I love you


Also for this reason.  Also if i say you ‘Maybe you will take me as a crazy’, you would look at me and you would you say ‘I never would will take you as a crazy’. I would say you everything i feel with honestly, without any your prejudice. Because what i feel, it comes from i feel when we get connect. And the emotions that i feel,  its the same you feel. And what i feel in these lastest days, it’s one of the most great i have felt, since when we have begin to feel something that link us. I feel you in a such way that still surprise myself, and i still ask myself if you dont feel something too. Today, my vise in stomach has grow up always more, hour after hour, till i didnt hear you have pronounced that phrase, and there, i’ve understand that we are more connect, and in some ways, you believe in those things, also if they are a paradoxical. But i dont think all those is paradoxical. Our parallel world is the most beautiful place we have created, together. When we feel in of it, we feel us close one of another, as we never we have felt us before. As now. It’s paradoxical that our real distance is our real closeness, but it’s our parallel world. If we both close the eyes, we both are transported in of it. And when we open them, we dont surprise ourselves, if we are in front, and wthout realizing, we can feel our breath get faster and faster, till remain breathless. I must close my eyes for a second, and in that exact moment, you slowly hold my chest, till to lift me in the air, while you whisper me ‘You’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever met’. My head explodes, while our flows begin to drive crazy. I’m able to feel your heart beats like a crazy, while you say me that phrase. While you slowly, make slide me on your body, i caress your face, while we dont take off our eyes, one from another. Our feelings are like a twirl. We look at us, in silence. Our hands touching our faces. You sweetly, place your hand on my face, and with your fingers, you caress my skin, i  arrive to caress your neo, and slowly we approach us. While our lips meet, our senses explodes around us.



I just

wl_sommaicant believe how i feel you next to me in these hours. My mind, my heart, and my soul are sorrounded by your presence, despite your distance, how is it possible?? I dont need to close my eyes, i just see you here. I just smell your skin and your glance into mine drives me crazier than before. Ours parellel world makes feel us close eachother. And we feel it. I just thinking about you and you do the same. I know it, you know it. And all that makes us drive crazy. We feel so close eachother, in ours parellel world. You touch on me. I smell your skin. You taking my hand and i feel your soft skin on me. Your glance on me and just few whispers that says how much we love us. We close ours eyes at the same time and we making love. The act of love more beautiful we have made til now.
You’re the only person who i really need close to me in this period. You’re the only person who makes feel real Alive. How much i need you? How much i love you?
Maybe you have no idea. So much. I need you so much. I love you more every day.


How i

owen01sovrappostowould like stay in this way to talk to you, maybe in ours parallel world where nobody else cant enter. This ours world we have create to share ours deepest thoughts and feelings. You with your bare chest and you look at forward, while i look at you and i dive myself in your glance and in air i  your smell and it inebriates my senses. While you continue to talk to me i put my hand on your leg. Your eyes meets mine for a while. You smile me and you put your hand on mine, slowly you hold it tightly. In this hold, i feel your desire of me, but we remain in this way with no add any further words. We look at ours hands hold eachother. Our hearts begin to beats so faster. So slowly we look at up ours eyes and finally ours glance into eachother. Breathless and speechless, ours souls exploding. It happening in a while. You kneel in front of me, taking my face. Face to face, i dive myself in your eyes and you dive yourself in my eyes. There ours parallel world meeting the real world, when ours lips touches eachother in a longest kiss we give us.
An only whisper of both of us ‘I love you’.


They are

australiafox_fortevery strong feelings these i’m feeling right now. Maybe im repeat myself till death, but i feel your soul arounds me, and if i close my eyes i can see you next to me, by my  side and i feel your hand on mine. You take it and you hold it so tight. I can feel you want tell me something important, but you cant ’til we dont enter in ours parellel world together. We know how to do, despite ours distance. Just we must close ours eyes at the same time and take a long breath and we are in. We know it, we did at the same time. And we are in ours parellel world. What we feel is the strongest feelings we feeling for both of us. We have began to feel this from december, but just lately it’s became stronger than ever. I close my eyes and i see you by my side, you take my hands, looking at me with yours wonderful glance. In ours world, ours hearts beats so faster and in unison. All that it does means we are really connected eachother. I dont know where are you now, but  i know the most important ethereal things of you are here, next to me and i feel you in the strongest way i never felt it. It’s incredible how i feeling you in this moment. I could you touch your skin, if i strecth my arms, closing my eyes. I could touch on yours chest and a i could slide my hand into your blue shirt and i could touch it.
How i feel you so close to me. Almost i cant hold back my tears. I close my eyes and you’re here. Just a whisper from me to you ‘I love you’.


You whisper

micheal_fortemy name and i close my eyes and i see you in front of me, taking your hand and looking into your glance, smiling at you we enter in ours parellel world. With no say anything else you take my hands to your heart, i feel it beats like a crazy one. I speechless and breathless i caress yours chest and you let me do it. Slowly i slide my hand in your shirt untied. You remain in silence, while that piece of cloth begins to slide over your arms and it remains there.  You speechless, me breathless. Our breath begins to make so faster. Eyes in eyes. You would like to say me something but i stop you before you talk putting my finger on yours mouth. Then you kiss it softly. ‘Dont add anything at this moment’ i whisper you, looking at your eyes.
Ours mouths meet eachother in a kiss so passionate. Right after we look at us and take a long breath. We still touch on us. Me, you. Ours hands on ours skin. It’s a long moment. It’s seems timeless.
I whisper you something like ‘how is it possible? From the day i noticed that, i thought to feeling you less, instead i feel you so closer to me… tell me what’s happening.’
You looking at me, you take my face in your hands, and i dive myself in your glance, waiting for your answer. Just a whisper ‘I miss you, i need you, i really need of you, what can i do? I love you’


It’s incredible

lowdown_fortethat from the other day, you whisper me what you told me, i feel you here next to me. I can feel you. You whisper my name continously and my heart beats like a crazy one. I feel you embrace me from behind and you kiss my neck. I feel that shirt on my skin. It’s so soft, as yours hands turns me. And now we are in front. You take my face in your hands. You take your forehead close mine. The only thing we can see are ours glances and slowly we open the gates of ours parellel world. I close my eyes for a while. I take a long breath and i smell your skin. Your shirt is voluptously untied and my hand slide in and i touch on your bare chest. You let me do it, with no add any words. You look at me. The shirt falls down on the floor. Both we remain speechless, breathless. We look at us with the most deepest glance. For a while we remain with no do anything, Just eyes in eyes. Few istants in this way, then a whisper from you, while i closing my eyes, ‘I need you’. Right after i open them and i take your face in my hands. Glances into glances and another whisper ‘ I love you. I’ll be always here’.


I love

134ForteWhen you give me the possibility to tell you something i never told to anyone, but i’m able to say just to you. It’s such a intimate thing that i can do just with you. Also i know you’re so far from me. But it’s like you was by my side, and you ask me something more about my life. Like you was with me, maybe while we looking at that sunset sitting in a bench and you take my hand and you hold it tight on your leg, while i continue to talk to you. And you look at me with your wonderful eyes. Your eyes in mine. For a while, i blush myself. Your whisper to me ‘Please dont do it. I want to know everything about your life’. Ours eyes meets eachother. Breathless, we enter in ours parallel world. Your whisper opens the gates of this magic world, and there, we close ours eyes and we take a long breath and we close them at the same time. And you can see  my whole life. What i had face to reach where i’m now. Just next to you. Suddendly, i can hear your heart beats so faster like a crazy one. ‘Dont go on’ you say me, taking my face. In front of me, you kneel and you take my hands. Looking at me, what you can do is to give me a tender kiss. Eyes in eyes. A long sigh. ‘I love you’ you whisper me’.




A beautiful green and red aurora dancing over the Jokulsarlon lagoon, Iceland

Closeness to me reached the top. I cried. I know it’s stupid. But when something inexplicable happens among two people like us, the only thing to do is to free own feelings. It has happened another time. I felt you so close to me, and you was for real there. On other side of the world, but you was there with me. And i felt you inside of me like a fire. I started to cry when i looked at your eyes, ’cause i didnt ever feel you close to me in this way. I touched on your face. Im not sure you felt something. But which i felt confuses me a lot. Is it possibile that i feel you in this way. And our connection is so stronger than ever. And our bond is that thin rope that is growing faster and we can’t realize that our parellel world has becoming our real world. For real. How is it possible all that?
How is it possible that i feel your closeness and when i check what i feel, you’re there. How is it possible i linked my soul to yours. How is it possible i feel you so close to me and often you’re there. Is it possible ours parellel world does exists for real?
Those tears falls from my face were been a mix up of many emotions i felt in that moment. That moment in which i felt you by my side more than ever. I still cant believe that has happened for real.  Still confuse myself, but i must do believe all that is real. Our Parellel  World is more real than ever. And just which i want to whisper you is just ‘I love you


Talk to me


Look at me in this way. Talk to me about your thoughts, what’s on your mind. I just listen to you. Lookin into your eyes. Maybe caress your thighs. I want to see you in this way. In ours parellel world. Where the white color has become again a little rainbow. While you talk to me, you take my hands and you whisper ‘I didnt ever talk to any one in this way, just you’. You’re in safe with me. ‘You can say me everything’ i say you, mention a smile. Take my hand to your heart. I feel it beats as crazy. And i get what you want say me. ‘Don’t talk’. Let our feelings talk themselves for us. Looking at you as i never done before i come closer to you. You want say something, but i stop you. I kiss you gently your lips. A whisper ‘I want you’. Close my eyes and i touch on your unbottened shirt. ‘I want you too’ i say. Our hearts explodes  unison. Our look into eachother. Smiling you say ‘You’re the most important girl of my life’. Speechless. I never thought you said that to me. I always though you was to me ‘the most important guy of my life’, not the contrary.

This was you wanted to said me. Breathless i kiss you with the most passionate kiss i can give you. ‘I love you’ i say you hugging you so tight.

I Love You  more than ever.




here, i begin to feel your soul close to me. Still dont know how it does works our connection, but i love think that it’s the same for you. I start to write in this open diary and ours path opens itself to our parellel world. My heart begins to beat a little faster than usually til explodes itself. And im sure, i feel it’s the same over there, wherever you are and whatever you doing. And it begins ours connection. We just close ours eyes for a while. Take a long breath. And when we open ours eyes we are in front of eachother, also we are so far from ourselves. We are in front of new dimension of our parellel world. You turn me on dressed like that. I just need to touch on you and i take flight. My deepest emotions comes out. You standing look at me, mention a smile. Slowly you take my hand to your chest. Saying any words you look at me. Your fingers touch on my face. Just a whisper from you ‘How much i love you. You have no idea’. My heart is like a bomb in me.
Gently i touch your face, and slowly i undress you. You let me do it. Your eyes are into mine. Breathless. Around us so slowly the white color becoming a little rainbow. But it’s still white. Your shirt falls down on the our white path. We need just look at eachother to know how bigger is our love. We need just of this to know how we love eachother. Ours look into ourselves tell us how we much we need and love eachother. Just this and anything else.