts in these istants.  I’ve holded your hand. We stopped in the middle of the walkway and we looked at us for a moment, but seemed lasting an eternity.
‘You will dont ever loose me. Rembember it. NEVER’. You have sighed.
Slowly, we started to walk again trought the walkway, where at the end, the Markùts waited for us.”


⇐“We were been

“The Markùts ⇒

“We were been

2410moltipicaDragged by this new unique flow. Slowly you have took my hand and we went to rest on the sofa. But we werent tired. On the contrary, we could feel the energy ran in us and it pushed ourselves to do more, or at least to think to do more. But what?
We had know, your magical transformation was completed.
We wanted challenge that thin line that we had crossed trought the rusty gate.
In someway, we wanted enter in our parallel world trought the second entrance.
We hadnt opened the grey door from days, and we wanted feel some new excitements.
We wanted to know if our magic was ready to face up to some little dangers.
Were we ready? Our hearts were full of something that also we couldnt still define.
But we  were determined to discover it.
You have stretched your hand to hold mine, and without any scruple, but wih all determination, we went in front of  the grey door. You have gently, warned me about the little stair, and you have took the key.
Open the door, the scenario wasnt changed at all.
Our appartment faced itself on the grey concret, arounded by dried plants, and some rusties iron spikes planted in the concret. It no seemed be in our universe, but seemed we
remained on the earth, with its all ugly things.
As the very first time i entered in «your appartment», i’ve asked myself, what they were for.
And in front of us the second entrance of  Our Parallel World. The rusty gate. And beyond it, the Nothing.
We could seen it. It was a black line, where everything could be sucked in a second and disappear to never return.
We had see its power under our eyes. It scared us.
But we were determined to go across it. We wanted know if our unique magic flow was so powerful to cross also this second entrance of our parallel world.
We have took a deep breathe and….”


⇐“I had

“… for a while ⇒

“We were still

insta14fscuriStaring at us one another, while the rays of Our Parallel World was illuminating always more the appartament and it was made us understand that your transformation was completed.
We were felt both strange. Our flows were melted one in another, and now our bond was more stronger than ever. We were able to see inside the soul of the other, hear what the other feeling. And it was a very strange sensation. We were two persons but with one only soul and one only heart but millons of feelings that were mixing one with another. We no longer understood anything, but we didnt care, cause this new condition made us feel more alive, and more we looked at us, more we felt us alive, and our unique flow ran fast in our bodies. And definitely our human lives, were died, or at least we were burying them. There were would been no more parents neither ex girlfriend who could knock the door of our minds.
Now we were just us. Only us, and our parallel world.
We were still wrapped by the rays and we didnt stopped to dance our slow dance. We didnt want to stop ourselves. We felt ourselves very light. We were dancing embraced one in another. And dancing, as witches, we were sweeping away every bad thing it happened in our lives.
What were seeing around us, was the little particles of dust that slowly were disappearing, it leaving the place to the new emotions we were feelings in that istants, while we were still dancing in the appartament, embraced one another sweetly. “


⇐“I had

“We were been ⇒

“I had

2410forteMy heart that beating like a crazy, while i was still in your arms.  We looked at us, one in another, for a little  moment, and what which happened right after was a most intense kiss.
It seemed we still dancing, but instead we were firm. You still holded my hips and i was dived in your eyes, eachtime happened a similar situation like to this.
Our emotions has exceeded each possible limit.
Our magic was melting one with another, always more. By now, we could felt each little change, and without realized when you have took me and we have started to dance together, our magic flows were unite always more, creating an unique flow. And was what which that we were feeling in those istants. Our magical union was itself completing in these moments.
We were feel attracted one to another, more emotionally than physically.
That dance made us elevate on another level of that dimension in which we were living.
Each little moves of the other, caused, new little emotions. Also a minimum facial expression, was a great explosion of new sensations.
We were staring eachother. We were still stand up but slowly we still danced..
The light of Our Parallel World was illuminating our appartament and with its magic rays, was wrapping us and it made us twirilng in the air.”


⇐“We have closed

“We were still ⇒

“We have closed

orbit11pluniformeOur eyes just few minutes, but seemed we had slept for hours. We smiled eachother, as we were doing, by now each day when we were wake up together.
Me, i was the first to notice that a magic stone was falled on the floor, and you have collected it. You have kept your hand closed with the magic stone inside, you have would discover what stone was with me.
Our breathe made themselves short. You sat down close me. You have stretched your hand, still closed, toward me, and, i’ve took it gently, and i opened it even more slowly.
At our touches, other little eletric shock were issued, but this time our head didnt started to turn. We were stare on your hand that slowly open itsef in front of us and was about to discovering the magic stone and its magic meaning.
When your hand, by now, was almost, wide open, we looked at us one another, and we holded back the breathe. In that gesture we wanted say us everything, and we have done it.
By now your hand was open, the magic stone was in the middle of us, and we had to needed just to look down and see. Slowly we were seeing the magic stone.
Our hearts had jump in our throat. We knew the meaning and, unconciuosly, we were looked at us around, and you have whispered ‘Even them have decided it’. I knew what you wanted say. I throwned out the air from my polmones.
You got up, almost launching the stone gently on the little table, and you have stretched your hand toward me. I’ve took it and without realize, i was dancing, in your arms, and while we were turning round, you have whispered me ‘Look Our appartment! Here lives all  our magic love’
And so, you have lifted me in the air, still dancing. Then you have made slide my body against yours. When we were been face to face, i have took your face in my hands and i kissed you, sweetly.”


⇐“After the

“I had ⇒

“After the

last0044forteHilarous moments, we returned almost calm.
We still felt the alcohl rans in our veins, but right after really few seconds everything seemed disappeared, and every our senses seemed strenghtening still more, and we looked at us, always more in love one another.
We were feeling something in the air, and our heart were beating hard, while our heads were starting to turn. You got up to bring the dishes in the kitchen, but you stopped youself.
Not because the alcohl. The alcohl it had nothing to do with it, we had understand it.
Our heads were turning round cause the little elettric shock that we had few moments earlier at the touch of our hands, and we were feeling that something was about to happen.
By now, we were, able to decipher each signal we were perceive. But nothing has happened.
Slowly you have bring the dishes in the kitchen, while i was on the sofa, looking at around. We were feeling something, but nothing it moved between the magic stones.
When you returned back, you settled close to me and you’ve let me put my head on your chest while you was caressing me.  I was listening to your heart and it calmed me. Our head were still turning, but always more slowly. I’ve putted my hand on your chest and i was touching it trough your t-shirt.
My breathe, your heartbeat, my hand that was caressing your chest, all this made us feel calm, like a lullaby.
For a little bit we were asleep, forgetting that sensation, slowly we have closed the eyes.
But we hadnt wrong, around us was about to happen, for real, something.
Othila was coming out from the magic stones.”


⇐“For that

“We have closed ⇒