My heart

Is going a thousand. You arrived almost running and as a twirl, you have overwhelm me. I have felt you from far, and now you are here by my side. You’re embracing me strong.


My fingers shaking on this keyboard and what im feeling is only explicable to you, that you know, what i really mean. My head was exploded so, suddenly when i’ve felt you here close to me. My thoughts were been tangled, and now the only thought on my mind, it’s you. I can feel also your scent in the air, and i know isnt possible, but it’s so. That’s enough a little thing that link us, and our parallel world is ready to get connect us.
Now i can just write what i feel, but i assure you is something bigger than of the other times. And maybe, that dream i’ve made last night it’s only just another sign, that we feel us, despite we dont still knows us. But if as it was the contrary. By now, i dont surprise myself anything more. ¬†And only to you, i can say it, because i’m sure, nobody else would believe me.
You’re close to me, and i feeling it so, that you overwhelming me. And you know it, cause you feel it too.