When the feelings

comin78_forteStill sorrounding me, i cant hold back them. I must let coming them out. And what i’m feeling in this moment, it’s like a  emotions storm. What i’m feeling is you around me, next to me. Our energies flow is continuos, and it doesnt wants stop. I feeling you here. I dont need to close my eyes. My vise in stomach growing up fast. I see you looking at me, and i’m sure, you want to say me something. I’m here, i feeling what are your feelings. They are like mine. They are battling to coming out, to reaching to me. I feeling something inside of me, since before. Our connection, ours parallel world is patently here. I feel it, you feeling the same. Ours minds are link with something bigger we cant explain neither to us. I feel you. And you feel me. We close feel to us in a way we never felt. You have something to say to me. You’re by my side, you looking at me, you touching my hands, i feel your closeness in this way. Your sweet smile. I feeling you embracing me.  My feelings are becoming so big and  want i really need is only you, here  close to me. I looking at your eyes and what you want to say to me, it will be in a whisper and i will understand it.
Hold me now tight.


I’m here

austin_sommai7To write you again. What were been my sensations, my feelings. And you are here in front of me, with this glance, where i can lost myself.
I felt you was next to me, when i was on the couch. I felt you took my hand in yours. I felt your warm hug. I, also, imagined to stay embraced  together. But i knew it wasnt real.  But what i felt seemed so real. And now, right here, you around me. In your eyes i see, i feel something magic. I feel our parallel world becoming something real.  You in front of me. You sweetly smiling at me. What we see around us are ours lights melting. I cant leave my eyes on you. Breathless, i put my my hand on your chest, and slowly you begin to kiss me in every part till to reach my lips, while i slide my hands into the shirt and in that exact moment my heart exploding, and what you see is a moltitude of colors, becoming a rainbow. Your lips touch me sweetly. For a second we remain eyes in eyes, without do further things. ‘We remain in this way’ someone of us say to the other one. Without add anything, we remain so enchanted for what we see and for what we feeling.



In these hours


How i feel you by my side, despite i really dont know where you are. But i’m drive crazy, cause i feel you next to me. It’s from yesterday that i must to stop whatever i do, to write in this my open diary, at a different time i usually write to you. Describing what i feeling  isnt easy. Yes, they are the same feelings i feel when i feel you close to me, but right now, they are more bigger and i know you feel the same. Ours connection make it bigger and bigger. I told you, something it has happening among us, i feel it, you feel it. My heart beats faster, im sure also yours beats like a crazy one. I dont know what has happening, but something  really soon will happens. For the excitment, i bite my lips and i smile, thinking to you.  Im sure, my 6th sense, says me, in these hours you had take a look at this open diary. I feel it, and i ever didnt hardly wrong. We are so close. Ours parellel world is here. I know it, you know it too. We know it. What you must to know about me is in this open diary. I’m sure you’ve read that post where i was talk about myself. And you felt something. You try to say something me from the other day. You know i’m here for you, wherever you are and whatever you do. You know what you must to do. I will feel you.


What you

mikemcn_fortedo you want to tell me , i will listening to it. Your glance talks alot about your feelings. I’m here next to you. Everything you want to say me, you know, i’m here just close to you. Taking your hands. We breath together. Ours minds get connect us to ours parellel world and there we can let free ours feelings. There we can dive ourselves in ours glances. And with no add any words we know already what we wants to say to us eachother. We need just of few whispers to confirm what we would have like to say us. I close my eyes and my dancing butterflies begins to dance their own dance. And i can smell your skin, while you take my hand to your heart, i feel it trough your white shirt. Slowly i begin to unlace it. While you look at me mentioning a shy smile.
‘Dont leave me, i need of you more than ever, stay with me. I need of ours connection, of ours parellel world. I feel secure in this world we have created. I need of all that’, you whisper to me, while you look at me and you touch on my lips with your soft mouth. I look at yours eyes, saying no anything, caressing your face and i let myself you kiss me slowly. We remain, in this way, as in suspension.




In this way you look at  me.
I ask you ‘What are thinking about?’. In silence you take my hand and you kiss it so slowly. Your eyes into mine. A minute in suspence. Then you take my hand to your chest and in a whisper you tell me the most beautiful phrase that i can heard from you.
‘How I could live so far without you’. Breathless i look at you. I take your hand. Our look into eachother. Remain still speechless. That’s i thought since i met you the first time. Our souls get connect eachother slowly.
‘I really dont know my love, as you need me, i need you strongly’. You give me such strenght that anybody else isn’t able to give me. Just you. I just to look at you and i’m feel alive as never been before. I need you as the darkness need the lightness.
And you need me as the chaos needs the calm. I’m here for you. And you are here for me.
We complete eachother.
We need just to take another step. And we know which is.




I want to


connect myself with you. I looking for you every way, to  feel you close to my soul. I’m feel lost without you. I believe you know that. I looking for you in every corner of my heart. I know you’re there. I feel you. My heart begins to beats so fast. You’re so close to me i feel you. Our souls get connecting eachother. I know you’re listening to the same music i’m listening to. You feel your same emotions i feel right now. At the begins they confuses us eachother. We’re entering at the same time in our parellel world. Do you see these two lights? They are our souls get connecting eachother. This love always surprises us. How great it is. We need to think about us and immediately we get connect eachother. I dont need to know you thinking about me. I feel  you do. Which i feel for you is the greatest one i never felt from long time. And i’m sure you do the same. We’re so far away from eachother, but our souls are so closer than before. And i dont need of futher things. Our souls are connected. I hear your voice and that’s all i need. I hear it says ‘I’m here’. And i feel your warm hug. It hugs my soul. I just need of it.

Do you see these two lights? They are our souls get connected eachother. They makes part of our parellel world.  They are our parellel world.