I cant (4th open letter to Luke)

I was thinking to write you something different, but it's so difficult, if you stare at me so

Those 10 minutes

I have thought you all time from this night, and you what do make me? You post this

If only (A real Open Letter to Luke)

 You would understand what you make me feel, when i feel you here close to me, you would understand me, completly, and maybe i would understand what you feel when we get connect. Yes, i know, often i repeat myself, but when my vise in stomach get grow up, it isnt impossible to dont think… Continue reading If only (A real Open Letter to Luke)

Eyes in eyes

And our parallel world explodes. As if we are in front, really. And our lights begins to floats arounds us. I know, you have somehing more to say me, maybe in a whisper. I look at you, and i cant hold my emotions, what im feeling is bigger than me and this flow that come… Continue reading Eyes in eyes

My feelings

Are running faster, that i dont know what to think. I feel all that it comes from you, and it overwhelm me. The feeling i have feel till now, are changed, from the day to the night. The feelings im feeling im feel are stronger. Maybe im drive crazy, maybe not. I'm consider myself a… Continue reading My feelings

Here you

Sometime i had no feel you. Now, what i feel is your costant closeness, also when i'm not in front of this pc screen

I smile

Because i feel you close to me in a such way that i really love. I smile and i can see you smile me back. I know you look everything i doing in these hours. You're in a corner and smile, almost proud of me. I feel you in this way. Our parallel world around… Continue reading I smile

In silence

in bottom of myself, i sure, you feel the same. You feel this same vise in your stomach, eachtime we connect

I feel

'We need only of this'

Like a

i think something special will happens between us

How is it possible?

I do believe in magic, yes, but in this strongest way, it didnt ever happened to me

You still

Our connection, aint been so stronger than before, like in this moment

What im feeling

I feeling you completly sorrounds me by you [...] i never stop to thank you enough for this.

I feel you

i will take it trought your signals you will send to me. I feel you next to me, so close