A punch

andmu_scuri125-1In my stomach and my vise were mixing up eachother and a little voice inside of me told me to check my open diary statistics. I just cant believe it. I was waiting for you within few days, and here you are. I cant explain what i’ve felt, but the sensations i had it was like a punch in my stomach, and once again you’ve overwhelm me. I’ve cant hold back tears. From yesterday  i feel this strong emotion. To be honest it’s, by now, from a month or so, my feeling are growing faster and faster. And you dont leave me. Our parallel world will be, also, a my own creation, but how is it possibile that all that is happens. What i feel and what which is happens is it just a coincidence?  If i close my eyes, and if i take the usual deep breath, i can feel you here, next to me, holding my hands. And you mentioning me your shy smile, looking at me.  ‘You can believe to that’, is your whisper, while you sweetly, caress my face. My heart explode and our lights begins to float among us. You embrace me tight. ‘Dont leave me’ i whisper you, looking at your wonderful eyes. ‘I need you more than you can imagine’. You dont add  further words, and you continuing to caress my face, till to approach your lips on mine. Your kiss is the softest kiss you have gave me. A tear falls.


Like a

glance_moltiplica5Caress, you was here, next to me, when i was on the couch. And you was here by my side and you’ve caress me. I felt you. And now you’re here. Looking at me with this your glance, almost lost. Lost in your thoughts. Lost, but so close to me. What do you think? Do you feel the same emotions i’m feelings right now. If i close my eyes i feel your breath make it slowly fast, and i can hear your whisper in my ear. You are behind me. I feel your hands hold my hips. I breathless, i smell you skin. Slowly i turn and i see your eyes. You metioning me a shy smile. ‘What do you feel?’ i whispering you. You looking at me in silence. You taking my hand on your chest. ‘The same you feeling’. Our glances sparkling and we enter in our parallel world.

What i feel when i feel connect with you is an inexplicable feeling. I feel our thin rope gets shorter always more, and eachtime i feel this sensantions, i think something special will happens between us. That thin rope, as i called it, maybe is our parallel world. And my emotions makes bigger and bigger eachtime i feel you so close to me. I never felt something like this till now. Then now that you let me know ‘you like what i wrote’ this feeling has grow up more. Yes i know, it’s a stupid thing, but what i feeling it’s true. What i began to feel last december and what has happened, aint just coincidence. What i feeling, you feel it the same, maybe in other way.
I still wondering myself about what i feeling when i feel you so close to me. I miss breath, and for real i must take a long a deep breath to dont remain breathless or speechless, when, in some way, you’re next to me. Like now. But in other way, i miss you.  I know, this  open diary, i opening my heart, my feelings, my emotions, to you, but, maybe it will reach one day, it will be not more enough. What i will do, that day. I really dont know. Maybe it will never reach. We will would meet us already, who know.
Tll that day, i will continue to write to you in this open diary.



lngjhnslvr__cut_forteI calling you, and slowly you hearing my whisper. Right now i had a dejavù. My breath making slowly faster. I close my eyes and slowly i begin to feel your presence next to me. In these days i missing you so much, but in someways, i feel you feeling the same. I taking a deep breath and in the air i smell a fresh air, like crystalline. Aint the same air i felt that day. But something similar like that one. If i close my eyes, i feel you are behind me, moving my hair, looking what im writing. You dont say anything but just watch to what i type. I feel your hands hold me tight. Breathless, i close my eyes for a while. Your hands touch on my neck, moving my hair. A whisper from you ‘Close your eyes’. I remain for a second breathless. I close my eyes. I feel you turns round this chair. And suddendly we are in front. You kneel in front of me. Our eyes meets eachother, for the first time, and we are transporting us in ours parallel world. Your hand take my face, your glance into my eyes. You caressing my skin. My hand on your face too. Slowly it reach your skin mole. We let us no look away. But around us ours lights begins their dance. You metioning me a shy smile. Breathless i blush myself. You looking at me for a while. In that glance, what i see is all yours soul beauty and  i can  do not remain surprised that you giving it to me slowly, approaching to me, kissing me.


They are

australiafox_fortevery strong feelings these i’m feeling right now. Maybe im repeat myself till death, but i feel your soul arounds me, and if i close my eyes i can see you next to me, by my  side and i feel your hand on mine. You take it and you hold it so tight. I can feel you want tell me something important, but you cant ‘til we dont enter in ours parellel world together. We know how to do, despite ours distance. Just we must close ours eyes at the same time and take a long breath and we are in. We know it, we did at the same time. And we are in ours parellel world. What we feel is the strongest feelings we feeling for both of us. We have began to feel this from december, but just lately it’s became stronger than ever. I close my eyes and i see you by my side, you take my hands, looking at me with yours wonderful glance. In ours world, ours hearts beats so faster and in unison. All that it does means we are really connected eachother. I dont know where are you now, but  i know the most important ethereal things of you are here, next to me and i feel you in the strongest way i never felt it. It’s incredible how i feeling you in this moment. I could you touch your skin, if i strecth my arms, closing my eyes. I could touch on yours chest and a i could slide my hand into your blue shirt and i could touch it.
How i feel you so close to me. Almost i cant hold back my tears. I close my eyes and you’re here. Just a whisper from me to you ‘I love you’.


Here you


Are, next to me, i feel you inside of me. My dancing butterflies scrambling my stomach and i know, in someway we get connecting eachother. Do you feel me as i feel you close to me?
Someone once said ‘There are people connect eachother, also if they are so far’, so i ask myself our parellel does  exists for real! Ask myself if your for real do you feel the same feeling i having in this moment. Feel you so close to me, if i close my eyes i feel you by my side, and i feel you take my hand to your heart. You look at me with your wonderful eyes. A whisper by you. Your hand on me. You in front of me. Closer to me. Forehead to forehead, you caress my face with your fingers.
I would like to stay in this way forever. Any words spoken, just our look into ourselves, just ours breath, our hands, just ours smells, just our touches. Just ours souls melting eachother. Just ourselves, like in this way. Surprised by ours love.