If i


Close my eyes, i see you sat there, smiling at me, waiting to do your move. It’s from earlier i have feel you there, that you looking at me. whatever im doing.  You’re sit in that little white chair, here in my bedroom. I feel your glance on me. And despite our distance, i see you there. You waiting for something. And i know what is that.  It’s enough i look at your eyes and all around us it transforms. Our lights begins to floating, and you slowly stand up, and you come to me and you whispering my name, you take my hand and we take flight to our parallel world. I see it in your eyes. In those eyes, that they says me all what you feeling, standing by my side. You’re whispering my name and i whisper yours. We must to close our eyes, just for a moment, to feel our connect. Now we are in front one of another, and which we have need is to touch us. I remain breathless, everytime your eyes meets mine. I dive myself in them with no shame. I love your eyes. What which i see in them, i cant explain it. I need to touch your face till, to reach to your neo, and you let me do it. You smile me, while my finger sweetly touch it. I caress softly your skin. You let me do that, while you look at me gently, and your eyes dive in my soul, and you take my face in your hands, while a whisper leave me speechless ‘How much you’re beautiful’.  My heart stops to beat for a second, that it is seems an eternity. In that second you approach to me. Face to face, your eyes says me something more, and slowly we close our eyes and  we begin to kiss us so slowly, so sweetly that we dont realize it neither.




ss03002forte-1Are you? I feel you, but a little far from me. What are you doing. I’m calling you. Slowly i see you running to me. But you’re too far. If i close my eyes i can smell your skin. I see you there. You stretching your arms to me. But something blocks you. Ours parellel world is close. Yours profume drives me crazy. I can see you, i whisper your name and i know you feel it. Our connection is stronger and i see you look at up the sky. Ours lights dancing. We both take a deep breath and our sensations makes bigger. We are approaching us, but slowly. Our connection is here, we feel it. We feel us. I close my eyes and just having them close, i’m in front of you and i can touch you on as i want.  I put my hands on your chest and i feel your heart beats  like mine.
Now our connection is more stronger. My vise makes stronger in my stomach and my dancing butterflies begins to dance their dance. A slow dance. Our parellel world still waiting for us… I take your hand but you cant to hold it. Where are you?