Our little


Connection is begining. I feel it.What do you try to tell me. I feel you have read my last open letter. I feel you embrace me from behind. Our connection from a little of time begins so. I feel you come slowly  and suddenly i feel your arms around me and you kiss me softly. And softly you turn me and we are in front one of another. You smile me, touching my face and with the other hand you approach me to you and our bodies touch themselves. In that touch our parallel world explodes arounds us and all around disappears and we exist only us. You look at me, i place my hand on your chest, while you caressing my skin. I dive myself in your eyes. Despite our distance, here i feel your closeness. Our connection is always present, but i feel it lighter. But it’s normal in this period. But when we get connect, our parallel world is stronger than ever. When each of us, whisper our names something turns on and we feel us. As now, i feel you, as if you are here, by my side. In these days my thoughts are toward to you in each existing form. But when i feel my head and stomach are fight to dont drive crazy, i know, in some ways, we are connecting. It’s strange how i feel, you’re torn from me, but your desire is to stay with me, for a while, in our parallel world, so embraced one in another. Our connection is a break from little things that you must do inevitably. But as you have told me, our connection will exists, till there will be our parallel world. In this moment my head is exploding and vise in stomach get stronger and stronger. If i close my eyes, and i take the usual deep breath, i feel your embrace, and your arms that hold me tight. ‘How much i need you in this moment’ i whisper. I smile. I shake my head, i close again my eyes. When i’ve whispered that phrase, your closeness is became persistent. Now you’re here, as if you hold my hand.  How is it all possible? I close the eyes and i take a deep breath.




luketoby570_contrario_forteBy my side, i feel you. How much i feel you, it’s an incredible sensantion. Despite our real distance, it’s such beautiful feel our mind get connect in this way. Our connection is so strong. I feel every thought comes from you, and my head exploding and my flow, im sure it reaching to you. Our parallel world make us feel so closer more than early. My sensations are right. We have a light bond that unites us, and now it’s always more real. If i close my eyes i can feel you approach to me, and slowly your arms embrace me. I can feel your breath gets faster and faster. In front one of another, i place my hand on your chest and your heart beat from slow to faster. I can see in your eyes, your fear to drive crazy. ‘No, you dont will drive crazy, i will be by your side’. You dont take off your look on me. We know, what we talking about. That’s enough our parallel world to hear us. To listen to our deepest thoughts, fears, doubts. Our parallel world is there for this. Our flows floats inside of it and we feel everything. We must just whisper our names and what we feel is just what we feel for one of another. And it’s one of the most great feeling we ever had feel in our life, that goes beyond.




I start to write you, our parallel world open its gates, and i see you already there. I approach you. While, i come to you, slowly, i close my eyes. I feel your scent in the air. In front of you, i whisper you ‘Look at me’. Your eyes are towards me, and in that exact moment, something in our hearts, in our souls, exploding. We are in front, one of another. We dont take off our eyes, one from another. Our scent mixing up. I feel yours and you feel mine. We are so close, that almost our bodies touches eachother. I place my hand on your chest, and what i feel is the softness of your shirt. I must take a deep breath to dont remain breathless. While i do that, you make slide my hand in your shirt, and you make me feel your other hand that slide on my hip. ‘You make me drive crazy’ i whisper. You look at me, caressing my face. And another whisper answers. ‘I know it’. A moment in silence. It seems an eternity. And in that eternity it seems, as if  we collect our emotions, that we have felt till now. We look at us, one in another, as if we in front for the first time. As if we are surprised by what we feeling for one for another. Our hands explore our skin. As if that shirt falls down from your shoulders to stay over your arms for the first time. We look at us, as if we are surprised on what is happening among us, while our hearts beat faster than ever. The only thing we can do, is let guide our feelings freely. I let your shirt, to falls down on the floor. While i do that, you slowly close your eyes. When you have your eyes close, i slowly approach to you. You dont realizing that, sweetly i have begin to kiss you in a way you never rembembered.