When the feelings

You have something to say to me

I’m here

what i felt seemed so real

In these hours

I told you, something it has happening among us, i feel it, you feel it

What you

We remain, in this way, as in suspension


In this way you look at  me. I ask you 'What are thinking about?'. In silence you take my hand and you kiss it so slowly. Your eyes into mine. A minute in suspence. Then you take my hand to your chest and in a whisper you tell me the most beautiful phrase that i… Continue reading So…

I want to

connect myself with you. I looking for you every way, to  feel you close to my soul. I'm feel lost without you. I believe you know that. I looking for you in every corner of my heart. I know you're there. I feel you. My heart begins to beats so fast. You're so close to… Continue reading I want to