I look at

billyblue_lineareYou in eyes. Last night i have try to explain you when is began our connect and how i feel our connect. I ask you the same question: do you have feel the same emotions at the same period, when i have feel mine? And do you feel the same vise in your stomach when we begin our connect. If it was the same. If i had a little response from you. I would have the certain of our connect. Also a little sign, that i only i can understand. Because what i feel in this moment is very strong, and it’s coming from you. I feel you here, next to me. It’s like you are embracing me. I feel your closeness in this bedroom, i love it so much. Despite our distance, how is it possible i feel you next to me, but it is so. If i could have a little sign from you, i can have the certain about all that. About our parallel world that does real exists. Tell me you feel the same emotions inside of you, when all that happens. Let me know it.


Aint strange


Also when i was sleeping i felt my vise in my stomach and in someways, despite our distance, i felt you so close, despite i really dont know what were you doing. Also you with this strange feelings.
I know what you feeling. Here in this bedroom where it all has began. What i feel in this moment is the same feeling i felt since that day in december, but stronger. If i think to you, i have no breath to continue. I must close my eyes and take a deep breath, and suddendly you are here, by my side. You looking at me with your glance.  What i feeling when i looking at you is a mix up of emotions that just you can give me. You are in front of me. Eyes in eyes we enter in our parallel world. A whisper from you leave me speechless. ‘You no have idea, how much i would stay with you tonight’. I look at you, i take you face and i caress your skin, you close your eyes and your breath making slowly faster. I guide your hand on my face, and right after you open your eyes. Between us ours lights begins their dance, it makes  us flying. Our hands hold tight. We let us not look away. Ours glance has more to tell than words.
Ours Parallel World is made of these feelings. Glances, whispers, me and you speechless, breathless and that feelings we still cant explain but when we feel them, we know it’s our connection. I feel it, you feel it. It’s inexplicable, it’s just ours.


You in this way

stage_sommanYou know make me drive crazy. Just looking at you with yours eyes closed you transporting me in ours parellel world i hear you while you whispering me sweet words, turning me around me, while i look at you speechless, breathless, hearing your voice and my hands touches you gently. You stop yourself in front of me. For the first time i see your eyes in mine and with just your glance you leave me breathless. Your eyes are the most beautiful thing in ours parellel world i see. And i take your face in my hand. You let me reach to your skin mole with my finger. I see all the magic of you in it. Throught it i feel your heart, see your soul and everything wonderful you have in. You take my hand and begin to kiss it softly.  I remain hypnotized by your slow moves on me, on my skin. And my eyes are into yours. Few words in few whispers arounds us. Til to the end we look at us eachother without says any further words. Unawareness makes we close to us and face to face finally a lips touch. A kiss.


And you

ljhnslvr_sommaStill surprised me. And i remain always more speechless. You leave me breathless. If i close my eyes and concentrate myself i can see ours minds, hearts and souls get connect eachother. A multitude of colorful lights comes and goes from me to you continuosly, and all that is it my feelings drives crazy. It’s a like a continuosly communication trought ours hearts, souls, but above all trought ours minds. And all that it seems exploding inside of me, when we are so close to us, also despite our distance, despite i really dont know where are you. But this continuos connection, it makes know me you are close to me, and i feel it right here, right now. If i close my eyes and i take a long breath, i know you did the same and when i open my eyes, we are in ours parellel world, where with just a whisper we say us how much we need us. I looking at you, in your glance, and you dont say anything, but slowly you to get close your hand to mine. Ours skins touches eachother. A thrill of both of us. A warm thrill. Ours eyes in eyes, but then you look forward and whisper me ‘Dont move us, let’s stay in this way’. I look at you, then me too i look at forward. taking your hand, in silence.



tramontodettaglioForteiTo see a sunset like this one day with you. Just hold us eachother so tight, in silence and listen to just ours little whipers and we remain speechless about the colors. And slowly we are aware that we get in ours parellel world. Unaware you take my hand and whisper me ‘Stay with me for ever.’ I look at you, smile at you and ‘I’ve find you finally, i will never leave you’. We look at us eachother, and ours hearts beats so faster than ever. In that look there is a lot of love. We remain breathless. I see you cant hold back some tears. I touch on your face to dry them. ‘My love…’ i whisper you. We embrace us eachother so strong and we continue to see this sunset with no say any words.


Look up

the sky. Our lights melting eachother. Your eyes into mine. Your smile illuminates me, my heart and i can’t help to be happy. I find my own joy just look at you. Come closer and you touch on my skin. For a while blushin myself. You didnt ever touched me in this way. You didnt ever look at me in this way. Your eyes explores my bottom feelings. I would like move me, but i can’t. Your eyes on me. Your look into mine. You mention a smile and i can see our parellel world around us. Our lights dancing together. We remain hypnotized by this music, but we take ours hands. I close my eyes and i smell your skin. I drive crazy for. Gently you whisper ‘open your eyes’. In meanwhile you take my hand to your heart. I look at you. For a while all disappears around us. We only exist. Your eyes, my heart, ours souls, which we feel for ourselves.
And it’s the most biggest emotions we felt in ours world.

Just a little whisper from eachother. ‘Let’s stay like this, forever’.